Thursday, March 13, 2008

We've got roosting!

Guess what my first hand-made farm project was?

I built a small roosting platform for my chicks. I wasn't exactly sure when the chicks would be ready for it, but right after I brought them home last week, I decided I should make one and have it ready. Such a project may sound appallingly simple to you, but if it involves a hammer and a saw, then it's pretty darn advanced for me. Here's what it wound up looking like:

About three days ago, I put it into their box just to "test the waters", so to speak. After some major chick chatter over what to do with it:

...they actually think it's kind of cool.
One favorite thing is to sleep inside it. It makes an excellent beak rest:

Then, night before last, some started to get more daring and tried tentatively perching. Below is my Black Star, Princess, trying not to fall off (my 5 year-old niece, Julia, named both of my Black Stars "Princess", so I won't get confused. That's Princess over on the far left of the photo, too. No confusion there.). Look at the size of Princess's feet:

My Rhode Island Red had pretty steady footing:

And both of my White Crested Black Polish, below, love jumping up and down off of it. That's "Dot" on the roost (notice the black dot on her forehead?). "Spot" is on the ground. Spot has a black dot on the back of her head. Clever, aren't I? (Photo especially for Logan and Grayson, who love their puff-ball heads):

Last night, though, there was more than just perching, there was definite roosting going on! Look at those puffy little bird butts all settled down on the roosts:

Sound asleep:

Yet at the end of a very busy day, sleeping is still best on the ground and, for some, face first:


  1. Wow Danni! I didn't know you could hammer and saw. The roost turned out great. It looks like Princess and Princess like it.That's sorta like my Annie and Little
    Good pictures. Still waiting patiently for my "biddies"(note to goatgirl, notice I used the word biddie) lol again.

  2. AWWW, they're so cute! They're already starting to get their "bigg-er girl feathers"...not just the cute, soft down. They grew a lot already! Watch out, before you know it, they'll be full grown!

    For your comment on my page:
    I know it sounds dumb, but I'm not really sure yet what you have to do in western pleasure. I know the horse you ride has to ride with a really long western neck rein, and has to respond well to very slight aids...but what I do exactly, I don't know. I'm going to find out soon, I guess!


  3. Your chicks are very smart! Such a good idea to get them started early learning to roost.

  4. and her Mom said,
    Wow, so much has happened in your life since we have been offline and I'm so glad to be catching up. What an exicting time you are having! I love your babies. They are adorable.
    I've really missed reading about your life on your new farm.

  5. I didn't know they would roost. Now I must build one. I noticed a little flying going on in your movie. It is so cute to see them trying out their wings. I put some grit down and they are taking dust baths in it. Very cute.
    Don't you just love our biddies?

    Thanks ga.farmgirl, I had noticed:)

  6. They're getting so big! Their little wings are starting to get defined, and the puff balls are getting bigger! You know...all this cuteness has me looking at chicks again. I have until April 10th to make up my mind.

  7. Wow! They are growing fast! They were little fur balls yesterday. Well, they're still little fur balls, but they are getting bigger, that's for sure!

  8. Building a "baby" roost might be a good idea. The chicks I raised never roosted and I always thought it was because they didn't have a parent to show them how. They always huddled together in the corner of the coop. Do all your girls face the same way when they roost? My mom says her's do. Too cute.

  9. Logan really appreciated the picture of the poof balls. He laughed and talked about how cute they are again. The roost is nice.

  10. Hi ga.farmgirl...well, I wouldn't say that I do it well, but it sufficed for this project! :-) You made me giggle over your Princess and Princess comment. So, tell me the history of the word "biddy"...I always thought this was kind of a derogatory term..almost like a curse...guess I was wrong! :-)

    Hi mellimaus - It's scaring me how quickly they are growing...I actually saw one rolling in some food on the ground today, kind of like a dustbath! Is that advanced or what?!! :-) They're all officially a week old today.
    Re: western pleasure - it will be fun to learn more about this as you do...again, it'll be me living vicariously!

    Hi farmer jen - I didn't really get them started, I just put it in there and gave them the "option" to try it out. Of course, they are very smart chicks, too. :-)

    Hey emma's mom - SOOOOO good to hear from you again! I can't wait to get caught up on all your stories, too! Oh, and, life on the farm is great! :-)

    Hi goatgirl - I truly have no idea what I'm doing..I'm just trying to guess at what these little girls need and somehow I managed to hit a bullseye with this roost :-). I can send you my detailed instructions, if you'd like :-D.
    And I do...I really love our little biddies...they make me very happy.

    Hey cathy - really? How fun it would be if you get chicks, too. I think you should definitely do it - then you can be a chicken sister with me and goatgirl. What an odd response to you this is. :-)

    Hi fay - isn't it funny what just a couple days make in the development of a chick? It's crazy how fast they are developing.

    Hey michele (NW Nature Nut) - I actually read about a chick roost in one of the frickin' thousands of chicken books I have (I seriously can't remember which one), though I think I put it in with them much earlier than they suggested. Anyway, yes, they all do face the same way - toward the back of the box - it cracks me up, I always feel like they're turning their backs on me! :-)
    It'll be interesting to see which way they face once they're in their coop (YES...we're building one!!).

    Hi christy - oh good, I'm glad you saw that. I purposely didn't send you a msg so it would be a surprise for him. All the small children in my life love the "puff ball" chicks the best. :-) Now, watch it be my luck that they both turn out to be roosters!!! (I'll send them to Logan, ok?) ;-)

  11. OMGoodness I hope it isn't a derogatory term. I taught it to the first graders. I have already had one father come in and talk to the principal when I told the first graders where eggs come from a few years ago:)

  12. darling! It's nice to read about someone's positive chick experiences for a change!! :) Thanks for that!

  13. What a good Mom you are! They have a roost and everything now! But when can I get some eggs??????

  14. Farmgirl….when I get reincarnated….I want to come back as one of YOUR chickens!!!

  15. and her Mom said,
    We think you deserve an award for your Toadally Awesome chicks so mozy on over and pick it up when you have time.

  16. We didn't have a roosting platform or how you call it in our box. The chicks had to wait until their coop was ready and they were fine with it.
    They have a good home in your house!!

  17. Ok...update on the word "biddy" for anyone interested. :-) This is NOT, I repeat, NOT a derogatory term...for the most part. It can be *used* in a derogatory fashion, say, when directed toward an elderly lady, however, its original usage was, indeed, meant for hens. You can look this up for yourself here:

    Sorry to scare you, goatgirl! At least you're armed with info now, if a parent comes to you with a similar concern! :-)


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