Saturday, June 27, 2009

Assorted images from a very long day: Air travel, Frankfurt and Berlin

Why I was late getting to the Portland airport:

Emergency instructions courtesy of the headrest video screen in front of me:

Movie that I watched while flying over Greenland:

Mineral water with lemon. Nice touch, Lufthansa!:

Real cutlery, tasty food...feeling pretty happy right now:

I had to get up to use the bathroom at this point in the trip:

Making a ball of yarn:

Sunrise:'s really cold out there:

Critter Farm travelling truck gearing up for the landing:

Frankfurt: delight in being in the back seat of my uncle's car again:

"Fresh strawberries", "fresh asparagus from farmers":

German coffee...Mmm...:

Frankfurt train station, rebuilt after partial destruction during World War II:

Passing out from exhaustion on the train, but desperately still wanting to take photos:

Guess where I am now:

Street scene:

You don't see these old bugs very often in the big cities anymore:

I think this almost every day :-) :

And might I just say that there are some terribly nice cars here? I take pictures of these like some people collect matchboxes. Here's a beautiful Audi:

A flashy Mercedes outside the train station:

The BMW dealership:

An elegant Mercedes parked outside a nice hotel:

My first German wiener schnitzel in five years:

with this for the fries:

This, of course, to wash it all down:

The new release arriving next Friday:

"Die Dinosaurier sind los!":

...And now, for the first time in almost thirty-six hours, I will sleep in a bed. Jet lag is always so interesting. I'm not very sleepy now. It's only 4:15PM at Critter Farm after all, but it's 1:15AM here in Berlin.

Tomorrow, we drive to Heringsdorf on the Baltic Sea. Good night!


  1. Wow, thank you Danni. I feel like I traveled right along with you, except for the jet lag of course. So cool that you keep on blogging while you travel.

  2. Thank you for taking us with you. I only stopped at the airport in Frankfort about 20 years ago. Germany is a beautiful country and people. I would love to go again and actually get to visit. Have a wonderful trip. How did you knitting lesson go?

  3. Amazing pic's.. I felt like I could reach out and grab one of the caps..
    Thanks for bringing us with you through your pictures on your awesome trip.. I'll hang on for the next scene.!!

  4. Good night, my friend! Have a wonderful time. I'm glad you arrived safe and sound. But I've seen no progress on the knitting exercise except a ball of yarn. . . what's up with that?

  5. I have to say, you see so many interesting things on that freeway.

    Is that a strawberry with whipped cream AND a brownie? And I love that you get real silverware. Now thats flying.

    That was a perfect time to get up and use the bathroom. Altho, I have to say that Mish was hogging ALL the love drips.

    Great ball of yarn. One step at a time is what I always say.

    Could you tell me how fast you were going in that car, please?

    Is that little bitty car like a doodlecar?

    Mmmmm...schnitzel. Ive been very lucky in that Ive had the chance to try that, too. It was very yummy. (Thank you, Zitrone) And you cant have fries without ketchup.

    Hope you get some good rest and that youre all ready for your adventure when you wake up.

  6. What a great trip so far! I hope to get to travel again someday.

  7. Oh what fun.. It looks like you are enjoying your trip...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  8. Thank you for the trip. Now, where's those goats? :)

  9. This is wonderful! I almost feel like I'm taking the trip with you! Thanks so much for sharing pictures with us!

  10. Now, what IS up with the knitting??? Stern measures will follow if no progress is made. But then, you are sleepy all the time. I have pictures to prove that...

  11. Again, SOOO exciting! :D I've never actually been to Berlin; my dad was born there, though. I hope you have a goo trip! You know I'm jealous! :D lol

  12. The little red truck is really racking up the milage! You might have to think about trading her in!

  13. OMG, Marcee, Love drips?!LOL

    I'm so happy you're enjoying yourself danni. <3

  14. That is the first time in my life that airline food looked delish, that schnitzel is making me drool.

    Thanks for the love drips btw. I had my bucket!

    my wv is pewalu, thats what I did with my bucket.

  15. I've never had schnitzel! It looks like fun! Did you actually have an empty seat next to you on the plane?

  16. Well done! It's almost like being there. Man...if you like cars, you should spend a bit more time in my town. Summer weather brings out some amazing vehicles around here. I routinely see Bentley's, Mazerati's, Lamberghini's, and every new model vehicle on the sales lot. It's a good thing I like my car, or I'd have serious car envy.

    I think I like the semi-comatose photo the best. ;o))


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