Sunday, February 22, 2009

Chicken Law & Order

Forgive me. This is just so funny. A very short episode of Law & Order, performed entirely by chickens. Enjoy.


  1. I'm not sure whether this speaks to my intelligence level, but I really enjoyed this! Let's just say, 'no, it doesn't' and call it good, k?

  2. Loved the chickens being bleeped! Very funny!

  3. I'm not showing this to my hens. They might get ideas.

    What a crack up!

  4. How did you every find this ... my grandkids cracked up, too ... in fact they are the ones who told me that "Critter Farm has a Chicken Law and Order, did you see it?" And of course I had to admit that I hadn't checked it out yet. Hilarious, Danni! Buk Buk Bukka!

  5. Oh jeeze, I am still laughing (and cackling!) too hard to type this comment. That chicken video had me laughing so hard that I was snorting with tears streaming down my face. Thank you for that Danni. I have spent the whole weekend working on my income tax prep stuff while worrying about my father's situation and what I can do about it, if anything. So I really needed a good stress relieving laugh tonight. Thank you my friend. Had me cackling out loud.☺

  6. OMG, this was too funny. I love the beeps.

  7. My favorite was the good chicken, bad chicken routine. Too funny, you crazy girl!! :)

  8. how did you find that? that was hilarious!!! lol

  9. My day was starting out pretty dark and gloomy, but then I watched Chicken Law & Order. Who says you can't start your day over??? Thanks, Daniella, I really needed this. Schnauzi and I are feeling much better now, and we agree that was about the funniest thing ever!

  10. ROFLMAO....ohh some people are so very creative! That was funny!

  11. I don't know what to say. There is nothing appropriate I CAN say. Oy. I think I will go have a Peanut. BRRBRUUK! and BAAAAAAA.

  12. I haven't a clue what the video was about, I was laughing too hard watching Homer (cat) freaking out and trying to figure out what those noises were and where were they coming from.

  13. Hi CeeCee - Um, well, if it speaks to your intelligence, what is it saying about *mine*??? I couldn't stop laughing at this! :-)

    Hey Eve - loved the Daisy pic you sent me...hilarious. She was laughing at the chickens, too, wasn't she? ;-)

    Hi Nancy - ok, I hate to admit it, but I've watched this thing now, oh, at least a couple dozen times and every single time I laugh out loud and every single time I see something new. The good chicken/bad chicken part was HILARIOUS! :-)

    Hi farmlady! Did you see the hen lawyer in the suit in the courtroom? Bah ha ha ha ha!

    Hi CaliforniaGrammy - well, my son actually found it. After he showed it to me and I was on the floor, wiping the tears from my eyes, he said "Wow, mom, I knew you'd think it was funny, but I didn't think you'd think it was THAT funny!" :-)

    Yo Farmer Jen - I'm so glad this gave you a laugh. They did such a good job capturing some of the behaviors of chickens that only a chicken owner would recognize. Like, at the end, when the chicken defendant is shot and the spectator chickens are all flapping their wings and in a tizzy over what just happened. I've seen that wing-flapping tizzy many times around here (though nobody has been shot!)!! :-) Hope the tax prep went smoothly for you today!

    Hey Mim - The judge kept cracking me up. His monosyllabic "bawk" wisdom that he kept giving out about killed me. :-)

    Hi farm mom - Oh yeah - hilarious! The way the good chicken cop offers the guy water to make up up for the bad chicken cop's outburst. Ha ha HA!!

    Hi sarah - I can thank my big boy sons for finding things like this for me. I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. :-)

    Hi zitrone-mommy - I'm SO glad it brightened your day - I was hoping others would find it as unbelievably funny as I did. :-)

    Hey Kim-inadvertent farmer - The creative process here was awesome - and clearly, at least one of the writers had some experience with chicken behavior and movement! :-)

    Hi marigold - I know, I peanuts in this little short. But I'm very pleased to see that you are maybe partially bilingual? :-)

    Hey Julie - thanks for your comment. Glad this entertained Homer - you should try to get that on film, that'd be hilarious! I just peeked at your blog and caught a glimpse of the cutie. Homer's a striped beauty! :-)

  14. Too funny! I really liked them getting bleeped too. You know, I think I remember the Law and Order episode this is based on! Does that mean I speak chicken or watch too much TV?


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