Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Excitement at Critter Farm

The farm has been abuzz for weeks now. The barn, you see, is undergoing a few changes.

We've been putting walls up:

And taking walls down:

We've been plotting and preparing:

The third stall, which had previously been walled off and used as storage, has now been graveled and leveled and stall-matted in anticipation:

As you can imagine, the barn inspectors have stopped in frequently to check our work:

And I think we've now finally gotten our stall situation just the way we want it:

...which is just in time, too, because yesterday, the good news I had been hoping for arrived:  I have been chosen to participate in the 2015 Great Burro Turnaround:

This event gives ten trainers 100 days to gentle and (hopefully) teach basic skills to ten wild BLM burros. At the end of this time, in June, there is a competition to (again, hopefully) show off their new skills, and an opportunity for people to adopt these wonderful burros at the end of the show.

Chester was especially helpful this evening and, so you could see it, posed smack-dab in front of the stall that our burro guest will call home for his/her 100 days:
Since I'm fairly certain the burro will not be particularly excited about going into the barn in the first place, this is the stall closest to the barn entrance.

I'm fidgety with excitement and anticipation!  The burros will arrive from Eastern Oregon this Friday.  I'll meet my wild burro that afternoon and bring him or her home with me on Saturday.
You can bet I will keep you all updated on how it goes.  :-)


  1. A new blog entry by you is like birthday cake. You don't get it every day but when you do, it makes you do a happy dance.
    The barn remodel looks excellent!

  2. So many reasons to celebrate ... another burro, a blog post, and a birthday! Happy x three!

  3. So happy to see you this morning, Danni! You're a Farm Girl and a Cowgirl! I'm excited for you…. and me!!

  4. danni...this is SO exciting!!! please post and show the progress! the barn looks wonderful!

  5. Wowee, wow, wow.....this is super exciting. I look forward to your adventure. Oma Linda

  6. This is going to be so much fun. I can't wait for the updates! They couldn't have chosen a better family.

  7. It's good to see you, Danni. Hope things go well with the burro. We'll look forward to the progress.

  8. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that a blog I stalk via the 7MSN page is owned by somebody I know. Heh!

    Small world problems. :-)

    1. ((waving wildly)) Hiiiiii Heather!!
      :-) :-)

  9. Woop Woop!! I hope everything goes as smooth as silk on Friday/Saturday!!
    Happy Birthday, btw. Perfect way to celebrate by bringing in a new critter.

  10. You will do fine, Danni. Great to see a post on the roll this morning. Wondering what you'd been up to.

  11. I'm always late to the party! CONGRATULATIONS! That's so cool but does that mean you will have to give him up afterwards? :(

    1. The idea is to provide these wild burros with the skills that make them adoptable, so yes, (in theory) he/she will go to a wonderful new home at the end of this.


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