Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fog, Ice, Snow...the beginnings of a country life

Wahoo! Access to the Internet ROCKS!
Unfortunately, I only have access right now because I'm in the city for a bit today. (Ha! I said "the city", just like Jim teased me I would.)

Last night, I was suffering all the typical symptoms of Internet withdrawal: shaking hands, palpitating heart, dry mouth, extreme grouchiness...(kidding). I do feel extremely cut off, though, and I'm really missing reading all my favorite Blogs. Hopefully, by the end of the week, we will have a solution of some sort in place and I'll be able to post (and read) from home again.

Having no t.v. and no Internet these last few days, especially during the crazy weather we've been having, has been a very isolating feeling!

Since I don't have much time, today's post is a brief photo documentary of the last few days:

Waking up in a new home - a foggy first morning:

Here's my broken fence...with my son, Aidan, and Roxy surveying the damage:

Ice covered everything, then, for the next two days:

And then came the snow:

New deer faces:

Then it all melted. And woke up to another 5" this morning:

I feel like we're living in a mountain cabin!


  1. Yes, you are living 'my life' now!!
    Welcome to the forest!!! You will LOVE it!

  2. Check out those fruit trees! Someone took good care of them ... or are those grapes? It sucks that you haven't gotten your connections to the outside world set up at the new house yet, but it looks like the weather has kept you plenty busy for the past week!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful pictures. Such amazing weather you have had to welcome you!

  4. Wow those photos are beautiful. I love the deer faces and all those trees! What kind are they?

  5. I looks just GORGEOUS where you live now! I like it! It DOES look like a mountain cabin-a vacation home! Isn't it great to live in the country? ;-)

  6. Nice to have you back. That is quite a snow/ice storm. I bet it is still a wonderful adventure. Are you looking at chicken catalogs while being internet and t.v. disabled?

  7. Wow! Amazing first photos!

    I can't wait to hear and see more about your early beginnings on Critter Farm!

    "Laughing Orca Ranch"
    in NM

  8. You're getting quite an initiation, aren't you? :-) It looks beautiful!!!

  9. You ARE in a mountain cabin. Very nice!

  10. These pictures are awesome! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I know you will love living in the country.

    I have to tell you I just tagged you. Please go to my blog when you have time to see how to play the game. www.countrylivinblog.com


  11. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! Your new home looks amazing - I can just imagine what it will look like in the spring. On a side note, I can completely understand your withdrawls - hope you get connected soon!

  12. and her Mom said,
    I totally sympathize with you and the internet connection thing. I'm still struggling with it.
    Your home looks beautiful and I enjoyed seeing all the photos. The ice looked amazing and your new deer friends are great.
    I'm so excited and happy for you and your family.
    Can't wait to see more.

  13. Wow. Your views are amazing!! I would love to wake up to that every morning.


  14. As I have been very busy at work and with carnival the last weeks, I didn't realize that you have been moving already!
    Congratulations that your dream has come true!
    I think that all the problems with internet access and no television will be solved soon and that you can really begin to enjoy your new life!
    Liebe Grüße, Monika

  15. The photos are great. I love snow and ice.

    Its good to see that things are plugging along with your move.

  16. Hi! Know you are busy unpacking, but just wanted to let you know that the goatmother and goatfather tried the Earth Bread recipe and it is AWESOME! Many thanks for posting the recipe!

  17. Your new home is beautiful! I love those little fawns that were posing for the camera!

  18. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

    And enjoy your wireless-ness life: it looks like there's so much to explore right outside your door!

  19. Farmgirl_dk where are you? Come back from the other side.

  20. You may not have internet access or TV but you have the most beautiful scenery.. I think we could manage without all the amenities if we had your views...
    The deer are just magnificent..
    Check out the video we found on Tash and Eva's blog!

  21. Hi gudl - thanks for the well wishes!!

    Hi meg - they're both. We've got a few apple trees, at least one pear tree, a row of grapes, two rows of raspberries, and about 10 blueberry bushes.

    Thanks, judy and marigold - it is really incredibly beautiful here!

    Hey, sugarcreekstuff: the trees are Douglas Fir, predominantly. One of Oregon's top trees. Unfortunately, the timber companies love them, too, so a lot of our forests are considered "managed" forests and are routinely clear-cut. At least they're replanted then, but it takes decades for them to become a forest again.

    Hi mellimaus...it's funny, we live so far apart, yet our forests looks very similar, don't they?

    Thanks, ga.farmgirl...I've been so busy unpacking and being sick, that very little time has been spent perusing my chicken catalogs. I really need to get on this!

    Thanks, twinville - every day has presented me with something amazing to photograph!

    Hey rural writer - LOL - that's what it sure feels like: an initiation into a very exclusive club. A country club!! :-) :-)

  22. Hi michelle - thanks!

    Hey fay - ha, ha...I will start thinking of my answers now, but it may take me a bit before I can play this game!

    Hi ms-in-between...yes, I think spring will be amazing here. When I first visited here late last summer, it was incredible, too. I'm about ready for the nicer weather, too - we *still* have snow on the ground from our snow storm last week.

    Hi Emma, I left you a comment on your blog this morning - how funny that you and I are so far apart, yet struggling with the very same thing currently! Thanks for the good wishes.

    Hi pichinde, (I'm dying to know the meaning of this name) - the view is incredible and so very different from what we're used to!

    Hallo monika! Vielen Dank fuer die guten Wuenschen - Gott sei Dank ist der Umzug nun vorbei!! :-) Ich freue mich schon auf Fruehling...

    Thanks, Kelly - I'm so relieved that the whole move-thing is almost finished...it's just down to the unpacking and organizing now.

  23. Marigold! I'm so pleased that you tried and loved the Earth Bread recipe - I saw that you posted it on the yahoo group, too. Thank you! :-)

    Hi nicki! Thanks, and yes, the deer hold a special place in my heart. At least until spring when I just know they're going to eat everything in my yard and garden. :-)

    Thanks, Kathryn and Ari - there IS so much to explore, you're right! Roxy is having an absolute ball - despite her outward appearances of being a princess lap dog - she's a toughie who loves to run, dig, sniff and explore..she's a challenge to keep up with! :-)

    Hi goatgirl - I'm here...just a bit slower these days! :-)

    Thanks, gus and louie! I will watch the video sometime soon when I'm not on dial-up!! :-) :-)


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