Saturday, January 5, 2008

A day on the mountain

I was excited to go to Mt. Hood today, about 90 minutes east of Portland. It was my son's first ski race of the season and our first trip up to the mountain in about nine months. Although there were no clear shots of Mt. Hood due to weather (it was overcast, foggy in spots and a bit windy), it was still beautiful up there:

Here's my boy at the start of the race. It's cute because he's always a little nervous:

But once he's going, he's in his element:

If you're not from Oregon, yet this building below looks familiar to you, you might recall it from the movie "The Shining". This is Timberline Lodge and exterior shots of it were used as the hotel where Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall's characters act as caretakers in the movie. It's absolutely gorgeous on the inside.

Our faces started to freeze much too soon and it was time to head home. Today was a good day - no thoughts of all the packing and organizing and moving logistics needing to be done. It was really nice to take a little mental break.


  1. Wow! The scenery is gorgeous. How were the races?

  2. I love mental breaks and am always partaking! I do miss nice snowy days and Mount Hood area looks beautiful.

  3. The snow is very pretty. By the way, I love the photos you took at the farm by Scio on the Stayton Daily Photo blog. I grew up in the Stayton/Lyons area and my parents still live in Lyons. I think they will have some interest in the animal farm. Its a good cause.

  4. -->Hi robin, the race today was a memorial race (Christine Cato Memorial Ski Race) and results don't count toward season standing. It was a good opening season race and spirits were high. My son felt he did well, but also felt he will do better next time! :-)

    -->Thanks, judy, I could do with a few more days like this!

    -->Hey michele - how cool that you enjoy the Stayton Daily Photo blog, too. Celine's an awesome photographer and I thought it was really neat she was interested in posting some of my pics of the Lighthouse Farm! I drive through Stayton every second Saturday now! Is Lyons nearby?

  5. Gorgeous photos! I'm enjoying your Blog very much.


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