Saturday, February 9, 2008

Introducing: My Barn

I realize that to many, this won't seem like a real barn. This isn't a fully dedicated, hay-loft holding, tractor-housing, sharp farm tool-storing barn like most real farmers have. But it is the closest thing that I have ever had to a barn (a.k.a. a place for my critters) and it tickles me beyond belief.

I don't think my family really understands my love for this building. To them, it's a rather cold, musty-smelling, poorly wired, disabled plumbing, garage-type building that happens to have three horse-stalls added to the side. To me, however, this building is the embodiment of all my farm dreams. It's what I yearned for when I thought about moving to the country - a place to keep my animals warm, safe and dry. To the practiced farm-dwelling eye, my barn will probably seem simple and lacking, but to me, despite its many problems, it's the coolest place around. And it's mine.

Want a tour? We'll have to hike up a short hill from the house to get there.
That's it, through the trees.

Let's take a closer look, just a little farther to go:

Here we are at the entrance to the stalls:

On the inside, there are three horse stalls. The one on the far left is currently storing stall pellet bedding:

Same view, different angle:

Here's Roxy atop our recent farm & feed store purchases (pine shavings for the chickens, rabbit chow for our bunny, Walter, one chick feeder, two lead ropes, 2 hoof picks):

Roxy again, outside the stalls. (Note the new lead ropes and hoof picks again attractively displayed.) That little pup has NO idea that really cool animals are going to live here someday soon:

I've had a good week.


  1. Oh how I envy that barn! We talk about an outbuilding, but we aren't ready to build one yet. Maybe one day we will have a poorly wired, disabled plumbing, musty smelling building we can call our barn!

    Thanks for the pics, they're wonderful!

  2. Maybe Roxy thinks she just lucked into a really nice dog house. That barn is great...I can't wait to see you fill up the stalls with critters.

  3. I love the last line of your post! "I've had a good week". That says it all doesn't it!
    The barn pics are great! Wonder if Roxy will be willing to share?

  4. Oh, that is perfect! I know you're into the idea of chickens, but what other animals are on the roster? Goats? Horses?

  5. We think that is a wonderful barn. Our Mom would feel just as you do a dream come true!! Hope you fill those stalls soon!!

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  6. Hi Judy - No, Roxy won't like sharing. In fact, I can tell you now, she is going to FREAK at the new animals. There's going to be some work there for me to do...(understatement)

    Hi Meg, chickens and goat are a definite at this point. I'm very interested in working with animal rescue groups and have recently become involved with a donkey rescue organization. A horse of my own may come later, but these stalls may be donkey condos very soon.
    However, I'm trying not to be in a super big hurry for anything. I would prefer to proceed slowly and see what develops. I'm not 100% sure yet what I'm meant to do out here. Does that sound loony?

  7. If the others in your family do not fully appreciate this barn, they are sadly lacking in 'couth'. This barn is to die for! I see goat heads popping out of those stalls as we speak! I, too, have barn envy like Robin!

  8. EEEEEEEEE, that's so exciting! Your barn is so cute, and quaint! Are you going to get horses? OH, it looks like SO much fun! I love the fence, and the stalls are really pretty, nice stalls, love the lead ropes. ;-)
    Can't WAIT to hear more! Keep us updated!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh, I just read the other comments. I really like Donkeys, they're so cute! I think some shelters need people to "foster" horses, goats, or donkeys. When I grow up I want to do that....:-)

  10. I just love your barn. What do you want to fill it with first? Can't wait for those pictures.

  11. That is a wonderful looking barn!

  12. Oh I love the barn! I hope we can find a place with a barn when we move.

  13. What a beautiful walk to your very own barn. You are a lucky girl.

  14. Danni, you don't have to admit it if you have, but if I were you I would have already had a campout in that FABULOUS BARN!!! You are a very lucky girl!! Can't wait til the critters come!

  15. What a positively FANTASTIC looking barn!!! You lucky lady! There are many, many people farming who would LOVE to have such a nice structure, and I'm one of them. Like Robin, I have serious barn ENVY!!!

  16. I think it is beautiful inside and out! Cannot wait till you have it bursting with animal life!! :) Congrats!

  17. Oh Pooh!! That IS a REAL barn, sweetie! You are truly lucky and quite blessed. But I'm sure you know that.

    Our little shack (Now I'm embarrased to call it barn after your post) is still one of my favorite places to be.

    You will find the soft sounds of your animals so soothing. There is not many sounds I like more than listening to my llamas and goat munching hay.....or my chickens muttering and cooing.


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