Thursday, February 21, 2008

Donkeys want to live in my barn

Donkeys want to live in my barn. I can just feel it.

I have developed an extreme fondness for donkeys that I'm not sure many people understand. This affection actually extends to any member of the Equidae family and Equus genus, however, donkeys, in particular, touch me. In my experience, they are such curious:



and friendly creatures.

They are so happy to be the beneficiary of a kind voice, a pat or a scratch:

...and maybe a small treat or two:

It was one of my biggest wishes, when we moved out here to our little farm, that I would be able to continue my efforts to help animals that have been abandoned, abused, or neglected. While my son and I continue to spend a great deal of time at the Lighthouse Farm Animal Sanctuary, I would now like to bring some of this very rewarding work home.

I first heard of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue about a year ago, but didn't contact them until early December, shortly before we moved to our new property. They are a well-respected, highly organized, non-profit organization that is currently establishing Satellite Adoption Centers (SACs) across the country. I have signed up to become such an adoption center for the Northern Oregon/Southern Washington area. If accepted, I would become, basically, a foster mama for up to six donkeys, while trying to find them new families to love them and adopt them.

This appeals to me on a number of levels: 1) it furthers my animal activism and volunteerism, 2) it gets me close to donkeys and 3) it helps these precious guys find homes they deserve.

I've reached stage four of the PVDR application process (Stage 1: initial contact and inquiry on my part, which was followed by an email acknowledgement from the founder of Peaceful Valley stating "yes, we are interested in speaking with you further". Stage 2: Follow-up phone call from SAC coordinator to interview me and request that I fill out required paperwork and send photos of my property and barn. Stage 3: Email follow-up that they've received my paperwork, that my property "looks beautiful" and that they'll "be in touch". Stage 4: A visit by one of the Rescue employees will be scheduled to check out, in person, whether I would be a good donkey mama. This is the part I'm now waiting for. Last word was that in March or April, the SAC coordinator would be coming through my area and will stop by to meet me then.

So, I think donkeys want to live in my barn.

This will make me very happy if this works out.

My son, Aidan, and his pal, Oyte (pronounced Odie) at the Lighthouse Farm:


  1. I like Donkeys, too.
    Your son and the donkey look a little alike (just kidding...) lol ... he looks very nice.

  2. I love that this is what you want to do! Too bad you can't get eggs or milk from them though!!! I am sooo happy for you!

  3. I'm sure that the Donkey's would love to live in your barn!! What a great thing to do for a needy donkey.....They are very fortunate to have you. I look forward to more donkey stories, which I'm sure you'll have many if you get to be a foster mommy!!

  4. We think those donkey's would love it at your farm. We would then we could herd them... We would be very careful of them though...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  5. Cool! That sounds perfect for you guys! So, would you be responsible for finding homes for the donkeys yourself, or does the organization do all the outreach? Either way, I'd think that your blog would be a great way to attract potential adopters.

  6. That sounds so awesome. Make sure when you get your first bunch of donkey friends that you post soe pics for us to see.

  7. Donkey are cute! I hope you get some for your farm.

  8. Who WOULDN'T want to live in that cool barn?!

  9. Donkeys?? Hooray!!

    I hope it works out for you soon.
    The donkeys will be so happy in your barn and property.

  10. Good for you! I hope it goes through for you, you'd be a wonderful donkey foster mama!! ;)

  11. Seriously Danni, you need to meet my husband - I think you two are slices of the same apple. I love your love of donkies and if you find a miniture one and we have the land.... just send it our way! Can't wait to catch up Sunday!

  12. Donkeys? I suppose those would be good, though I have never met one personally. I have heard that they can be used as guard animals though. In my estimation, that would be far superior to this whole 'herding' thing. The goatmother likes them - but then the goatmother likes everything. I hope you have a donkey in your barn soon, along with some nice goats!

  13. Thanks, everyone, for rall the good thoughts.

    To answer your question, Meg, I'm not entirely certain. I know that I would be an adoption "facilitator", reviewing candidates, inspecting potential adopter's property, etc., but how much of the actual outreach I will have to do personally, I'm not yet sure. I have a list of questions that I want to ask once them I have, indeed, been selected - this is definitely one of them on the list!

  14. Hi DK,
    You deserve those nice comments. Your blog rocks! I love your writing and your photos and your are so open and expressive. It really got to me. I love that. Yes, I grew those apples on my Golden Delicious apple tree a couple of years ago.

  15. I love the picture of your boy. He looks like a great kid. What a special time for you and your son. And every mother knows it the ride in the car together when they open up and talk about everything. My son shares my love for animals and we had a lot of fun together. They grow up fast, don't they.
    Oh ya...the donkeys are really cute too:) They don't grow up and leave home either.

  16. I think donkeys are so cool! They make funny noises...braying?
    That would be so cool if you had donkeys!

  17. donkeys are wonderful! i have had two rescued jennies for about 6 years. one is a pushy bottle-baby and the other a very shy mammoth donkey. they are such easy-keepers, perfect for a new farmer. can't wait to hear about yours!

  18. baby donkeys are the best. my father in-law has some. the kids got to see a new born frolic about. the ears seem full size and they have to grow into them.

  19. Taylor's first love is Charlie. When she was five he walked up behind her, put his head on her shoulder and that's all it took. He's a mini donkey.

    You'll love fostering! And btw, I want to live in your barn!

  20. I love donkeys too. Jack(the donkey) is sooo spoiled. He definetly has his own personality. I wouldn't sell or trade him for anything. Good luck on your foster care for the donkeys. It sayes a lot about you and your son to care so much about animals.


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