Monday, January 7, 2008

It's all about family

When I look back over the last month, it's stunning to me everything that has happened. We sold our house, celebrated two family birthdays (my son's and my sister's), had Christmas, New Years, and...the best part, my brother-in-law came home from Iraq.

My sister and he have three kids, ages 2 1/2, 5 and 8. They are a military family. He's in the Army. My sister has been raising their kids on her own, off and on, since they were born, as her husband is deployed every two years to various parts of the world. At the end of December, he finally came back home after serving a year (his second tour) in Iraq. Fear, concern and worry were feelings we all became very familiar with while he was gone. The joy on his children's faces when he came back was awesome to see.

I thought I'd share some of those pictures today and say how thankful I am that he's back home safe and that my sister has her family all together again.

Signs for Papa:

Doing a good job being patient while holding the signs for Papa:

Is that him?:

Here he comes:

Group hug:

Smiles everywhere:

I think my sister is pretty happy:


  1. I am so thankful he is home safe too. My best friend's son recently finished his tour in Iraq. There is talk of him having to do a second tour soon. I hope not. Great pictures. Congrats. on the nomination!

  2. Thanks for that! Beautiful pictures.

  3. Sometimes it's hard for those of us who have lost a loved one in Iraq to remember that there are good things to come out of it. Thanks for sharing the photos. It's so uplifting to see a family happily reunited. And your sis must be one tough cookie!

  4. That brought tears to my eyes!
    I can only imagine HOW happy they must be to have him back! Thanks for sharing that.

  5. Hi-
    Great to meet you. We're really enjoying Critter Farm!

  6. That is a wonderful story. We love happy endings...

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus and Louie


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