Thursday, March 27, 2008

Just a SNOWY spring day here in Oregon...


I thought maybe you'd enjoy seeing what I'm looking out the window at this morning.

(Please note the application of the black felt paper to the far right wall of the chicken coop...another step closer to completion!) :-)

So, fess up, which one of you jokers back East sent this stuff to the Pacific Northwest?? :-)

Robin? It was you, wasn't it?!


  1. Well I'm not going to take the blame for that!!! Why, that weather would have to go clean around the planet from here, without hitting any global warming, and get back to you to make snow there!!! However, most likely, thanks to you you, we'll be getting an April snow soon....



  2. Your yard looks great in the snow. Nice pics!

  3. Ohhhhh..


    I didn't think you'd know it was me. I'd say I'm sorry but that'd be a lie. Eve gave me the idea. She brought up it snowing here and I had to make sure that didn't happen. It's her fault.

    41* and sunny here for a while longer. The clouds are moving in. HEY! The clouds are moving in. You didn't send that stuff back here did you??

  4. The snow is pretty but I am so glad it is near 80 degrees here today. My biddies like it warmer too!
    Nice photos.(I've had a terrible time lately with blogger and comments.Hope this one goes through).

  5. snow here! 80 degrees. I just went for a bike ride in shorts and t-shirt!

  6. You can't fool us grizzled Easterners: I see some green in that first photo. You've been hiding spring in between snow storms, haven't you?!?

  7. Uh, eewww. I think I'd go looney if I lived somewhere where it could snow clear into April.
    How about I send you some 75` air from Texas?
    I will say the pics are pretty though. Just hope it melts so you can work on that coop some more.

  8. Did praying on my hands and knees on top of a 4 ft snowbank to Mother Nature really work?!?!?! Or was it cornering the Snow Fairy and telling her how sorry I was for complaining how ugly, annoying and a right pain in the wahoo the snow was? Because I definetly know it wasn't Jack Frost, his brain is one big ice cube. I hope the snow melted by afternoon, because for anyone, the snow just isn't right this time of year!

  9. Twasn't I, we have rain and lots of it. Temps in the 50's too warm here for snow. I feel for you, i really do. I'm sure you are just like everyone else, holding your breath for spring.

  10. We are freezing too. But I do love the snow. Think snow day tomorrow:)
    How are the biddies? I think you need to bless us with another picture of the puffy head ones.

  11. It was sunny and nice all morning while I was inside working. Then it turned cold, dark and cloudy as I drove into to town to do some errands.

    Still cold here. No snow, but sometimes we even get snow as late as May here in the Sierra foothills. Makes planting my veggie gardens a challenge.

    Your snow photos are beautiful. Thanks for leaving such caring comments on my blog the other day. I answered you there.

  12. Hi eve...I dunno, from what Robin tells me, this whole thing really was your doing. I think you somehow managed to get the wind to blow west and send all that damn cold air my way. Needless to say, all the WARM LOVE IN MY HEART melted all that nasty cold stuff right back away and we're rainy and wet (and 35 degrees) again now. :-)

    Hey solomon, thanks. Good to hear from you! :-)

    Yeah, Robin...and I wasn't EVEN one of those gals talking about drinking tea on my front porch in the sunshine...just remember that!

    Hi ga.farmgirl...80 degrees today? Weren't you just saying that it was still dipping below freezing at night and too cold to photograph your chicks? Sheesh...that's quite a temp swing!

    Hi judy. Um, are you TRYING to get beaten up? lol. Seems the chilly winter weather is making us all (at least those suffering with it) a bit testy - I'd be a bit more careful with your summery, carefree statements, if I were you. :-) :-)

    Hi kathryn - yes, you see some green, but that just makes it all the more difficult, you see....we've actually been tempted and lured out into the garden to plan and plant. To have it so rudely ripped away is just plain CRUEL! (and cccccold!) :-)

    Hi ceecee - my son's in Texas right now and he's *loving* the warmer weather. And just as soon as he gets back, we can get some more work done on that (damn) coop. lol

    Hi cathy.....So it was YOU!!! My apologies to Robin and Eve for blaming them. :-)

    Hi mim - yes, I'm sure we'll be back to mid-to-high 40's and torrential rains again shortly...but ah HA!!! So, maybe YOU'RE the one responsible then for all the rain?? (Look at me, always trying to place the blame. :-) )

    Hi all didn't get any snow? Here, let me send you some then. Because that's just the kind of gal I am...always thinking of others. :-)
    My girls are doing well - how are yours? Newer pictures are forthcoming.

    Hi jen - got your response, thanks. I'm heading back over to you right after this. This weather is a true planting challenge, isn't it? Frankly, though, I'll just be glad when I can stop donning my long underwear under my jeans just to go outside. It is end of March after all, SHEESH! :-)

  13. Danni....just to let you know, I woke up to the same thing this morning (the next day from this post) and IT'S SNOWING OUT RIGHT NOW!!!!!!
    I'm getting a little depressed!!! Cheer me up!!!!

  14. Ok, comes your dose of cheer: This morning, for the first morning in over a week, it was above an absolutely balmy 39 degrees, I wanted to frolic barefoot and topless through my lower pasture.
    Well, perhaps that wasn't so much cheer as a horrifying visual image for ya, but there it is. :-)

  15. HA HA ok Danni it worked! I'm picturing you running buck naked and a flock of little chicks and Roxy following your every step!!!
    Thanks! hahahahaha!

  16. I am one of those few people who live in Florida but actually love the cold and snow. These pictures are beautiful!

    PS When does spring arrive for you?

  17. Hello, fearless blog - thanks for your comment. NW Oregon is a fairly temperate, if rather wet, place. It is extremely rare for us to have snow in March, let alone after the official start of Spring. It snowed off an on again all day today...brrrr!


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