Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yesterday and today

Yesterday afternoon, after picking up the mail, I took a trip around my yard and was excited to find friendly, little signs of spring beginning to pop up.

My pretty grape hyacinth are returning:

The daffodils are starting to grow:

And my giant, pink hyacinth is poking its head up:

It has been warmer over the last week, with temperatures in the high 40's during the day, so this is helping all the early bloomers along.

I didn't think to check the weather report last night, though. This morning, I woke to crunchy ice crystals covering everything outside.

I was as tickled at this as I was at the signs of spring yesterday! Everything looks fresh and pretty and it smells so good outside.

Roxy had to take a look at the icy stuff, too:

I'm guess I'm an equal opportunity weather appreciator right now.
Sunshine? Love it. Rainstorm? Sure thing. How about a bit of snow and ice? You betcha!!

Ask me again in June, though, when the other states begin having their summery, sunny days and it's been raining here in Oregon for three straight months. I probably won't be as pleasant. Though, I will probably still be posting pictures about it.


  1. Dear Farmgirl,
    I like your blog! What kind of dog is Roxy? By the way, look at http://www.miniaturedairygoats.com/ under members. Many of these people have Nigerian Dwarfs (needed to breed mini-goats for registry).

  2. Hi Marigold! Thanks for the site recommendation, I will take a look. BTW, where is Baby Belle's Farm located? My pup, Roxy, is a funny little imp...she is half cairn terrier (think: Toto from "The Wizard of Oz") and half Shih Tzu (lap doggy)...a funny combination with all the feisty Terrier temperament and really difficult-to-brush fur!! :-)

  3. Baby Belle lives in, believe it or not, Home, WA (it is near Port Orchard)

  4. Good luck on your move. Can't wait to read all about it.

  5. That is what always happens in Texas too. One day we have flowers and the next day we have ice and freezing weather.. What is Mother Nature thinking?

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie

  6. I'm so jealous of your snow. All we have here right now is rain.

  7. Oh man! What lovely pics! I'm so envious!! :) How I long to see fresh greens and shoots popping up in my yard. I have few months to go yet, though.

  8. I am really enjoying your blog! I love talking or reading about people who are passionate about something. You are so passionate about your knew farm!

  9. Spring??? What's that? hehe

    I was excited to see all of your bulbs popping up though. Will you be planting more bulbs at your new place?
    This is my first year planting bulbs. I bought a ton of them through one of my sons' homeschool band fundraisers.
    I'm so excited to see them sprouting.
    Either we'll have flowers galore, or not.

    Time will tell. There is no Spring here in the mountains until after March.


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