Monday, March 22, 2010

I just want to tell you...

In my part of Oregon, the trillium have started to bloom!

The dark, rainy Oregon days are giving way to pale blue skies and gentler breezes:

On my walk this morning, I noticed many trillium are already fully open:

While others are just starting to think about it:

These blooms will change color as they age, turning different shades of pink and light purple:

Some of the trillium are quite tall:

Others appear almost miniature:

If you pick a trillium bloom, it takes years for the plant to recover:

For this reason, it's actually illegal in Michigan, New York, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Washington state to pick trillium from public land:

I read on Wikipedia today that mice and ants are the ones to spread the trillium seed. I wonder if this is true.

In the less woodsy, more cultivated areas of my property, other spring growth is putting on a pretty display, too.

The daffodils are in full bloom (pay no attention to the as-yet unpruned pear tree in the background...):

The rhubarb seems to have practically exploded from the ground overnight:

The flowering pear has buds almost ready burst:

The snow drops with their delicate little bells:

and the grape hyacinth:

all fill my garden with their soft spring scent.

And then there were these two, little spring flowers, waiting to be let out for the day:

Would you believe me if I told you that these boys smell as good to me as many of the beautiful spring flowers? They do!!

The hummingbirds are back.


  1. Sigh...don't you just love spring! (and cute little goaties!)

  2. What beautiful pictures, Danni! Randy said he would love to have some Rhubarb - he wants to plant some soon, but I don't know if I like Rhubarb... I love the hummingbirds pic! We need to put out our hummer feeders! Happy spring!


  3. That is so wonderful. I do love hummingbirds. It really is frustrating to see Oregon so bountiful while here in Minnesota we are just coming out from under a blanket of snow.

  4. How nice, wow, we are far from that tulips are out though...woo hoo.

  5. As always, you seem to be a month or even two ahead. ;)

    Looks beautiful. Pick a bouquet for me!

  6. Great. I dont even live in WA yet and I already have rules. :-)
    The flowers are all beautiful. I cant wait to get there and see everything in bloom. I bet that grape hyacinth smells totally amazing.
    Not at all to be compared to the sweet smell of the little goat boys. Hi boys!
    I am eagerly awaiting the use of my new hummingbird feeder. I will need to find the perfect spot for it.

  7. I had never seen or heard of a trillium plant. It is beautiful. Thanks for the info, always fun to learn something new. Do you know if these grow in WV? I don't think I have ever seen one around where I live.

  8. The hummingbirds are back already?! I better put my feeder up soon. I'll have to take pictures of my signs of spring around here.

  9. I just adore how goats smell. Love seeing all that GREEN.

  10. I think everyone is seeing spring now. Our spring has gone away for a few days. I WANT IT BACK!!!


  11. Beautiful flowers and greenery. My daffies have all bloomed and now are fading already. Just a couple of days of warm weather so far and the blooms start to shrivel.

    My grape hyacinths in the big pot on my porch table are doing nicely however. And smell great! I love Spring.

  12. beautiful pics! Very serene and I love how you notice even little details. And, yes, I do believe that the goats smell as good to you as the flowers...there is nothing like that smell of barn, hay, animals, etc.....I think they should bottle it so one can smell it even if they can't out to the country (maybe would probably go over as well as the "new car smell" the car wash folks spray in your car after it's cleaned.....)

  13. So very, very envious of your bursting-out-all-over spring. I shall live vicariously in your world of green.

  14. Beautiful! I'm also envious! I'll just have to visit your flowers online until mine appear :)

  15. I love trillium! Pretty sure it is the state flower of Washington. Great photos Danni.

  16. The hyacinth are my favorites...the smell is intoxicating! We are just beginning to see blooms in Mississippi. We had a frost scare yesterday but are expecting much higher temperatures throughout this week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    Your picture of your little goats is priceless :)

  17. Beautiful photos! Your woods look very lush with the trillium and the ferns and all the drops of dew on them. I love the smell of the spring flowers ... but I have to agree with you ... I love the smell of my goat friends just as much!

  18. Spring HAS sprung . . . Hallelujah! I totally understand loving the smell of those sweet little goats. the Trillium are still blooming at our summer place in Oregon . . . I noticed one for the first time last summer, in fact. They are beautiful.

    Your garden must smell beautiful. We're envious of the rhubarb growing! Ken's favorite pie is rhubarb pie! It would be nice having it growing in our garden!

  19. What a beautiful world Danni! I am seeing something popping out of the ground that I think are May Apples. Must get photos. Hopefully my daffodils will show their faces today as the sun comes out and the temps warm up. I've no hummingbirds yet but am all ready for their arrival!
    Have a beautiful spring day!

  20. What absolutely beautiful photos!

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  21. i haven't seen any of my trillium popping up yet but they must be about ready! it is illegal here to pick them too. i planted tons of them on my property. spring certainly has arrived for you! do any of the animals try to eat the flowers?

  22. How beautiful! My lady has planted trilliums in her shade garden because they are so rare around here. Funny about lovely goatie smells.... my lady was hugging me and smelling me the other day! She said that I'm very sweet smelling!

  23. Oh, spring... we love you so. :) I totally believe that Pete and Reggie smell just as good as the flowers. Wow - your hummingbirds are back?! I haven't seen any here yet. When the hummingbirds and swallows are back, it's definitely time to celebrate.

  24. The Trillium is the provincial flower of Ontario. We were always taught to never stomp on or pick the Trillium. Beautiful pictures!

  25. We are lucky enough to have a wooded park around the corner from the house- I haven't walked in a couple of weeks because I've been getting my exercise in the yard, but my husband walks it everyday. I'll have to ask him if the trillium are blooming there yet. Good to know about picking them (not that I would).

  26. I think our mice are too busy in the barn trying to get at the Peanuts to spread any mere Trillium seeds. Nonetheless, we do have a few about.

  27. Love the pic of the boys. I agree with you, the critters do smell as good as Spring! Well, so long as they don't roll in poo! :)

  28. Beautiful post.

    I particularly loved hearing about the Trillium. I am from Ontario, Canada and it is our provincial flower, but I never knew about it's colour change or the reason it is illegal to pick (it is here too)

    A fan from Canada

  29. Lovely flowers! and cute little goaties :O)

  30. Good thing you owned up to that unpruned pear tree, or I was going to call you out on it. :)
    Love the pictures. I can just feel the spring breezes in them.

  31. Your spring is looking more springer than my spring down here. It is cold and windy today. I do have those pretty Jonquils blooming though.
    And guess what? Miracle Eve is a Mama today!! A little black and white spotted boy baby.
    Ahhh, I'm a grandgoatma again. And you know what else? Annie had twins on Saturday. A boy and a girl. Annie is still as sweet as ever.

    Have a great day, Danni,

  32. Oh wow you lucky ducky! We just got the snow melted here in WI and thougth we were doing good on getting to spring. LOVE that picture of the boys, they're so cute!

    Chester Fan

  33. Trillium are just about the loveliest flower ever...but I am a native of Washington so I'm partial!

    My rhubarb is up but darn yours is way ahead of mine.

    And there have been hummingbirds hanging around the Camila for a couple of weeks...spring is certainly here!


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