Friday, September 3, 2010

The perfect spot in the sun

It was a slow, hot day yesterday on Critter Farm. Kai llama had found the perfect sun spot and nothing was going to disturb her:

Not Chester, grazing closer and closer:

Not the gal with the clicking, whirring camera, walking ever so slowly toward her, trying to see how close she could get to the sleeping llama:

Oh hey, Kai...don't mind me.

That's right. Just go back to sleep:

You sure look comfortable. (And I've gotten *really* close!):

Whoa. Hello there, Beau.

What's that? You think I should be done photographing the llama and pay attention to you?

I'll make you a deal: just a few more pictures and I'll let you lean up against me and take a nap. Deal?:

Yes, I agree, that is one lazy llama:

Hold on, we've got movement!:

A nice quick dirt bath - followed by a halo of dust, what's not to like about that?

You sure are pretty Kai:

Oh, hey - there's that donkey neck again. Ok, Beau, a deal's a deal. It's your turn now:

Kai was just leaving anyway:

Mmmm, this really is a lovely spot in the sun:


  1. Is it really this warm and sunny? I want to be where Kai is - dirt, dust, sun and all! It's already fall in Germany, and I wish I had a warm donkey neck leaning against me!

  2. Sweet! Love that last picture.

  3. OMGoodness! Danni - so great to have you back and blogging. I think my favorite photo is of Kai taking a dust bath - it looks like she's doing the alligator from Animal House - or what was that dance called? The one they did on the floor at the toga party, I think it was when Shout was playing. I"m such a nerd, I don't remember alot about Animal House. But I digress, big time. Looks like you had a beautiful sunny day, where were Pete and Reggie during all of this? I would think they'd not let Kai sleep on the job. Have a great Labor Day weekend, Miss Danni - and thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hey, and for being supportive and encouraging about my move. Take care, from KY.

  4. they are so cute. kai looks like me all summer. it has been so hot here and finally today the high is 68 degrees....wahoo!!!! yesterday the high was 98!

  5. That Beau is a ham! Our Clyde is the same way!

  6. looks like a peaceful perfect morning! Beau is obviously in heaven.

    (and have beautiful skin, Danni. I don't know if I could allow that close up of a shot of me!)

  7. Lots of sun, dry ground, and a donkey to lean on - you are blessed.

  8. That donkey loves his momma. :)
    I didn't know that llamas had bare bellies? I guess it helps them stay cool in the summer.

  9. That's amazing that Beau can get that relaxed and actually take a nap leaning on you like that! Great pictures, Danni.

  10. Great pics! And I loved the whole story with them. Chester sure us one handsome guy! Well of course so is Beau.

  11. Warm sun would be nice. It's been rainy and cold here.

  12. It's hot here too, but, alas, I have no lazy llamas. No llamas at all. Just cats and one chicken. I did lie out in the sun for awhile though. Lazy hot days are good for that.

  13. Ha! Dont you love to see the llamas sunbathing??? Dolly llama does this ALL the time...and she gets in such a deep sleep that you can just walk right up to her. Heck, I bet I could even hold out her hay bit bucket and she wouldnt wake up :-)

    That Beau. What a sweet boy. He loves his mama.

  14. Ok, I just totally said, "Awwwwww" out loud on that last picture.


  15. I totally get Beau's sleeping attitude...sometimes it just feels right!


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