Thursday, October 8, 2009

In my part of Oregon today

The sun is shining:

I had to wear my fingerless gloves this morning because it was so chilly:

Reggie was unimpressed:

But Pete thought they added a certain something:

In town, gas is $2.67 a gallon for unleaded:

Milk is on special:

Eggs are now being sold from a farm here in town:

The cover of this week's Readers Digest is a horse with very pretty hair:

The big event in my little town is coming up this Saturday night:

I finally returned my overdue library book:

Pears are ripe. Right this second:

And that's what's up today. All is well.


  1. The last photo with your boys poking their heads out is so perfect. I love it.

    The red gloves are very stylish though. I wonder if I could milk with gloves on? Probably not.

  2. Your gasoline is less expensive, your countryside greener and your goats are way too cute! I love that last photo.

  3. A day on the farm and in a small town. How nice! It's the kind of excitement that I've come to love.

  4. I like this post. This is a great way to document a place in time. This is one of the things I love about having a blog is the ability to look back and remember a day.

  5. Looks beautiful there! It's been nippy here in the mornings too!

  6. So, life IS good in your part of Oregon. And those four-legged-boys of yours are just stinkin' cute!

  7. What a fun post! $2.99 for a dozen of fresh eggs? I wonder what I could get for mine around here? Well, that's assuming I had chickens that actually LAID eggs. Between broodies and molting, I am barely getting enough for me and B. Did you have to pay a fee for returning an over due book? Do they bill ya? Your scenery is just beautiful there. And I think fingerless gloves are the perfect invention. The goats are just too darn cute!!!!

  8. Are you going to get a bill in the mail for that overdue book Danni???

  9. what a wonderful post. i am sitting here this morning with a huge grin on my face enjoying every bit of it. especially those to cutie patooties at the end!!!! thank you for getting my day off to a great start!!!

  10. Hey! Go inside there and pay your fine! :P That's cheating to put an overdue book in the outside drop box. Ha!

  11. The 'certain added something' is fiber. Obviously he takes his nutrition seriously.

  12. Those early morning views from your house are incredible! And yes, it is nippy in the mornings when I go to yoga at 6 a.m.
    May I borrow those fingerless gloves? Are they made of reflective material?
    Love those boys in the last picture, but the one at the top of your blog is by far the most beautiful. It really captures, without words, your life and the love you have for Critterfarm and everyone and everything you care for.

  13. What a great post!Love your red gloves!

  14. Sneakin' in the late book I see...yeah, we do that all the time. The kids seem to misplace the books somehow...and then we run around in a frenzy trying to find them again...

  15. Ahhh, yes. Theres the sun. I DO remember what it looks like. :)

    Fingerless gloves and wrist warmers...very nice things to have when you are working outside.

    3 bucks a dozen in the store...thats a really good price.

    1 am? Thats way past my bedtime.

    I just returned an overdue book this morning. I put mine in the drop box, too. So now when I go to check something out they will give me the evil eye and tell me to give them 10 cents.

    Mmmm..I like pears. You should get some.

    Hi Pete and Reggie. Sweet boys.

  16. I just adore those two guys of yours!
    Thanks for giving me a little chuckle today. Raining and cold in Michigan today :(

  17. Goodness, I so want to come visit and hang out in your little shangrila! I guess the grass is always greener.

    Looks like things are going well for you. Sunlight will soon become a sparse commodity for you, huh? I wish you many sunny days ahead anyway. :)

    PS..Love your new header pic!

  18. Great post. Your red gloves are quite chic. (Or is that chic-k on a farm?) And I too have been meaning to mention I love your new header pic!

  19. I have enjoyed the glimpse into your world and all of your interesting photos. I was referred to your blog by Dog Trot Farm for the Carrot Water Tonic and am so glad that I was. Besides the tonic, I have found another terrific blog to follow.

  20. Love your new header Dani, you are such a "chic" farm gal! Thank you for taking us on a tour of your neck of the woods.


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