Wednesday, February 27, 2008's for the birds!!

We've noticed a new little guy visiting one of our feeders. He really likes oily black sunflower seeds. On the day I took these pictures, he sat on this feeder for much of the afternoon. I could almost hear the chipmunky little thoughts running through his fuzzy head ....

"Anybody looking?":

"I'm going in!":

A taste of the other side:

"I am SO full":

A quick escape:

"Heeey, baby!"


  1. I love chipmunks! I won't see them until April. Very cute!

  2. What a hoot! Smart little devil to get up there to the sunflower seeds!

  3. All we get at our feeders are the biggest fattest doves that you have ever seen! T. keeps asking me when I'm going to one of those up!

    I would much rather have a cute little chipmunk!

  4. That is why I have hummingbird feeders. The seed type attract squirrels and the Jack Russells go squirrelly! Great pics though.


  5. He is way too cute! And what great pictures.

  6. I must say, he is much cuter than those stupid mice that live in the barn. I can't believe he is awake already, though. We don't see ours until at least mid to late March. I don't know, though. A winking rodent? Oy.

  7. The winking pic could be on the front of a greeting card!

    Great shot!

  8. I'm a dork and my husband caught it: I meant to type "chipmunky" and wrote "squirrely" instead. Sorry about that. The little critter is, indeed, a chipmunk. Actually, Robin told me first, but she was too kind in how she said it and it went right over my head. :-D


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