Monday, February 4, 2008

Still here!

What a week! I love my new home, although I continue to feel very isolated. The lack of t.v. is not really an issue, but I never anticipated it would be THIS difficult to obtain an Internet connection in the country. We've run into one challenge after another this last week with still no final solution in sight. We were finally able to get a dial-up connection in place tonight, which truly feels like a real treat since it is allowing me to post my first blog update in over a week!

I've managed to come down with a horrible cold and a (shudder) bladder infection, so I'm just a tad under the weather currently. My sweet Jim brought me home antibiotics this afternoon, so I hope to be on my feet again shortly.

My husband and son took care of that tree yesterday that had fallen on my fence. Jim had gone to our small town hardware store on Saturday and bought a Stihl chainsaw (grunt, grunt) called the "Farm Boss" (LOL). The two of them were so excited to fire that baby up! It was just a small tree, but they were out there for over an hour, revving and sawing. They were probably spitting and cursing, too, although I didn't personally witness this.

I miss all my blogging buddies...please don't forget me. :-)


  1. Nope, you are not forgotten! Glad to see a post.

    Sorry that yo're feeling kind of isolated. Once the weather warms up and you can get outside and really enjoy your new place, you'll be feeling so much better.

    My advice:
    Internet? Qwest Broadband! (Relatively Cheap and simple to install and use)

    Bladder Infection? Cranberry juice~At least 20% cranberry juice, preferably more. Blends are fine, but go for highe pecentage of cranberry juice.

    Hope you feel better soon, and post some more pics, too!

    Laughing Orca Ranch

  2. blech ... hope you feel better. Drink loads of cranberry juice!

  3. Sorry to hear you're under the weather. We are here too. Can't wait to hear about the new place when you're feeling better. Take Care! (oh, and we'll still be here.)

  4. We are dealing with the same problem right now with no internet access at our soon to be home. I can't believe there are still places without cable! I've been so spoiled! I don't know what we're going to do for a solution, but I guess everything is a trade off. In some ways, living in the country forces you to slow down.

  5. Hey twinville! I think my feelings of isolation will improve soon, too. It was a combo effect of moving onto a dead-end rural street, having no t.v. reception, no Internet, having intense weather hit and then getting sick that has left me feeling completely out of touch. I was SO plugged in previously - this is such a strange feeling!
    Yeah, we tried Qwest - they don't service our area.
    I've heard that, too, about the cranberry juice - I will get some.

    I'll try to post more pictures later today, hopefully, when I'm at the library and not on this ridiculous dial-up! :-)

    Hi meg - tell me about it! Thanks for the tip!

    Hi farm mom, thanks. I am really looking forward to catching up on everyone else's blogs...but I've got to say, sheesh, everyone is very prolific!!! It's gonna take me days to read up on everyone! :-)

    Hi liz, yup, welcome to my world. We knew there wouldn't be cable before we moved, but I seriously thought it would be a simple thing to get it another way. Silly me!

  6. I must say, I am glad to see you are still among the living! :) As for the satellite people... They seem to take their own sweet time, as I recall. Oy. A big Yes on the cranberry juice (although if they made Peanut juice it would probably cure anything.) Just remember, '...and this too shall pass'.

  7. I can't wait for more pictures. So glad you are loving it! I can just imagine the disconnect feeling. I am a city girl and will always be a city girl (love reading about country girl things though!).

  8. Just getting around to catching up on all the blogs. Little one has had a cold and I am thinking he has given it to me now. Gotta love that. I am sure once things warm up and you are able to get out more it wont feel as isolated. The internet issue. Man, thats a tough one. I guess just try to take it a day at a time and soon you will be back into your swing of things.

  9. You poor women! I hope you will feel better real soon. Bad colds are going around this year...I hear it a lot.
    I hope you will get the internet issue settled soon. I am curious about more photos!! It is a change in the beginning to live so far out. But you will get used to it. All the best to you!

  10. You made it online today! Congratulations! So sorry that you are feeling icky! I hate colds and bladder infections and am sending you some healing vibes from Cupertino. Tell your boys that I'm very proud of them for taking that tree out!

  11. I have to agree with the others, cranberry juice! And drink plenty of water, especially while taking the antibiotic. I hope you feel better soon.

    Do you have cell phone service? When Verizon came our way we switched from Cingular. We could only use our Cingular phones when we were in town or if we stood in a certain part of our yard and then tilted our heads left! LOL!

    Feel better!

  12. We won't forget you, glad you are getting settled in.


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