Monday, October 12, 2009

First frost means...

I put on my long underwear before I go out in the morning:

There are tomato pots in my living room:

I have hope that the remaining fruit will still ripen. These are my two favorite heirloom tomato plants this year, the Riesentraube:

...and the Starpit Imperial:

There are tomato vines from the garden hanging in the barn with the hope that these will still ripen, too:

Bubba, the Costata Romanesca zucchini, has been covered with a towel to keep him from freezing:

Since the freezing temps aren't expected for more than a day or two, I'm hoping to extend his growing period. He's getting to be a very big novelty zucchini.

The goat boys are getting their winter coats:

First frost also means it's time to take the sun shade off the chicken run:

I can't be in denial any longer. Fall is here!


  1. How cool that you planted your tomatoes so they could be brought inside, great idea Danni. We're expecting a big rain storm tomorrow, we really need the water so I'm looking forward to it. The goats coats are so soft and comfy looking. And the chickens will enjoy whatever sun they can get in the next few months. You, my dear Farm Girl friend, have become quite accustomed to country life!

  2. Yup. Fall is here too. We are expecting our first big rainstorm of the season tonight or early tomorrow morning.

    I find that most of my green tomatoes that have some red showing on them will ripen even when plucked off the vine if brought inside to a warm house.

    You can also enjoy fried green tomatoes or pickle the little green ones as you would any cucumber pickle, although I prefer cukes.

    Gosh, my wv is "exess", as in too many green tomatoes?

  3. Oh good, someone else with tomato plants in their living room!! Sounds like a warm porridge kind of morning, hope the boys are enjoying theirs!

  4. babba is one of the funniest things i've seen!! we might have snow on monday in skaneateles and my sister had 4 inches in minnesota! i love fall and winter.

  5. I really don't like winter, and autumn brings winter, so...what can I say? I'm not a big fan of autumn with it's cold temps & snow...

    I always love your "goat boys" pics, the tomatos in the house, the zucchini covered with a towel. Keep up the good work!

  6. I SO understand the being in denial part. I don't want summer to end! We're busy getting ready for the cold weather too. We're a little late actually. But it looks like you are on your game. And I like the goats' new coats. Very fashionable.

  7. Your tomatoes look scrumptious! My tiny tomato plant has taken on a new life with our cooler temps and a few little guys are ripening!

  8. it's true. time to break out the coats.


    next up, rain!

  9. Gotta love a farm girl who goes out to the garden in her dress and muck boots. Love the new header photo!

  10. Sigh. Fall is for sure here. But we will get thru it! I promise.

    Mmmmm...yummy tomatoes right in the living room. Thats very convenient. However, Im not sure how they would survive with G and Darby hanging around. G would eat them all up before anyone else had a chance and Darby, well, Im sure we would have muddy paw prints all thru the house.

    I love long underwear. They keep
    me warm. I like being warm.

    I love seeing the tomatoes hanging in the barn. They look so pretty. Just like the garlic did.

    And the Bubbas? Did they do okay in the blankets?

    Yay! The goat boys are getting new coats...I bet they will be happy about that when the temps get colder. I cant wait to give them pats!

  11. You can nudge the tomatoes toward ripening by closing them in a paper bag with an apple. The boys look great!

  12. Boy, I hope we get Fall here.
    We went from 100+* days to rainy and 50* I guess that IS Fall weather for you, but not us Texans. I guess we never do anything half-way around here.

    Your little zucchini looks all warm and comfy. :)

  13. Here storm clouds are hiding the mountains, the wind is howling, and I'm in my long johns contemplating making a fire.

    Great ideas for end of season tomatoes. I'm learning for next year.

  14. No! No! It can't be here already! Alas, we have many of the same signs as must be true...

  15. Brrrrr!! No frost in sight for me!!! Ok I'm new at this...and loving it!!
    Sorry Danni!
    Hope your maters all ripen!

  16. We have learned through some great tomato loss that you can pick them green and put them in boxes covered with newspaper. They will slowly ripen and be as good as they would have been if they had ripened in the sun.

    I still have about 50lbs in my basement doing just this.

    I am pulling the red ones as they turn and putting them in my dehydrator. Or eating them.

    We had a bumper crop this year in spite of several plants having blight.

  17. I'm so impressed your tomatoes are still alive! We've been having freezing temps for a couple weeks now...and a snow dusting this past weekend.
    I love how furry the goats are! :)

  18. It is getting chilly! I hope your tomatoes become ripe!


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