Friday, March 12, 2010

On their way

For those of you who requested some of the saved, heirloom tomato seeds that I offered in Monday's post, they're on their way...

The labels were printed out:

Every seed received a stern, yet gentle, lecture on the importance of germination:

The seeds were then counted out and placed into tiny envelopes:

Protective bubble wrap was cut into small pieces:

Envelopes were addressed and the little seed packages were carefully wrapped so they wouldn't be squished by the post office sorting machines:

Then into my basket they went....

for delivery to the local post office mailbox (pick-up time: 4:00pm):

Spring is just around the corner. These tiny seeds will soon be growing in the ground.

My wish is that, in just a few short months, we will be eating fresh, delicious...

homegrown tomatoes:

It's not too late. I still have a few seeds left. If you would like some of the heirloom tomato seeds I offered in my post on Monday, please click HERE.


  1. What a wonderful thing to offer! Your photo of the tomatoes growing on the vine make my mouth water!

  2. Wow Danni, you are awesome.

    My wv is amorwad. Which i think is italian for "bubble wrap wads used to lovingly ship seeds in the mail."

  3. Danni! You are the best!!!

  4. Thank You and wow your so organized...can I ask where you found the itty bitty zip lock baggies?

  5. What a nice thing to do for your friends. I'm sure they will germinate and everyone will enjoy their tomatoes. Good Luck to everyone!

  6. Thank you Danni! I was just cleaning up the veggie garden area and found the tomato cages.

  7. Impressive operation you had going over there. Can't wait to get them planted, your tomatoes are going to be growing all over the country.

  8. Now that's how you package and send seeds. Very nice!

  9. Yay for shared seeds! I don't know why this makes me so dern HAPPY! :-) - Thank you, everyone!

    Texan & Farmer Jen: I found the little plastic bags at Michael's arts & crafts.

    AD - I'm excited about this, too! I hope everyone will keep me posted on how they grow and what their harvest is like! :-)

  10. happy tomato dance going on here. i know each year when i buy seeds they are coming from somewhere else but coming across the country from you is too cool!!! i hope chester put a special spell on them and maybe the girls spit a bit of that green spittle to ensure their healthy growth! thanks so are the best.

  11. Awwwwww - thank you SO much! This post really made me smile. Those seeds look so darn happy being sent off to new homes! And you really packed them off safely for the journey. You are the best. (((hugs)))

  12. Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to get started and see how they grow in my pampered Michigan soil!

  13. I got mine! I got mine! I have special little seed pots ready to welcome the famous RIESENTRAUBE.
    So carefully packaged the seeds are that I am having a hard time opening the tiny zip bag. Aaah - here they are - precious little seeds. I like what you said about giving the seeds a good talking to. I know from experience that every living thing grows when lectured by you.
    Thanks, farmgirl. I will gently care for my seeds, and hopefully watch them grow into the wonderful RIESENTRAUBE.

  14. You're the best! Thanks for such care. I might have put them in little ziplock baggies but would have never printed the labels. You are too organized (and I am too ADD!). I promise I will take as great of care planting them as you did shipping them! Thanks! And seriously, if you want to post some tips on getting them started...they will be well received!

  15. I just got mine! YAY! You did such an awesome job of packaging them - complete with a picture on the label! So cute - and I am very excited to get them growing. Thank you, Danni!!!! (((hugs))

  16. Hey Jaz - careful what you wish for, that llama spit is SMELLY stuff!! lol

    Hi Zitrone! WOW - you got your seeds *fast*! Guess it's only fair that MY MOM should get seeds first, right? :-)

    Ha, ha...JaneK - ADD... I've got a bit of that myself. I am very detail-oriented, but I've always got a million unfinished projects going on. Don't thank me until you actually have those seeds in hand! lol

    Wow, Penny - already? That was a MUCH faster trip that my poor rhubarb had to take to get to you! lol

  17. Mine came a week ago...... they're growing!!!


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