Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Surprises in my garden

It's funny, but ever since we moved to the country, we have only been able to spend - maybe - two, full, uninterrupted days here. Both my husband and I are yearning to just stop, breathe, and explore our new place for hours on end. Unfortunately, that's not yet in the cards and I have found myself having to travel into town almost every day since our move. While the distance itself isn't all that far, with the appointments/stops and then traffic to and from, each of these trips has me leaving in the morning and not returning until late in the afternoon.

Despite this, though, I gave myself permission yesterday morning to be a bit late to my "city date" and just wander for thirty minutes through my garden and barn. The pastures will have to wait for another day.

I can't express how beautiful it was...the weather was gray, cool and wet, but the birds were out in force, singing, chirping and chattering and the air smelled so fresh. I found and noticed the most wonderful things:

...a tree, still living, with many woodpecker holes in it:

...an ancient old pitchfork spade that I pulled out of the dirt:

I was able to determine that this fruit tree is, indeed, apple and not pear:

...a rope in a tree that has been there so long, it has huge clumps of moss growing on it:

...a larger than average nest above the hay storage area of my barn:

My husband had found a surprise in the garden for me the night before that made me laugh so loud. It was buried, on its side, beneath an overgrown shrub:

Our new farm mascot! So you can get a sense of his size, here he is next to Roxy:

What shall I name him?


  1. That is some big chicken! Me thinks Reginald would be a good name. He seems like quite the sophisticated type to me.

  2. What great pictures. I hope someday soon all of your "city things" will be done and you can just "be"! As for a name for the huge chicken I would be no help. I am going through the states to name my dogs (not very inventive)!

  3. Oh, I remember when we moved into our house in the woods I went for "hikes" on our trail, and tryed discovering things. Nothing quite as interesting as your spade, chicken, and mosscovered rope, but.....I remember I LOVED being in the new place.
    Do you have a lot of pastures?
    I think you should name the chicken Mike, after your ceramic chicken from a few posts ago, but thats just me........

  4. I'm so happy for you!!

    I can feel the joy of the promises come true within the lines that you write. Hooray!

    And my vote for a name would be "Suenos"(dreams) because he is the epitomy of how you found him and got to this place you now call home......

  5. So happy for you. You remind me of the euphoria I felt when we moved here. So much excitement!!

  6. Oh Danni! What great adventures you are having at your new place! I love the pics, it's almost like we are there with you. And how perfect is that chicken!! Hmmmm, I'll have to see what Mike thinks about the chicken name - he names all the chickens in our house - but my vote is "Cornelius".

  7. My sister bought a simmilar chicken for my mom at a art fair, you are lucky to get him free. My name suggestion is Zombie. He's back to life.

  8. Ooops! I just went back to your post and realized that your dog's name is Roxy. No wonder that name came to my mind first. Roxy will never do of course. How about Rufus?

  9. I think you should name him Rusty.

  10. Roxy looks a little suspicious! I second Goatgirl--Rusty is a great name!


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