Friday, October 16, 2009

Found this on the ground last night

You know what this means, right?

Poor pretty-boy Roopert only has one tail feather left:

Fortunately, he doesn't appear to feel that his studly-factor has been impacted in any way.

It must be tough being a chicken and beginning your molt just when the days get shorter and the weather turns drastically cooler.


  1. Ok, does that mean that he will be kinder to the people who'll come to take care of him and his flock? Perhaps losing one of his male enhancements he won't be so aggressive? For some reason I don't feel terribly sorry for him, especially knowing he'll grow it back soon. But I do need to know: are his hens laughing behind his back?

  2. ((Giggle, giggle, snort, sniff, sniff.))
    It's so hard not to giggle at the studly roo boys when they start to molt. My Tuesday, looks as silly as can be, but he struts around like he's in all his summer splendor.
    One tail feather (giggle, giggle). :)

  3. omg, i just noticed all of the girls are shedding feathers. heck of a time to be losing them, just as it gets cold(er).

    what's up with the frog in the boot?

    happy friday,

  4. Sorry Roopert, but can't help but snicker a little bit. Don't worry, your feathers will grow back and you will be that much more handsome.

  5. Nah, Zitrone, I don't think those feisty roosters notice their lack of plumage. He will still be the same Roopert he always is.

    Pretty tail feather Danni. You should wear it on your straw hat.

  6. I think he is still very pretty, even without all those long feathers. I just got baby chicks for the first time ever, so I'm new to the chicken world...

  7. Danni, Danni. It's not the size of the tail that matters.

    I don't understand nature's reasoning behind the chickens molting when they do, either. Not really logical ...

  8. Maybe it is "rooster" pattern baldness!

  9. I think I hear snickering behind your back Roopert!

  10. He's such a HANDSOME boy! What's a tail feather more or less, I'm sure he'll still find a chicken to keep him warm.

  11. I feel for you Roopert... There is nothing like a bad hair day! Look at the bright side of things, "Big Guy" It will grow back.

    Toota loo,

  12. Dani, please, please, please. What kind of rooster is that? We have one. His name is Hawk. He was named Lady Hawk till he started crowing and mounting the hens. We are a bit slow!

  13. Oh Roopert, you are still beautiful (and will always be studly . . . just don't look in a mirror).

    What a beautiful feather!

  14. I wonder if he feels lopsided?
    It's COLD here Danni!!!

  15. How embarrassing. I am SO glad this doesn't happen to goats.

  16. Ohhhh, Roopert. Hes such a handsome guy. And he takes such good care of his ladies. I bet they will overlook a few missing feathers.....:)

    What ya gonna do with that feather you found?

  17. Feathers, feathers everywhere...,
    and tough old Roop' doesn't seem to care.
    They have to save face you know...

  18. he's still a pretty boy if feather impaired....


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