Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Look who came to visit me...

Even though we currently live in an urban neighborhood with busy streets and many houses, deer are a familiar site here. To see a fawn this late in the year, though, was surprising to me. This little beauty had no fear. She jumped right down from our upper level backyard onto our patio to eat the leaves off my jasmine bush.

Even when she saw me, she wasn't particularly worried:

My husband couldn't believe that I was letting her have her way with my prized jasmine. He has witnessed my many tantrums and fits over the years when the deer have devoured my roses. "It's cold out and she's hungry" was all I could reply. She's just a baby. And she stripped those branches in seconds flat:

It didn't take me long to find her mama keeping a close watch from a distance:

Then my pup, Roxy, saw them and started to bark and claw at the glass door. This is the last shot I got of the fawn before she turned and ran away:


  1. Oh, so pretty. Too bad they can destroy a garden in seconds. They are a treat to see in an urban area though. My parents (who live in the country) had to install an
    8' fence around anything they wanted protected...watch out! By the way, I don't volunteer for Audubon, but I have participated in many fundraisers. I am still a "beginner" birder, but my friend, Laura, who I have a link to, is the expert. She teaches me a lot each time we go out. I agree, Lacamas Lake is great. We went kayaking there last summer too. I enjoy your blog, keep it up.

  2. She must have been very hungry (or curious) to come so near to you without fear.
    Lovely pictures!
    I hope you have had a good start into the New Year! Monika

  3. She's beautiful! I followed the link to Michele's blog and saw her hummingbird. I'm a little jealous of your weather! I woke up to another foot of snow. This is a hard winter for our deer.

  4. How lovely! We're lucky to get birds in our garden...

  5. First time on your blog!
    Happy New Year!
    I love the photo of you and your Mom on the horses. We have a 'farm', too. Very new to us, too!!
    Well, I just thought I say 'hi'.

  6. and her Mom said,
    That is so amazing she let you get so close to her and photograph her. What amazing pictures!
    I'm going to favorite this post to Stumble Upon in the hopes that many more people will see it. It's not often you see a fawn up that close.

  7. How sweet! I wish a deer would come and visit me, but I live to close to the city.
    Saw you on Canine Kids site and wanted to say hi.

  8. That was quite a treat! I really love how her mom was looking in on her.

  9. Hello! I found your blog through your comment on Gudl's blog.(she's my mother :-))
    What a beautiful fawn! That's interesting, that she came so close. I think I'd be the same way, if I saw such a cute, hungry animal, I'd let them eat my plants, too :-).
    Great blog, I can't wait to hear more, now, in 2008!

  10. That fawn looks adorable and how wonderful that it let you get so close. Must have been a magical moment but they and their moms are bad news for gardeners.

    Happy New Year!

  11. That is just awesome. Mom went with Dad deer hunting at Thanksgiving time in hopes of getting a picture of a deer. She almost did, well she got a picture of his tail as he was running away..

    Gus and Louie

  12. and her Mom said,
    We nominated you for Best Blog of All Time over on the bloggers' choice awards for 2008 so mozy on over to:
    and pick up your badge.

  13. I love the pictures! My sister had deer in her ravine behind her home and they live in Toronto! Crazy how much we have encroached on their territory!

  14. Those pictures of the deer are wonderful. We have lots of deer here but it hard to get a picture of one. Good work.

  15. Oh WOW! To be living in the city AND having deer in your backyard! I'm speechless.


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