Thursday, January 17, 2008

This kitchen has baked its last least for me, it has.

Today, all my baking supplies have been boxed up and are about to be sealed tight and marked in big, black letters: "BAKING ITEMS".

I'm feeling pretty nostalgic about things these last few days. Many happy meals, treats, cakes and memories have been made in this very white kitchen-'o-mine.

Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta Bake: (recipe adapted from Judy @ >NoFearEntertaining)

Mmmmm....Earth bread:

Sour cream chocolate cheesecake:

A holiday yule log:

Many, many birthday cakes (some rather unusual):

But here's to many new meals and memories at our new place. One week from today is moving day...


  1. My, that decomposing body cake looks simply delightful!

  2. Hi, yeah, I've learned that with raising boys, I have been exposed to a lot of things I normally wouldn't have chosen on my own. A complete education on zombies and zombie lore was one of those things :-). That cake sure was a hit, too!

  3. Great cakes! Moving day will be so exciting!

  4. The pasta bake looks delicious. But what is "earth bread"?

  5. Hi Judy, thanks! It has become a boy challenge in our family to try to "stump mom" by giving her crazy birthday cake requests. In addition to the lifesize electric guiter, purple monster with fangs, and the zombie cake, there have also been others. Among those, a snare drum, dinosaurs-playing-football-next-to-a-waterfall, and an alligator-rhinoceros cake. :-)

    Hi Solomon, oh yeah...I meant to make the descriptions of things I had previously blogged about to be links. I have gone back and done this. You can read up on Earth Bread and cheesecake now. :-)

  6. Oh my goodness, these really are 'unusual' , but great!! I could never do that.

  7. All the food looks yummy. I know what you mean about looking back and memories of a house. Just think of all the new memories to come. What an adventure down the road. Won't it be fun to wake up every morning with a brand new adventure waiting to be discovered?

  8. Hi Gudl, thanks for visiting. That's what I once thought, too! :-)

    Hey, ga.farmgirl, thanks for all your kind and fun comments, practically since my very first post. I always enjoy hearing from you! Yes, the adventure awaits!! :-)

  9. Hello!

    I remember moving so well. I wasn't nearly as well organized. Great cakes! Hope you will be baking lots of new cakes in your new kitchen.


  10. Hi Fay, thanks for the good thoughts. I'm hoping to spend more time soon baking yummy bread instead of cakes, but if I know my sons, there will continue to be cakes in my future! :-)

  11. The pasta bake does look good. 1 week, how exciting! And nostalgic, I remember that from our last move.

  12. You are so funny! I really didn't even notice but thank you!

  13. Wiping the drool from my chin.....

    Please, oh, please can you send me the directions for your Guitar cake??!!

    I would SOO love to surprise one of my sons who has taken up guitar this year. He would be so blown away if I did this for him.

    But I can admit I am kitchen challenged! hehe
    Can you help?

    I think I am going to enjoy checking out your Blog, one you move into your new house, just to see your kitchen creations!


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