Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Here's what I'll be doing tomorrow

This will be the fourth time I have been called for jury duty. The last time I served was about four years ago, when I was picked to sit on the jury of a trial for a man who supposedly stole a claw foot bath tub and then refused to speak in his own defense.

For years, I've not been able to think of jury duty without thinking of the classic, 1957, black and white, Henry Fonda movie, "12 Angry Men":

and, since last October, I feel I know this story even better after seeing all five performances of this play when my son, Aidan, played Juror # 10:

I'm truly hoping my day tomorrow won't be nearly so dramatic. I've had my fill of drama this month already.


  1. Ahhhh, jury duty. Seems I get called every two years. I have been chosen twice to sit in the jurors box, and was dismissed twice. Once by the judge and once by one of the attorneys.
    Have fun. Take a good book. :)

  2. I just finished catching up on your last several posts. I am so glad you are feeling brighter about things! Looks like August was a really good month for you. I'm sure your are enjoying having Marcee so much closer than IL! Have fun on jury duty. I've never done that...and kind of never want to.

  3. the inadvertent farmerSeptember 7, 2010 at 5:07 PM

    Ohh jury duty...or civil responsibility!

    Last time I was 8 months pregnant and kept having to halt the trial to go pee...yep bet they never pic a pregnant chick again for a jury, lol!

    Have fun...hopefully no drama! Kim

  4. Oh no, I hope you get released early. Just answer their questions in a way opposite that you know they are looking for.
    I was once told to take a Wall Street Journal in to read. Lawyers don't like folks that are educated enough to read it.

  5. As soon as I type this, I will get a summons in the mail...but I've never had jury duty.
    I feel like I've just jinxed myself big time.

  6. It's the year for jurors. Everyone I know has been called, including me. I served my 6 week stint as that is what is required in my county (on call daily for six weeks).That claw foot tub case sounds interesting :)
    I love 12 Angry Men!
    Good luck, Amy at Verde Farm

  7. Hey AJ-Oaks (cindy) - That's the soonest they can call you up again in Oregon: every 2 years...you and I are clearly at the top of some list, huh? There's actually a person I know that was due to be on trial shortly after I got the summons and I was worried about getting chosen for that and having to excuse myself - the timing fortunately didn't work out, so it was not an issue.

    Hi Sarah - just you wait, some day your name will come up. I've read you get selected by DMV records and your voter registration card... :-)

    Inadvertent Farmer - haaaa!!! You actually stopped the trial due to needing a potty break? I *love* it! :-)

    Hi Cee Cee - that's actually sad, don't you think - that lawyers don't really want jurors who think? sheesh. My husband always gets excused, too, becaues they don't like engineers.

    Peppermint, PhD - your comment made me laugh out loud. Quick! Throw some salt over your shoulder and knock on wood!! lol :-)

    Hi Verde Farm - thanks for your comment!! I can't believe your country requires 6 weeks - that would constitute a hardship, I'm thinking, for most everyone being called. In my former county, if you were chosen, you would serve for up to 2 weeks, but if you're not chosen on the first day in my current county, your jury duty obligation is fulfilled. Nice, huh?

  8. Good luck! I've never been picked either (knock on wood).

  9. I was chosen to serve on a jury in the Federal District Court in WI. There you can get called called every 2 to 4 years. You are required to either get picked or show up 3 consecutive times to get excused. I was picked on the 2 "show up" time. Then they just went down the line - you stated your name, age, education and profession. The attorneys then just picked the first 16 people and that was it. I hope I never have to serve on another jury as I felt the whole experience was a big joke. None of the jurors were the defendants peers. Good luck with your jury experience.

  10. Sometimes it can be very interesting and sometimes give you a headache. Hope it's interesting!

  11. I have served on two lengthy trials - 1) woman wouldn't have an abortion, her fetus was dead and she became brain dead from the decaying body getting in her bloodstream and 2) a drugged-up couple got in a fight and he killed her. Awesome that your son played in 12 Angry Men, I would have been right there too.

  12. I got called two years in a row in NJ. First time I was picked for a jury but they settled right before it went to trial. The second time we all got there and they sent us home. What a waste of time and money.

    Have fun?

  13. you and my husband, both.
    He got his summons in the mail last week and he hasn't been on a jury since we moved to our current town 8 or so years ago. I haven't been called yet, kind of glad.

  14. I have not yet ever been called for jury duty. I dont think Im missing anything.


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