Sunday, September 25, 2011

What farm doggies do on vacation

Roxy Louise, my farm pup, was very excited about going on our trailer road trip this year:

Even though she had her own list of specific items she wanted to do on her vacation, it wasn't hard for us to work those in with what Jim and I wanted to do, also. She is really the easiest dog in the world to travel with - and a whole lot of fun, too:

Here is a short list of all the things Roxy has enjoyed doing on her vacation this year.

She has hiked:

She has had frequent naps:

She has cooled off when she's gotten too hot:

She has kayaked on lakes:

... and on (remarkably still) rivers:

Roxy has consistently helped me make sure all my gear was in my boat before we've gone out:

and she has been *such* a very good sport about wearing her new life vest:

An incredibly patient pup, she has learned that she sometimes has to wait quite a while for Jim and me to get finished with everything before we head out on our adventures:

Roxy decided it was ok for me to put her in a milk crate on the back of my bike:

...and go for frequent bike rides:

She has always been one to appreciate a breath-taking view:

And will quietly sit with me for as long as I want to enjoy the view, too:

She has ridden shotgun on my lap for most of the trip, which makes both of us happy:

She naps while I read:

...and assists with any corn-shucking:

...knowing that she'll get a kernel of corn as "thanks":

She retrieves sticks from the river:

and shakes off after every water exit:

Then it's time for another nap:

Fetching her new football-toy has been a fun thing:

..and for a few minutes she remembers how to be a four-legged dog again:

Until she loses interest and stops to enjoy another incredible view:

She watches the sunset before going to bed:

And every morning when we get up, she asks me: "What cool stuff are we doing today, Mom?!"

I always tell her: "Something *really* exciting!!":


  1. Awesome pictures and a great story. :)

  2. I love that she's healed enough to enjoy your trip! I googled where you are camping, as Oregon has been put on the short list of "places we'd like to retire". I had no idea eastern OR was so beautiful. Thanks for taking me along.

  3. Roxy takes better vacations than most people I know. What a perfect traveling companion she is.

  4. What a cool trip you are all having! I think of you in the afternoons while I am out on the patio, (still) picking and teasing llama fiber. Almost done now, and about to move on to the next step in the process!

    Keep taking those great pix! Love that quilt, bet your mom made it for you.

  5. What a great life Roxy has! She looks adorable in her life vest - especially when she's levitating. I *heart* Roxy.

  6. Looks like Roxy(and you) are having a great vacation. I love the milk crate on the bike!

  7. She is such a sport doggie. I bet you have made her life just as full and happy as she has yours. It is amazing like that. Our Emma and Lucy love to do anything we are doing too. I just don't think their 72# would fit into a kayak. They would have to have one of their own. Lovely vacation pictures. Thanks.

  8. that little girl knows how to live BIG! Great pix Roxy! I hope you had a blast!

  9. As my sisters say, Roxy is so "chill!"

  10. That's awesome!

    How spoiled is Honey getting by the Grandparents, I wonder?

  11. Wow what a life!!! Looks like such a relaxing a wonderful time!!!

  12. LOVE it! And Love Roxie! It looks like she has had an absolutly amazing vacation! The girls are insanely jealous! They just saw these pictures and went to the sleeper to pout! Guess me and Malcolm have a lot to make up for now!

  13. Cutest dog ever. Love the life vest.
    And the milk crate.

  14. Wow, Danni. Loved this post. Brought back such fond memories of my little kayaker, Tess. She also wore a lifejacket and always had to sit in front of "mom's" kayak. It was her number 1 favorite thing to do. More recently, we bought one for our lab so that we could take her down to the river for physical therapy. She actually had the same surgery as Roxy. Glad to see she's doing so well. Enjoy the rest of your vacation. It does seem harder to leave a lot of animals behind than it did to leave children.

  15. What a great buddy Roxy is. She is such a cutie and just loves being a special member of the family. Lucky doggie . . . lucky you! It sure looks like you're having a wonderful getaway.

  16. My first visit to your blog. So sweet! I have a miniature poodle and my husband and I want to travel with her and stay in dog-friendly inns. I'm a bit nervous about it but after seeing how much fun your sweet puppy had, we are going to take the plunge!

  17. i love your new purse! oops! that is roxy! it looks like you are all having a really good trip!

  18. Roxy you are really spoilt :D and will be so exhausted when you get home, you will need another holiday!
    LiBBiE in Oz :@

  19. What an awesome companion you guys have in Roxy. Love the pics of her in her new life jacket & in the milk crate on your bike! Such a wonderful place to take a vacation - so glad you are having fun. I can't wait to go back to that area.

  20. I loved this - such a sweet story!! She just looks like she's having a great time.

  21. Roxie clearly has excellent taste in camping spots! I hope she'll share her secrets with me as we are planning a Big Adventure next summer!

    Hope you all enjoyed the vacation.

  22. cute story, although she makes me want to be your next dog....

  23. What a perfect companion. And what a cutie too. She's game for anything isn't she?

  24. Somehow my comments don't seem to come through, unless, of course, there is foul play at hand. Could Honey, a member of the fowl family, have prevented me from clicking the send button when I was gushing over my sweet Roxy girl? I would not rule that out, because Honey made this temporary home away from home her very own and did not tolerate anyone else to tug on our heart strings!

    Well, she isn't here anymore, and I can tell you that this Roxy post is probably the best portrayal of Roxy doggie you have ever posted! It showed her joy of being with you and having all these exciting experiences in every phase. Her eyes, ears, grins - all expressed what she was feeling. There is no other dog like her! Her loyalty always translates into pure joy, not only for herself, but for everyone who knows her.
    Time for a sleepover, Roxy!! Please?

  25. We have a Chihuahua and I love to carry her by her life jacket handle. She doesn't mind either. He legs just dangle out beneath her. So funny to see


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