Friday, February 20, 2009

Good girl, Dottie!

Some of you may recall my loopy chicken girl, Dottie:

She is a White-Crested Black Polish hen with a crazy head of feathers and an extremely unusual personality.

Dottie is what is known as an ornamental breed, one that is better known for her high strung behavior and beautiful feathers than for her egg-laying abilities. To illustrate this point, Dottie stopped laying last September. What this means is that, while all my other hens continued to lay, there were no eggs from Dottie in October. There were no eggs from her in November. There were no eggs in December. You get where I'm going with this, right? No eggs.

What a surprise it was then, when, one month ago today on January 20th, I found a small, white egg in the coop nest box. Of my ten laying hens, she is the only one who lays white eggs, so there was no confusion who the egg bearer was. Dottie had decided to lay again! (Modeling hands courtesy of Marcee, a.k.a. frugalmom):

I'm not sure whether she laid in honor of Inauguration Day:

or Marcee's visit to Oregon:

but lay she did and this little gal has been laying ever since. Every other day since January 20th, I have gotten a beautiful, white egg (weighing somewhere between 1.5 and 1.8 ounces, for those interested):

We had long ago accepted Dottie's sporadic egg-laying and, instead, decided to appreciate:
...her unusual personality:

...her curiosity:

...her talkative nature:

...and how proud she holds her head, even after a rainstorm:

Despite her breed being considered ornamental and, therefore, more fragile, she has surprised me with her hardiness and resilience. (Two traits I think every farm girl should have!):

And now she has surprised me again, giving me enough eggs to fill a farm truck:

What are we doing with all the Dottie eggs, you ask?:

Why, we're making scrambled eggs, of course!:

Go Dot!:

(My baby Dot, ten months ago):


  1. Awww good girl, Dot!

    I love the way she looked as a chick...she had a discombobulated look about her, lol. I can't wait to see how our new chicks grow and gain thier feathers. :)

  2. Go Dottie! January 20, 2009 was a Brand New Day for many and I guess it's true for Dottie. Hope she continues to provide for your family in "kind" and in spirit. You can learn a lot from a chicken!

    Dan of Henbogle

  3. I just love reading your blog. I think you are so sweet. Your love of your family and animals is so evident. I wish you lots of happiness!

  4. Dear Dot[private],

    Danni hadn't posted anything about you in soooo long Dot, I was worried about ya. You're looking great honey an wow, all those gorgeous eggs! Danni kept posting about her vacations, visitors, just everything Danni, Danni, Danni, but not a word about Dot. I hope you are getting the attention you deserve now darling.

    Talk later,


  5. I don't know what impresses me more - Dottie or the breakfast service in your vehicle.

  6. Go Dot!! She is a looker, isn't she? I really like the pic of her looking around the corner. SHe's gorgeous!! :)

  7. If visiting Oregon means you get chanpagne and cookies I am on my way!!

  8. That's great. What a great looking chicken, I love the hair.

  9. What a cutie! I love our polish girls -- and you're right about their crazy personality. Such a joy! -Anna.

  10. I just love the Crested Polish chickens....such unique creatures!

  11. Dottie is a cutie! You know, our Silver and Golden Polish chickens have hardly laid eggs during the winter down here also. The Golden Polish I think 1 egg, the Silver a bit better.
    Their eggs are shaped just like Dottie's.
    Such a good girl!
    Have a great day.

  12. Initially Dot wanted a career in the entertainment industry and thought kids would slow her down. But then she started making eyes at the rooster, and the rooster started making eyes at Dot, and nature took its course.

  13. Way to go Dottie!! Now send notes to my Guinea girls...will ya!!!

  14. loved the farm truck full of eggs. lol yay for dottie!!!

  15. I know for certain that Dottie started laying in honor of inauguration day. Wouldn't you?
    I love Dottie and her talkative, busybody nature. If there were a TV talk show for chickens, she'd make the perfect host. Does she have an agent?

  16. Wow Dot! What lovely eggs you lay! Such a delightful chicken. I love the ones with extra helpings of personality.

  17. That Dot is beauty, tell her Nexie says hi!

  18. Great post Danni! I adore the photo of Dot after the rain storm. Cracked me up! She lays beautiful eggs. Do they taste any different from the brown eggs?

    The comments from Joanna and 7msn above cracked me up too. I was wondering about that champagne flute in Marcee's hand while your car is speeding down the highway. Looked more like dark wine in the glass. Oregon allows that while you are driving?

  19. Dot is stunning!..., and she lays eggs for you too. What more could you ask for?

  20. Well, chickens are nice. However, you NEED a goat or two for proper entertainment. Just ask goatgirl.

  21. Okay. Its clear that I need to set the record straight. Dottie, sweet little girl she is, began laying because she was SO happy to see ME. I mean, cmon. There was never any question.

    Now that that has been taken care of...I love seeing all the eggs in the little tray. And next to the grape hyacinths....well, thats special to me.

    Little Dot has managed to carry her own amongst all those bigger birds. She may have to be a little more creative and run really fast, but...shes managing.

    Good girl Dottie. I am very proud of you.

  22. Dottie is so pretty! I lost all but one of my polish hens yesterday to a dog attack. I'm still very sad.

  23. Good job Dottie. Too bad I couldn't send you Spike. They would have made a nice pair.

  24. Dottie looks like a raptor from Jurassic Park when she was a chick

  25. Dottie looks eccentric...but I wonder if she gets that crazy look in her eyes when she has a little too much wine like my Aunt Margaret?

    Btw way...lovely modeling hands Marcee...def a new career option...

  26. Go Dot, Go!!
    Looks like lovely sourdough bread to go with scrambled eggs. How goes the bread 'tweaking'---got the perfect sour taste yet?

  27. Dot is just too cute for words and she sure looks like a woman who knows her mind!

  28. She's gorgeous. I'm jealous of all your fresh eggs!!

  29. ROFL...only you would fill a truck with eggs!

    She is a beauty, good job Dot!!!


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