Sunday, March 15, 2015

Party in the Round Pen

Here it is.  Like it's always been here.  A beautiful new round pen...that I will from here out refer to as the corral because it is no where close to being round and "hexagonal pen" just doesn't roll off the tongue.

Stop me if I bore you, but it fit in this spot like a glove.  This is a big deal because we have undertaken a number of home and property projects in the last few months that have been anything but straightforward and simple, and it just felt so good to have something be so...well...simple:

And despite the corral being attached to the front of my barn, I got a nifty gate panel that still allows me easy access into the barn:

We are creatures of routine here on Critter Farm and even the smallest change to environment or schedule makes a big impact.  So the addition on Wednesday of this new corral  - in Kai llama's mind, additional square footage needing protection - was a very exciting event for everyone.

Upon entry, Kai immediately explored every inch of the new space to make sure all was in order and safe (girlfriend needs a haircut, don't you think?):

Chester, who thinks he's quite funny and is also very clever with gates, thought it would be a hoot to shut Beau in the barn.  So, with a mere swing of his head:

Bam. There stood Beau. always the butt of Chet's jokes.

After that, a lot of time was spent just going in and out.  You know, because they could.
Chester went in:

and Chester came out:

Then they all went in:

And...they all came back out.
Chester wanted to bring his friend, the hose, with him, but I said no:

This corral will be a perfect place to work with my visiting BLM burro, Buttercup, on her socialization skills.  Imagine Chester and Beau's surprise when they realized the new corral wasn't a special gift just for them:

When it was her turn to come out, Buttercup was just as thrilled with the new corral and pretty much pranced her way into the party pen:

This little girl has brought such spirit to our farm:

Every day just sparkles now:


  1. I am IN LOVE with your critters... i enjoyed all of your last 4 post, this one made me LOL at the in/out in/out

  2. Every princess needs a party pen.

  3. I love the hose best friend!
    Love your critters and YOU!

  4. i really laughed too! what kids! in and out checking it all.

  5. Hate to bring it up but how will you say goodbye to such sweetness after you've trained her?

  6. :-) heh. You are now set up to perfectly to become a donkey TIP trainer. Just sayin'. :-)

  7. What a cast of characters you have there at Critter Farm! I especially like that photo of Kai going in and out with the donkeys and that last photo of Buttercup, full of curiosity.

  8. Ahhh... just caught up on all of the fun and excitement! SO NICE to have one of my favourite writers back up in cyberland!

  9. They said its a game everyone in .. everyone out... put your right hoof in.. put your right hoof out... :O)

  10. Such a delightful bunch. And their joy at the party pen is palpable.

  11. Par-tay!
    and yea, tell Kai I am sooooo judging her shaggy coat :)

  12. I just heard that your back blogging. YEAH!!! Can't wait to read and see all the new adventures with Ms. Princess Buttercup. She looks like a lovey.


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