Saturday, February 23, 2008

My day, with no pictures

5:00am: Alarm goes off.
5:03am: Run downstairs to see why my son, Aidan, isn't up yet.
5:45am: Son and I run out the front door with his ski gear, my laptop, my farm apparel, my food for sanctuary board meeting, my fuzzy blanket and pillow. Why do I have so much more to carry than he does?
6:15am: Get son to ski bus just in the nick of time before it leaves. I really hate being late. Or almost being late.
6:40am: Drive south to a local public transportation park-n-ride, climb into the back of my truck and take a nap.
7:45am: Wake up freezing, call my mom to see if I can come over because it's really cold in the car (and I have to pee). She says "of course". Moms are like that.
8:00am: Drink coffee and chat with my mom and stepdad. We talk about pruning raspberries, hot and cold compost piles, the book "In Defense of Food", and funny things my pup, Roxy, has done lately. I really love those two people.
9:05am: My mom asks me to help her remember her blogger login and password so that she can leave comments for me on my blog again. It takes us a bit, but we figure it all out.
9:35am: Eat a hard-boiled egg and chocolate chip cookie, both of which were made by my mom. Both are extra yummy-tasting because of this.
9:40am: Fly out the door, late as usual, and drive to the "Cat Adoption Team", a local cat rescue facility, approximately 25 minutes south, to load up about 300 pounds of dry dog and cat food for the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary into the back of my truck. No more naps for me in the back of the truck today.
10:40am: Start the 75 minute drive to the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. Today is volunteer work party day *and* the board meeting afterwards.
12:00pm - 1:00pm: Arrive at Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary. Feed carrots to 400lb pig named Luke. Check on status of henhouse mucking out. Unload 300 pounds of dry dog and cat food into tool shed. Feed apples and carrots to sheep, goats, donkeys, Roy the cow, and Ben and Fyrefly, the horses. I get off easy today - a bunch of other people are already mucking out the sheep and the goat pens.
1:00 - 3:30pm: Farm Sanctuary Board Meeting. Difficult discussions today. We've had a hard winter. The state of the economy is affecting us. Donations are down. Animal abandonment, neglect and abuse are up. We're excited, though, because our annual Easter event is coming up, which is a lot of fun and normally brings in a lot of money for the farm. So it appears that we are simultaneously a bit depressed yet still hopeful. What's up with that?
3:35pm: Hose off black rubber boots. Mud and manure are caked almost to the tops of them.
3:48pm: Leave the farm, heading back to Portland in time to meet Aidan at his ski bus. But, oops, I've forgotten my laptop at my mom's, so another quick stop-over there is needed.
4:55pm: Hug my mom, talk to my stepdad about his poetry selection process (he writes for and publishes an incredible bi-annual poetry journal (Windfall) that focuses on poetry of place), run back out the door to get Aidan.
5:15pm: Meet up with Aidan, relinquish the driver's seat so he can drive (learner's permit), start drive back home.
6:00pm: Stop to pick up miscellaneous fast food for dinner (Panda Express and Mexican), finish drive home, hug my husband, check email.
9:12pm: Sit by a really nice fire, with glass of wine and pup by my side, and see if, when I document my day's events, whether I think anyone else will find them interesting at all.

I can't decide.


  1. I'm voting for interesting. I love hearing about your day. It reassures me that I am not the only one dashing out the door a little late.

    We're having the same problem with abandonments and money here. In a shelter near oldest DD Kristin, there are more dogs now than there usually are all winter. Someone dumped a dozen cats at an ACO's house two weeks ago. They're still trying to catch one. This morning's 10 day weather forecast doesnt' look good so our rough winter isn't over yet.

  2. I would say that was a Saturday well spent! You are awesome. Thanks for volunteering! Have a great Sunday.

  3. What an interesting day you had...I got some really good news today from our local Doberman rescue and adoption agency. They have had a Dobey with them for months and he had dwarfism??? Really strange looking, pretty stunted and lumpy in the legs and had a skin condition. But his disposition was incredible. I have been checking on him faithfully. Yesterday he wasn't there? A couple had adopted him and now he had 3 cats and a bunny to play with!!! I was so happy. I could never have taken him on. Our crazy family would not have been a good fit but boy oh boy did I ever want him!

  4. It's heartening to know I'm not the only one who plans sleep time in the car.

  5. What?! No visit to a goat farm? Okay, you simply MUST get with the program!

  6. Hi Robin - you are definitely not the only one always a "little" late! :-)
    I have such a hard time understanding people who dump their animals. And in the winter, too. Poor little critters.

    Thanks, Gudl. :-)

    Hi Judy, I don't think I knew you were into Doberman rescue. Did you used to have one? I'm so glad the little guy found a wonderful home!

    Hi sugarcreek stuff - there are many things we have in common, aren't there? ;-)

    Hi Marigold,
    I know, I know...I was sad about that, too. But I know your mom got my email with all my whiney excuses... :-)

  7. Ummm here's the thing I am not involved with any animal rescue but truly admire the people that are. I always have had a soft spot for Dobey's I think because they are just horribly misunderstood. But I loved the one that had dwarfism.

    I have a crazy kid (seriously wild) in my house so I have to be very careful about what animals I bring in!

  8. I love reading your stuff! It's always interesting to find out what you have been up to. And thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog posts.

  9. Yes, what a Saturday! I just wish you had come over earlier rather than sleeping in the back of your car at a transit station(!). Little late, but now that I know how to post a comment, I want to say something about your barn. It was an absolutely awesome experience to walk up the path to the barn and entering it. Although it was empty, I could sense breathing, warm animals moving around in their stalls, expecting food, soothing words and gentle pats. I believe I had a glimpse of the future. This is your barn, and the animals are on their way....

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  11. Could you make some room for me beside you and your pup on the sofa, and please include a glass of wine for me, too?

    I'm exhausted after reading about your busy day running about hither and yon! haha

    I bet you can't wait for the day you'll be spending more time at home and in your barn caring for and enjoying all of your very own critters!

  12. Heavens! What a day! Sounds as though you have your hands full with interesting and worthwhile activities. Sorry to hear about all of the abandoned animals. It goes along with the failing economy. Thanks for doing your part!

  13. Your Mom sounds so supportive of your dreams. I really liked what she said about your barn and the spirit of the animals you will have. Makes me miss my own Mom even more than usual.

  14. That was quite a day. You left out an important thing. Just how is the son's driving?? It is nice you are close enough to go by your Mom's and stepDad's place.
    I know they must love your new farm too.


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