Friday, February 8, 2008

A game, oh boy, a game!!

I think today should be Danni-Appreciation-Day.

Why, you ask? Well, because today I have chosen to step out of my normal comfort zone to do something that I always flee from. You see, I am a person who has never enjoyed playing games. I will come up with a hundred and one other things to do before I will ever resort to game playing. My husband pulls out the cribbage board, I roll my eyes. My friends want to get together for a game of Pictionary or Guesstures, I suggest alternative activities. Friends extoll the joys of playing cards (in Vegas or at home) and my eyes practically roll back in my head from anticipated boredom.

So, you can maybe imagine my reaction when Sugarcreekstuff tagged me for the "7 Things" game. Then, Chicken Mama Susan at Eastside Farm Chronicles tagged me, too, a few days later. My eyes grew wide when I read that Fay at the Country Livin'Blog tagged me. I'd been able to put off responding for quite a while, since I was in the middle of a move and all, but then, today, Sue at A Multi-Colored Life tagged me. I'm really touched that each one has thought to 'tag' me, but now I'm also thinking..."the madness must stop!!" :-)

And so....I have gone against my very nature today to participate in something that I would normally avoid like the plague. Why? Because I'm really a team-player at heart. I may not want to play with a group, but I love being part of a group, talking and interacting. Besides, everyone else has been so funny and good-natured about what I'm about to do, that I can't stand to rain on anyone's parade. Therefore, here are my seven random (useless), weird (who cares), interesting (boring, really) things about me that most of your probably don't know:

1. While I am most recently of the high-tech professional world, I was formerly a personal trainer at Bally's Total Fitness. I loved this job and invested so much in it (personally and monetarily), that it literally cost me to work there.
2. I speak fluent German. My mom is a German native and, when my sister and I were kids, she would take us every other summer to visit family and travel through eastern Europe.
3. I hate to fly. I consider myself a very stable and strong woman, but put me on a plane and the feelings of panic I experience have me contemplating running down the aisle screaming, spitting and pulling at my hair. NEVER fly anywhere with me. Oh, and thank God for Xanax.
4. Other people don't generally "get" my family's sense of humor. I guess we're pretty rough on each other, with quick banter, sarcasm, and more than occasional snide insults, but we adore each other and feelings are never scathed. Visitors will come to a family gathering and look at us in horror, not understanding why everyone isn't crying.
5. I can be a bit spacy and absent-minded at times. I once gardened in my front yard (in the city) for 20 minutes in my bra, because I had earlier gone in to change my shirt, got distracted, and never finished the job. My husband finally came outside and said, "Uh, Danni....?"
6. I like the smell of my dog's feet. (oooh, that's a good one, isn't it?!)
7. I am a secret People and Us magazine reader. (shhhhh...don't tell!)

Jeez. That was painful.
--> But per the directions I was given, here are the rules I am following:

- Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you. (Done)
- Post the rules on your blog. (Done)
- Post 7 random or weird facts about yourself on your blog. (Done!)
- Tag 7 people and link to them. (See below)
- Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged. (See below)

I am choosing to disobey the last two rules. Out of the kindness of my heart, I will not be tagging anyone else for this game. The "fun" ends here. With me.
You can all thank and appreciate me now.

Please, please never tag me again, because I will probably implode. (This especially includes that Archive meme that is going around...)

Engage me in conversation, though, or invite me to a group lunch and I'll be there in a heartbeat. :-)


  1. I promise never to tag you Danni! Although I do not promise not to tag you physically if you are standing right in front of me... and then GAME ON!

  2. I couldn't believe it when I read your post. Every word hit home with me. I too am not a game player. I am glad that people thought to tag me though but was a bit worried to scroll down on your post to see who you tagged:)

    I've never smelled a dog's foot but I'll try it:)

  3. Very, um....interesting facts.
    I got tagged, too.
    I think this game is definatly going around.
    Like a sickness, or a cold. Speaking of cold, it's COLD at our house!


  4. I love reading these about people but unlike you I am not a good team player. Pretty selfish huh???

  5. Ahhhhh! I will absolutely honor your request! (Honestly, please don't send anyone my way either! tks!) I completely understand your panic in an airplane. I'm not crazy about flying either. If there is anyway possible to get there by car, that will be my chosen method of travel. Thanks for playing Danni!

  6. I intentionally didn't tag you because I knew you were busy unpacking. You can thank me later.

    Good thing you wear a bra, huh?

  7. Fear not, for I am a goat and I only butt other goats.

  8. I agreed with every word about hating to play games. HATE it!!! OTOH, I have to admit I do like these quiz things. It's fun to see what other people have to say.

    And that does sound like interesting gardening attire...

  9. Guten Tag! Ich liebe dein list! Okay, three years of high school German definitely did not make me fluent, but I get giddy at the opportunity to use my broken Deutsch. As a closeted dog-smelling, People-reading, workout maven, I really enjoyed the rest of your post, too. Thanks!

  10. Memes can be a pain, but you are lucky so many people thought of you! I hate when these things go around and no one tags me, even though I hate doing them LOL. I still have issues with not being liked from my childhood.

  11. I just reread this old post and it made me smile. I loved the part about you gardening in your bra. Cracked me up.

    When I first found your blog I read all of the older posts to get to know you better. I really liked what I learned about you. Keep being you.

  12. did I get so lucky to get to have you as my friend? :-)

  13. so fun that I happened upon this post. You are indeed diverse! And I relate to several....HATE to fly (didn't used to but freaked out all of a sudden...will share a Coke moment that happened while flying sometime...); don't love games either but love being part of a group; can't say I've ever gardened out in my bra....had a roommate in college that I could SO see doing that haha!!!!! and I, too, have some guilty pleasures for reading and TV like People; although I have to say I hate working out (but love being can we still be friends :) )....

  14. Jane - did your sudden onset of fear of flying occur before or after you had a child? Mine coincided pretty much simulataneously with having my first baby. Up until then, I was a happy camper in the air.
    It is getting better, though. It had to - I fly too much to come unglued every time I get on a plane - lol. This Ireland trip was pretty much a piece of cake. (thankfully!!)
    Can't wait to hear your story! :-)
    oh, p.s. I'm not a trainer anymore and my treadmill is very dusty, so I think this means we can be *very good* friends. lol


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