Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oh, the tricks I can do...

Some of you may know me from occasional guest appearances on this blog. My name is Roxy and today is my day. My mom has been hogging the computer for weeks, but, now, it's finally my turn. Many people ask just what kind of dog I am. On paper, I am half Cairn Terrier and half Shih Tzu, however, I prefer to identify myself as princess of the house. I am also an extremely clever dog and have decided it's time I showed you just how smart I am. My mom thinks she taught me a lot of these things. Really, though, I was going to do them anyway and I just like to make her feel good.

When she says certain words to me, I will do all the usual stuff that humans seem to like so much, like sit, lie down, roll over, and speak (of course!).
But I can also shake...

and play dead:

Then there are the things I do just because they make my mom laugh...

For example, I tolerate this ridiculous sweater:

I balance a cookie on my nose and flip it into my mouth without dropping it (this is *really* embarrassing):

I let them put superhero masks on me:

And I make a point of *always* being the focal point of every picture. Even when I'm not:

Want to see the cutest picture ever? Here's me as a pup:

But before I let mom back on the computer, there are some things I do that make ME really happy, and well, those are the ones I really wanted to share with you today.

I always like to keep an eye on my mom to make sure she's safe:

I love to visit Walter the bunny:

Without being asked, I like to pose on all the tree stumps around my new farm:

I enjoy kayaking:

And I adore running on the beach:

But I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that I really need a bath, a clipping and a nail cut. Yeah, my mom's thinking that, too. But I don't like baths...

and I HATE going to the groomer.

I become Evil Dog when either of these two things happen. I can't help it. My hair gets all snarled and it's impossible to get a brush through it. We've tried everything. Unfortunately, Mom keeps telling me I smell and Dad keeps pulling huge clumps of matted fur off me, so Mom has made me an appointment at the groomer for this Friday. I'm pretending I don't know. However, I've got it all worked out. I'm going to hide the morning of the appointment and see if she can find me. It'll be really funny. Besides, do you blame me?? Here's what happened last time she took me to that place...



Do you blame me for being a bit unnerved about Friday?

Bye for now,


  1. Ha! That was so cute and funny. Great post!

  2. You make us look bad! You're cuter than us and smarter too.

    Don't mention the "B" word to our mom or kid. We hate the "B" word!

    Maggie, Scooter and Sebastian The Wonder Mutt

  3. Poor thing, that haircut was really too much. She is a cutie though and seems like a great farm dog.

  4. Roxy, you are adorable if you've been to the groomer or not! Don't hide, the best thing about hair and fur is that it grows back. So even if you get a bad haircut, it won't take long to grow back.

  5. Oh, Roxy, don't worry. We've all live through bad haircuts...you will too. Hang in there.

  6. Roxy, all of your photos are good, but I especially like that close up at the end showing your oh so expressive face! You are the vision of cuteness!

  7. How funny! We just gave our German Shepherd a bath last night! haha

    Roxy looks more like a boy in the after picture. We girls gotta keep our long flowing locks, ya know.

    But really, though, Roxy is so cute no matter what...and talented, too!

  8. Roxy, I love the haircut! It makes you look like a pup again. Hold your head high and strut your stuff.

  9. Oh Roxy! Who knew you had so much to say! You are a cutie cute cute pup!

  10. Roxy you are very talented. Love the haircut. My favorite is you on the stumps though. You are really getting to be quite the farm dog.

  11. Oy. The things we put up with for humans. It is too late now, but I don't do ANY tricks and I still get the Peanuts. I wish you had talked to me way back when. I could have saved you a lot. Oh, well. By the way, where did all that dark hair go???

  12. OK, I know this Roxy girl intimately, and I love her delightful temperament. She is excited about everything and very inquisitive! I'm always so happy to see her storm into our house when she comes to visit. But first of all she has to find my husband, Bill,whom she absolutely adores! She'll fling herself onto his feet, roll over, jump up. lick his hands, and simply is giddy with joy to see her favorite person in this house. She can run faster than any little critter I've ever seen and looks very silly when she does her 'dog-on-speed' act. I love her dearly, but this affection is not really shared by our dog, Schnauzi, who is 12 1/2 years old and owns this house. She either ignores Roxy who wants to play, or she tries to put the young whipper snapper in her place with a harsh comment or two. But we did see the two of them, shoulder to shoulder, exploring the new farm. They examined every corner of the house together but made sure that we weren't looking because, after all, they don't get along......
    Schnauzi says, "Love ya, Roxy!"

  13. Oh, Roxy, I realize I'm late on commenting on your post, but I just had to after reading this! You're such a cute pup! You should be a shedding dog-although people just HATE the hair, you don't have to go to the groomers!
    My human sis tried to teach me to balance and toss a treat, but I wouldn't do it. I'm lazy ;-).
    I totally don't blame you for being nervous for tomorrow. Post a picture when you get back! Good luck!

  14. Hey Roxy, would you like to interview my dog Slipper? You're so great at photography and writing! Very entertaining!


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