Friday, January 4, 2008

There's this thing I don't like doing

So, maybe it did need to be done. It's possible I was having to use my body weight now to close the cupboard door on the items stored inside. Perhaps a good Winter Paperwork Purge is always in order, whether one is getting ready to move or not. But somehow, going through piles and piles of records, bills, bank statements, and other miscellaneous documentation to determine which must be kept and refiled and which must be shredded and disposed of is my personal hell. I hate it. It takes me days. Papers will be strewn through the house, across the floors, over counter tops, even in the laundry room, while I try to get myself through this seemingly endless task. It seems that not only have I saved every single thing sent to me over the last year, but when I do finally tackle this project, I unintentionally take a trip down memory lane. I'm one of those write-notes-to-myself-on-the-outside-of-bill-envelopes kind of people, so going through this pile now, I am forced to recall each and every payment, argument, minor dispute, and change of service that has happened since the last time I did a purge. I also remember, upon seeing a particular envelope, how IRRATIONALLY ANGRY it makes me that Qwest sends me their statements with the envelope upside down now (if you have Qwest for phone service, you'll know immediately what I mean). But, now that I've started, there's nothing to do but plow through it. I will feel so much better once this is done. And, as always, I've got my faithful pup by my side who, every time I sigh heavily or start muttering to myself, jumps up, walks through the mess, and crawls into my lap.


  1. OMGosh I have the same cupboard with the same mess inside at my house. It is full to the brim of every paper I have received in the last 15 years. I can't even shut the door anymore so I have been looking at it for awhile deciding when to start it. I think this was the inspiration I needed. Thanks...I think.

  2. and her Mom said,
    I particularly dislike that chore as well.
    There is an award over on our blog waiting for you when you have time.

  3. Aside from the Qwest envelopes, it sounds like you came into my house and stole my numerous stacks and baskets of unsorted mail.

    If you have stolen my unsorted mail, or if you would like to, please let me know so I can send a thank you card.

  4. I'm going to find my desk during the next snow storm. I'm sure I remember it being under a pile of papers in a corner some where. I need to buy a shredder first. What annoys me right now will soon be valuable compost ingredients.

  5. A paperwork purge was my goal over the holidays, since I had some days off of work, but I successfully managed to avoid it by spending time on the farm, playing with my grandchildren, etc. You have inspired me to get back on track and tackle the mess!!

  6. Not to be snarky, but wouldn't it be easier to do this on a monthly basis?

    My sister is chronically untidy, which drives my mom mad, because she's a neat freak. They came to an understanding by mom buying my sister 6 boxes for paper, one each for taxes, receipts, car, bills, etc. She just throws each paper in the right box, then once a month goes through and sorts out what needs throwing away. it seems to work for her. :)

  7. -->Hi goatgirl, oh good, then I can achieve some solace knowing we're in the same boat together. Misery loves company, you know. :-)

    --> Emma's mom, just think of all the NEW chores you're going to have with your new house project! :-) Thank you for the award...

    --> Hi Meg, oh jeez see that I have enough of my own unsorted mess, I think it would completely send me under if I thought I had yours, too. :-) But you can still send the 'thank you' card...

    --> Robin, what a great idea! Compost material - I totally need to start thinking along those lines now. And I truly know nothing about it. Do you really compost your paper stuff? :-)

    Hi farm mama, it's my personal belief that playing with the kids/grandkids should always take supreme precedence over bill organizing, so good for you!!

  8. -->Hi Solomon: Ok, I admit it. I had to look up "snarky" on before I could respond. :-) But here's the thing...of COURSE it would be easier if I did it weekly. :-) But, it's ME! And besides being a horrendous paper-hoarder, I'm also more than a bit of a procrastinator. So you can see my inner turmoil here, right? :-)


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