Saturday, March 1, 2008

Snip, Snip

Roxy here. One last time. Yesterday was a baaaad day.
I totally forgot it was Friday and got really excited when mom asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. A ride? Of COURSE I wanted to go for a ride! I live and breathe for riding in my truck! It was even more exciting, though, because Teagan, my mom's oldest son - whom I adore - was going for a ride, too!

Oh, fool that I am, I jumped right into my truck and off we went. Straight to the GROOMERS.

I knew when we walked in that this wasn't where I wanted to be.

I tried to wedge myself between Teagan's legs and the door, hoping nobody would notice I was there. Didn't work - they totally saw me.

I tried to make woeful eye contact with people on the other side of the door. That didn't work either:

I concentrated really hard and tried to wish myself to the other side, but I was too scattered, by this point, and couldn't pull it off:

And so, there was nothing I could do when this laughing lady scooped me up and told me to wave goodbye to mom. Wave goodbye? Like I had a choice:

With one last look at me through the window, she left me! My mom actually left me:

When mom came back to get me, the lady with the scissors wasn't finished yet. I was trying really hard to hold still. She was snipping around places that were making me uncomfortable:

Finally, it was all over. I was a little peeved at Mom when I saw her, but she started making all those familiar noises that I know and love and, of course, I forgave her right away:

And so, that's all there was to it, really. I'm back home again and all is well, for the most part. My mom and dad have been sort of laughing at me because, although the scissor lady did a really good job, she did, um, kind of give me this Brazilian cut in the back. Really! There isn't a lot of hair left back there any more, if you know what I mean. But just in one long strip right across my...well, you know. Mom wants to post a picture of it, but I think I've convinced her not to. For now.

But please don't ooh and ahhh over me. From all outward appearances, I may look like a frou-frou, girly-dog, but, in actuality, I'm a mud-loving, dirt-eating, property-protecting, farm girl through and through.
It's raining really hard today and I can't wait to go outside!

I'll leave you with this:




  1. You two totally crack me up! I have this big smile on my face and giggled the whole way through reading that post. What a great story. Roxy, you are the cutest farmgirl doggie ever!

  2. Roxy, take heart. You look sooooo cute, but we all know what a tough farmgirlie dog you really are!

  3. Awww, Roxy, you're adorable! And don't worry-you can be cute and still be a farm dog. I LOVE how you pose for the before and after pictures! Same spot, same head tilt. I should teach Abby to tilt her head...ahh, she probably wouldn't do it. You can't teach an old dog a new trick, you know...
    You should start a dog-blog! You sound like you'd be tons of fun to blog about. Abby would love it, too.
    I hope to see you post again sometime!

  4. You look adorable, Roxy! Don't sweat it! I almost wish I could go to the groomers-it'd be like going to a spa...And you look so nice now! I can see your eyes in the 'after' picture, verses the 'before' picture! ;-)
    I hope to hear from you again sometime! I like your posts.

  5. My dog does the head tilt, like you did in the last photo, when I say "Want a cookie, Nina?" Did someone trick you into that adorable head tilt, or do you just pose naturally cute for photos?

  6. Zuni says~ "I feel your woe, Roxy, in regards to baths. My Mom says I stink and am dirty, but I disagree. I'm a farm dog just like you. What's the point of getting all prettied up when we're just going to get dirty again anyway?"

    "By the way, I'm a little envious of all your long hair and curls. As you know we Shepherds don't have any. But I am pretty proud of my upright ears, though! Woof! Woof!"

  7. OMG - I love the before and after pic. I don't know how you get to pose so well for you! What a good girl!

  8. You look very nice after your grooming. You better watch out. If Mom gets sheep she may just sheer you herself!!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  9. Oh, no--not the groomers! I was going to write and say I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to change a single thing about adorable you, but then I saw the post-clipping photo. You have far too beautiful a face to hide under bangs!

  10. She's so cute and what beautiful eyes she has. No wonder you wanted to get her hair trimmed. Shouldn't cover those up!!

  11. vOh Roxy what a cute farmgirl you are. I tried one time(and one time only) getting big BoDog all prettied up. He was a handful for me and the groomer. Then we get home and where does he head? Straight to jump in the pond and roll in the dirt. Ahhh, the good life.

  12. I love the before picture. You are so cute. I'm sorry your mom did that to you.

  13. OK, Roxy girl. This is just between you and me. I'll leave a key under the door mat (you know which door), so you can get in after you have run away from your torturing mom. THE GROOMERS?!? You come and live with me. I can't remember when my mom took me to the groomers,neither can I see the calendar because my bangs are hanging over my eyes. We will be perfectly safe here!
    Love, Schnauzi
    P.S. My mom is talking on the phone to a place called 'Dog Shoppe'. Bet ya I'll get a new toy.


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