Sunday, January 27, 2008

Back, but only for a moment

I have time for just a brief update today, as I'm only momentarily in a location that has an Internet connection. I'm not sure when we'll be "hooked up" at the new house (or with what), so I may be offline for a while.'s my update:

I'm SO happy! We have an incredible new home. We're completely finished with the moving part and now the fun begins: unpacking! It has been a crazy few days with virtually no down time. We're all a bit bleary-eyed but it's a happy bleary. :-)

Adding to the excitement, the weather is giving us a good show. We have already experienced a small ice storm (I've got some gorgeous pictures to share of that!) and a snow storm is supposed to roll in tonight that might leave us with 4" to 6" of snow.

My son walked the property this morning and found that a tree from the neighboring property had fallen on our electric fence. Dang! Of course, my husband's and son's eyes glowed with excitement at the thought of "firin' up the ol' chainsaw"!

Animals we have seen so far: Steller's Jays, Robins, House Sparrows, and a deer.

Hopefully next time I post, I will be able share some pictures.

Thank you to everyone who has left a fun comment or wished us a happy move. You are a very kind-hearted bunch!!

Until next time,
FarmGirl Danni


  1. Well Famrgirl Danni has a nice ring to it! How wonderful all this is for you! Can't wait to see the pics!

  2. Glad to hear everything is going well! I can't wait to hear (and see!) more!

  3. So excited to read an update and even more happy to hear that your move is going well, albeit exhausting with a few adventures thrown in. I can't wait to see some pictures of your new home and property, too!! Congratulations!!

    (ps, I posted a photo just for you on my Blog. It's our Silver-Laced Wyandotte singing! I thought it would make you smile. hehe)

  4. A deer already. Cool! Miss you and can't wait to see pictures.

  5. Dear Farm Girl, Just so ya' know...tht chainsaw thing just gets worse. Wait until they have to saw something out of the way in order to get out. You have never seen such glee in the faces of men. The goatfather actually drives around with the chainsaw in the truck in the winter.
    On a better note -= Woo Hoo!!! You are there and soon you will have some goatie friends, I would predict. Hope they are as nice as me. :)

  6. Hooray, and welcome to your new home!

  7. Glad you're settling in okay. Have fun!!!

  8. Yay! Good for you Farmgirl_dk! I know how exciting it is to move and get settled. Keep us posted!


  9. Congratulations on a successful move! I can't wait to see pictures.

  10. Danni, I am so happy for you! How far was the move? It took me a long time to unpack because there is more to do out in the country than in the city and unpacking fell behind other more pressing heat!

    TAG! You now get to participate in "7 Things we don't know about you!

    The rules can be found at Eastside Farm Chronicles. Don't even try to do this for at least a month. You are too busy!

  11. I am glad the move went well.
    May God bless you all in your new home!


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