Thursday, September 29, 2011

And then there was this...

I'm running out of vacation photos to share, which means there are only a few good vacation stories left to tell.

I'll start with this one:

Have you ever noticed how my Jim doesn't ever want to be in any pictures on my blog? Well, I finally got a shot of him that I know he won't mind me posting. See that little black speck that's sort of on the left-hand side of the smaller mountain below? That's him:

Here he is through my telephoto lens:

Isn't he fun?

Then... we drove to the very end of a twenty-two mile gravel road to see an amazing view of Hell's Canyon and the Snake River.

A few miles into this gravel road, we came upon this beautiful herd of Bighorn sheep:

I was fascinated with Big Daddy and his youngster:

Jim, meanwhile, kept distracting me by telling me to "take a picture of my Mountain Dew!!":

He was obviously thinking about that Mountain Dew commercial from a few years back with the Bighorn Sheep. (If you haven't seen that commercial, it's worth your time. You can find it by clicking HERE.)

"Hat Point" was ultimately at the end of the twenty-two mile gravel road. There is a fire look-out station tower here:

This tower look-out is 93 feet tall:

We climbed to the top:

and could see the Snake River (among other things) far below:

We were overwhelmed by the beauty:

The last time I was here - some 17 years ago - we were fogged in. I had no idea at the time what I was missing:

And then there was this bench....

From this angle, it is very clear that you don't want to trip as you walk over to sit down. It's a long way down:

Fortunately, I did not trip:

You know, when you camp in a campground, you learn that it's pretty much luck-of-the-draw who you wind up with for a neighbor:

I tried not to be too rude, but I needed a close-up of this neighbor:

Handsome, isn't he? And apparently, very comfortable. Look at what a cozy set-up he's got:


A true treat for me, the day before we came home, is that I got to meet up with my blogging pal, Sarah, from Between the Fenceposts:

You might recall, I first met Sarah in person a couple months ago when she and her husband, Malcolm, were driving through Portland. The truck on the left is Sarah and Malcolm's truck - they are always on the go. I'm guessing they cover more miles in a week than I do in an entire year:

This was Roxy's first time meeting Sarah, Malcolm and "the girls". Judging from her body language, I think she was a little overwhelmed:

I only got a short bit of time with Sarah, but it was good for my heart to see her. For one thing, wide-open-mouthed laughter is the sign of true friendship, you know:

She brought me a treat that made me smile. Cute, right?:

The night before we came home, we did one final kayak paddle on the river. The sun was setting, the weather was mild, we were totally relaxed, and it just felt right that our trip was drawing to a close:

Tradition has it, on the day we leave, as Jim finishes packing the trailer up for the drive home, I take a few minutes to write in our trailer journal:

I've been writing in this journal for thirteen years now. Wow:

In fact, on the second page of this journal are two Polaroid photos - one of each of my boys - on the very first night we all slept in our (then) new trailer:

Those sleeping sweethearts are nineteen and twenty-three years old now. Sigh.

And so, in closing, Roxy would like to personally thank you for reading about her 2011 roadtrip:

We really had a wonderful time. Maybe next year you can go with us?


  1. Great vacation blog story, Danni! Living in southeastern U.S., the beauty of the northwest is breathtaking! You also have a WONDERFUL way of telling a story. Thanks so much for always "taking us along"!

  2. I need info!! That view to Hell's Canyon is def on my places to go list next summer. I'd love to hear details!

    I'm glad you had a good time. Laughter and big smiles are usually a good sign. Sorry it had to end...

  3. There would have been NO WAY I would have set on that bench.

    Was that a real buck? Wow. Don't know how you got that side shot.

    My hubby will not let his picture be taken either. That is why I had a frown for his ID picture on my cell phone, haha.

    Glad you and Roxy had such a great time!

  4. Wow you did have a lovely trip, all three of you. Great to finally see a piccie of Jim, and the divine scenery. Catch up with old friends, and you just gotta love your new neighbour! Did you invite him to stop in for a visit next time he was passing your way?
    LiBBiE in Oz

  5. Wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing.
    I'm blown away by the deer in the neighbors "porch". I thought my deer were tame.
    I have to say that your polaroids of the boys brought a tear to my eye. I don't know them, but I know how you feel about them---the very same as me and mine.

  6. what a great tradition, and a lovely trip. love those views from that bench!

  7. What an awesome trip! That bench perched on the edge of the precipice is crazy! Amazing view though. Your husband is very handsome....I think...Excellent photo of the pop bottle. Oh, and your neighbour - how cool is that?!? Love the travel log idea.

  8. Love the vacation blog!!! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thank you for taking us along on your trip. I really like the photo of the camper, you know, the one with the antlers. ;)

  10. NO way would I sit on that bench. I get the heeby-jeebies just looking at the picture!

  11. I don't do heights!!(Helps being short) glad you did them for me!! ;-D Your camping neighbour must have been on a Stag do! (What up poms call your bachelor party) when you were laughing real hard, did you pee? Looks like ya might have!! lmao

  12. Great post Danni! That first photo of the bench is so beautiful that it should be made into a greeting card. The "chicken it twice" gift that you received was delightful. Made me giggle. I feel like you brought us along on your road trip with you. My heart smiles knowing that you had such a wonderful trip.

  13. I was totally with you, hanging on every word. Seriously? That bench? That's freaking me out.

    I can see that Jim is a goober just like Don (and Bernard). Do the Dew!

    Looks like you had way, much fun. How cool that you've done this for so long and still have amazing, wonderful, memorable, amazing (it was worth saying again) trips. :)

  14. When I saw that picture of Jim, I just had to start singing the theme from 'Rocky'. Did he run up the those steps???? :)

  15. i loved going on your trip with you! that mountain dew ad is funny! that travel journal is great! it sure looks like you had a fun trip and roxy did too. i bet your critters are glad to have you home.

  16. Awesome vacation! That first photo is amazing. I'd have to tie myself to something before I'd sit on that bench though.

    We'd love to get our 5th wheel out and go on a long vacation, but our schedule has dictated we only use it for three or four weekends a year at the lake. :(

    Next year, maybe next year...

  17. What a wonderful vacation! You and your husband are very fortunate to have found someone who shares their adventure streak. Such incredible memories you are making. Thanks for sharing!

  18. OMG you almost totally had my vacation! Well except we didn't have a canoe. Did you guys see cows all over when you were driving around? Why is it that only the black ones like to stand on or next to the road? So glad you guys had such a good time.

  19. Beautiful pictures and wonderful vacation blog. I really like the trip journal idea. Wish I had done that when my kids were younger but hey...I can start now!

  20. Seriously that a real buck?? What an awesome, fun filled time you guys had and stunning scenery to boot! :)

  21. I love the idea of the trailer journal. What a marvelous trip!

  22. I just found you through the Top 50 Farm Blogs list and have thoroughly enjoyed my visit! What a great vacation! That is a part of the state I haven't visited enough - absolutely beautiful. That buck in the campground is a riot!


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