Friday, March 21, 2008

A night out for a good cause

If any of you in the Portland area are looking for something fun to do tomorrow (Saturday) night, with the added benefit of it being for an extremely good cause, come on down to the Chaos Cafe' on S.E. Powell. Starting around 8:00pm, you'll get to hear some great music, meet some fun people, and help the 160+ animals that currently call the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary their home.

This farm means the world to me. My son, Aidan, and I have spent countless hours volunteering here, mucking out chicken coops and collecting eggs:

...digging holes:

...wrestling with Luke the pig: the sheep and goat pens, patting donkeys, and feeding carrots to Roy the steer:

...and taking load after load of manure to the compost pile:

Being able to interact directly with all these gentle creatures soothes and nurtures us in a way that nothing else does.

This wonderful, non-profit sanctuary has had a pretty difficult winter, though. For the first time - whether it is due to a struggling economy or something else - the farm is at capacity. More people around Oregon are unable to care for their animals and are abandoning them in great numbers. In addition, because of people's limited funds, donations to the farm have dropped significantly. Fortunately, organizations and businesses like NW Veg and Chaos Cafe' are wanting to help and all of Saturday night's admission money will go directly to the farm.

If you're interested in reading more about the farm, here are links to two of my past posts as well as some other links:
You can read an overview of the farm and what it does here.
This is just a really cute donkey picture taken at the farm.
Stayton Daily Photo posted a short blurb (and some pictures that I took) on the Lighthouse Farm.
Here's the link to the Lighthouse Farm Animal Sanctuary website.

If you come by on Saturday night, please be sure to find me. I'll be greeting people at the door for a while and I'd love to meet you!


  1. Sounds like a fun time for a good cause. Too far away for me to attend in person, but my thoughts will be with you. Have a great time tomorrow!

  2. What a great way to help those animals. And what a handsom son you have.

  3. I never knew such sanctuaries existed. I guess they would though. Folks are always rescuing tigers and bears and other exotic pets, but you never hear of farm animal rescue.
    I would love to come, but the trip from Texas puts me out of being there. I hope you get a great turnout and lots of money!

  4. Wish I could go too! Sounds like a very good two should be very proud of yourselves! Have fun today!

  5. Well, we are not too far away, and we don't have Saturday night plans anyway.... So I guess you'll see us there. How will I recognize you? Are you the only greeter at the door?

  6. Hi jen - I hope we have a great turnout! Thanks for the good thoughts :-)

    Hi sugarcreekstuff - Aidan is so awesome - and can you believe, from that top photo (of him holding the egg)(taken last august) to now, he's grown another 2" and filled out a lot. My baby is almost all grown up!

    Hi ceecee - I know, I was amazed when we found this place. A lot of the older farmers around there tend to roll their eyes because, hey, they're just FARM animals, but for me, it's about stopping the abuse and neglect, you know?

    Hi eve, thanks - that would be really cool if all of you could come. How much fun we'd have and we'd have SO much to talk about! :-)

    Very funny, MOM. I'll be the one looking almost like you, but with cowboy boots on. :-)

  7. Something else occurred to me when I was reading your post----how on earth do you get your teenaged son to help out? Mine likes animals alright, but would sooner have dental surgery than dig holes or scoop poop. ;)

  8. Wish I could go, but New Mexico is too far. Consider my support for such a great cause, from afar.

    While I was reading about all the troubles the sanctuary is having being at full capacity, a thought occurred to me that you may be able to help in much bigger ways than just cleaning and mucking at the farm sanctuary.

    You've been mentioning that you feel called to help unwanted farm animals and rescue those animals in need of a good home.

    It appears that this may be the perfect opportunity to do just that.

    By adopting or fostering some of those animals from the sanctuary, you'll be freeing up some much needed space so that the sanctuary can take in more homeless farm animals.

    You'll be making a huge contribution AND making an amazing difference in some farm animals' lives.


    I hear the sounds of content critters living happily in your barn......(hint-hint)

  9. and her Mom said,
    What a wonderful place. I think life is going to get tough for a lot of animals out there as prices sky rocket.
    I wish we could be there but we are off to look at the link.

  10. What a great event for what sounds like a really wonderful organization. Can't wait to hear the after-party report!

  11. What a great cause! Just think of the life lessons your son is learning, including caring and hard work. I just want you to know how proud I am there are people like you and all that is involved in the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, around to take time out of their busy lives to help those 160+ animals.

  12. It's a little far for us to come ;-)
    Nice work!
    Thanks for your greetings on my blog. You did not miss the day. It is today! You are right on!
    no, my husband is not a blogger


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