Friday, February 15, 2008

The Goat House

Another introduction is in order for today.
This is what I see when I look out of one of my kitchen windows. See that reddish structure in the distance through the trees? Do you know what it is?

Upon closer inspection, it becomes obvious:

It's a goat house, of course, as clearly indicated by the white-painted lettering on the little door:

I'm very excited. Our new property has so many interesting things about it, as well as on it. This little house was actually a selling feature (for me) back when we initially viewed the property. The then-owner and my husband looked at me like I had lost my mind when I squealed upon seeing it for the first time.

But there is work to be done. The outside is desperate for a fresh coat of paint:

And the roof clearly needs some attention:

But overall, it seems structurally sound to me.

Inside the house, there is a 3.5' x 7.5' storage area (right side of picture) that can be closed off from the rest of the house with a small gate. The rest of the house is an L-shaped stall area, measuring a bit over 4' by 7.5' at the skinny part and....

7.5' x 7.75' at the bigger part:

It even has a precious little storage area above the stalls:

The outside pen is approximately 18' x 22' currently. While the metal rods holding the wire fence seem solid, the fencing itself is a disaster and will need to be replaced. I will also make it at least a foot higher than it is right now.

I think, with a good scrubbing out, a new fence, some attention to the roof, a new coat of paint, securing the doors, and cutting away all the branches and debris, it'll be a perfect little goat home. ...Piece of cake, right? :-)

There were, as always, a couple of interesting finds.
Here is a galvinized metal can that is in perfect condition. Once it's cleaned out, it will make a great storage container for feed:

I wonder if these still work:

And then there's this here. It looks like some kind of stall mat. I tried to pull it out, but it wouldn't budge:

Now, all you goat people out there: is there a need for stall mats in a goat shelter?

Does anyone have advice or thoughts on other things I need to be paying attention to?

Every day I get just a little bit closer...


  1. Wow, that looks cool! It seems small looking from the outside, but it's actually pretty big! Or, atleast, it seems like it. How funny, it actually says 'Goat House' on it.
    A friend of ours bought a house with a BIG old barn, and whenever I go there, I HAVE to go in the barn. I find old buildings so interesting.
    We almost got goats when we got Daisy, but then we heard how hard it is to fence them in, so we didn't get any.....

    P.S. I'm feeling better, btw

  2. We sure wish we lived closer to you when you get those goats. We would sure like to herd them for you..
    We also could help you with the cleaning and painting. Our Mom likes to do that kind of stuff..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  3. That's a great goat house. Now on the question of stall mats......I have used stall mats in my goat stalls but they are the smooth variety. The one in your picture has holes and I picture them stuck full of nanny berries. They would be hard to keep clean. They might be better for the donkeys. I can appreciate your enthusiasum for the outbuildings. I love a good shed.

  4. I know the focus is on the goat house (which looks like it has wonderful possiblities, by the way), but I just can't get over the gorgeous landscaping. Those perennials! The stone steps! Lovely!! You've found such a little haven there.

  5. Now, if you paint it, don't paint over the "goat house" that is too precious! I love it.

  6. I noticed the stone steps right away also. What a wonderful view!

    If you keep a billy on your property, keep him far away from that house and the does so that he doesn't stink up the house (it will take so. long. to get the smell out of the wood) or the doe's milk (ugh).

  7. What a quaint and precious goat house you've got there!

    What a magical journey you are still traveling!

  8. Goat house, guest cottage, either way its dreamy.

  9. You have the neatest outbuildings on your place!!! I love that building for your goats. We have a couple of new kids here, and they are so cute. Just be sure to have GOOD FENCING!!!

  10. Hi Mellimaus! Yes, I've heard all those stories about trying to keep goats fenced in, too. I'll need to consult further with all the goat experts on this!

    Gus and Louie - I will probably need help with that, if I don't do a really good job with my fencing. Maybe you'd like to take a trip to Oregon?

    Hi goatgirl - but why do you use stall mats? Can they experience the same foot and leg issues that horses do? Will I be a bad goat mama if I don't have them? I had a goat as a child and he just lived in a big, wooden dog house with straw on the floor of it.

    Hi kathryn, yes, the former owner literally trucked in TONS of rock for these terraced steps all over the property. They are lovely, but very slippery in the winter! Now, return your focus to my goat house! :-) :-)

    Michele (nw nature nut)! My husband said the exact same thing: the lettering must stay! :-)

    Hi pichinde - everything I'm hearing is pointing me in the opposite direction from billy's!! We're having septic issues right now, so we've got enough smelly problems to deal with!

    Hi twinville - I'm having a lot of fun. Can you tell? :-)

    sugarcreekstuff - Jim laughed so hard at your comment! Maybe my sister and her three kids wouldn't mind staying there on their next sleepover? ;-)

    rural writer - I saw your kid pics this morning. they are adorable! I'm definitely going to need some tips from all the goat people out there on keeping them fenced!

  11. You don't need anything on the floor if you don't want. I have one with a dirt floor I just scrape down and put shavings on and one with a stall mat that I just rake off. A wood floor will work too.I always use shavings for bedding on anything. I know some people don't use bedding and that works too. I just love the look of fresh shavings, makes me feel better:)

  12. Love the goat house!!! I am so jealous! I went to a farmer's market today and although rather weird I did get some fresh duck eggs!!! I am getting closer!


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