Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An almost perfect day

Have you ever had one of those really pefect days? You know, the kind that keeps surprising you with sweet moments, little ones, that even individually would be cool, but all together make the kind of day that you'd love to have go on forever?

I'm not talking about big or monumental things happening. Just things, like, where you keep noticing the weather getting sunnier and the air getting fresher. Where you find yourself, even if only momentarily, happy with the world and feeling good in your own skin. I had one of those days recently. This is how it went.

Jim and I had decided, at the spur of the moment, to go to the beach. It's just a little more than an hour away from us, but, sometimes, with all there is to do here on the farm, we have a hard time giving ourselves permission to just "take the day off" and do something that doesn't involve getting all the chores done.

Yet, on this day, we did. The day started out kind of crappy, too. The weather was cloudy and cold and I got carsick on the way down (which hasn't happened in a long time). When we got to the beach, I was completely green and decided to sit in the car for a bit while Jim took Roxy for a walk.

As I sat there, feeling pathetic, eating salty potato chips and willing myself to feel better, the clouds dissappeared and I was suddenly enveloped in warm, incredible sunshine:

I looked out window next to me and saw this guy:

Very cute. So, I threw him a couple of chips. I like seagulls. This is fortunate, too, because a friend of the cute guy decided suddenly to land on the hood of our car and look at me:

So...I gave him a chip, too:

"Please, ma'am, I want some more." Did you know that seagulls could be so polite? (and quote Dickens??):

He was asking so nicely, how could I resist?:

You want more!? But seems now some very attentive friends have noticed the handout:

Uh oh. Now, that's not polite. That's just plain pushy, if you ask me:

Snack time's over. Time to move on, you guys. Besides, I'm feeling better now:

I looked down to the beach and could see my beloveds enjoying their walk:

One of them saw me and waved:

Roxy was happy when I caught up to them on the beach:

Jim, of course, had already mapped out all the beach geocaches before we had left home. It was fun that there was one hidden close to our current favorite beach. Off he went to try to find it:

Is it considered bad form if I post a picture of him looking for the cache? I hope not:

Roxy wondered for a split second what he was doing:

and then became distracted by a smell. When she found the smell, she rolled in it. Ewwww:

Since Jim and Roxy were clearly involved, doing the things they love, I went off in search of heart-shaped rocks. I like heart-shaped rocks. Look, here's one:

Here's another:

Here's one, but it appears broken. How sad:

The Oregon coast is known for its dramatic clouds:

I always try to get at least one picture of the three of us together. I really need to get better at self-portraits:

Jim suggested we stop in at our favorite cafe for shot of espresso, a soy mocha, and an incredible cinnamon roll:

It was a perfect day:

Before we headed back, we couldn't resist one more quick run on the beach:

We left with smiles on our faces.


  1. I love it! What a beautiful day. Made me smile. Great photos Danni!

  2. Perfect day, perfect pictures, perfect post.

    And heart-shaped rocks? Who knew?

  3. Nice day...those clouds look really cool! That seagull in the second-to-last seagull pic does not look so cool. mean bird. :D lol

    I love how Roxy looks windblown ;-).

  4. Darn that car sickness. Ginger, I'm tellin ya it works! I use ginger capsules and lozenges. Makes me feel right as rain. What a great day. Oh how it made me miss the beach. Glad it was such a good day for you guys.

  5. I thought all seagulls said was "Mine? Mine? Mine?" That's what Finding Nemo will teach you.

    You're clever. Your broken heart made me smile.

    And now I'm craving salt and vinegar chips. mmm....

  6. Great post! I love you gull photos. The lighting made them especially nice. I need to get myself to the beach soon.

  7. Thanks! This blog is defnitely worth visiting first thing in the morning!

  8. What a nice day! I love the heart shaped rocks...and the self portrait..LOL!!

  9. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day. Love the heart shaped rocks too!

  10. Haaaa Haaaa... you just crack me up.. the only other person that can make me laugh like you just did, (especially with your chicken detective story.. is my bf Lori...OMGosh...
    Sounds like you had a marvelous day though.. hope you have many more of them.. enjoy them while your young and in love.. oh..romance..
    Love the heart stones..

  11. Awwwww!!!
    Where's my honey???....
    oh yeah in Alabama....
    This was so fun Danni! Did you have to go through the car wash after your visit with the gulls?

  12. Now that was a love story, if I ever read one. Reading that this morning, I felt better, too. What a great day and I'm glad you were able to get over your queasiness and enjoy the day. You DO take fabulous self-portraits. :o)

    One question though...when isn't Roxy happy? The little dickens.

  13. Awwww.....I LOVE that day. Thanks for sharing, dear friend. <3

    And yes, I did know that seagulls quote dickens. Shakespeare too! The last time I was at the beach I swear I heard one squawk "Lord, what fools these mortals be..." ;)

  14. Charming, just charming!
    Makes me want to live closer(but not too close) to the ocean.

    Seagulls can really be a "Hitchcock" movie sometimes can't they?

  15. It soooo looks like an almost perfect day...you shoulda got a lottery ticket too!

  16. Sounds like you had a good day after all! That looks like Gold Beach, but definitely an Oregon beach. I have a great panorama pic of that one.

  17. Heart-shaped rocks . . . now I know I'll just have to watch out for those. Wonderful and well-deserved day. Beautiful Oregon coast . . . but where's the driftwood?

  18. Too pretty of a MORNING to be SICK my goodNESS. Glad to hear you are feeling better and had such a wonderful day. Very nice photo story.

  19. Sounds like a great day. I have a photo of heart-rock in a wall somewhere, I'll have to find it for you. Or go back to the wall and take another photo.

    Motion sickness sucks; I was doing fine on the way to Chicago the other day until I decided to read my camera manual. Fine, fine, fine, SICK! Hard to shake, too. bleah

  20. That sounds like an absolutely gorgeous days. I love days like this. We have a beach very close to us, and we often take our doggie there too. He loves it and so do we!

  21. I love the Oregon coast...Washington too for that matter. Which beach were you at? We frequent, Long Beach, Seaside but mostly Indian Beach at of Equola State Park just outside of Cannon Beach...it is super for surfing!

    I am so glad you guys had a wonderful day...perfect days are always something to smile about! Kim

  22. What a lovely day and what great photos. I love the photo of the clouds they look very striking and powerful :)

  23. Beaches, geo caching, sun, cinnamon rolls, AND Roxy and Mr Jim? Sounds to me like you had it made.

    Sorry to hear about the motion sickness....blech...and I dunno....I hear those ginger drops really work...but they ARE ginger. We have to get past that part first.

    Seagulls, again? Do you remember what happened last time you fed the seagulls....they practically came and carried you away...all to get some chips. They really need to work on their manners. Im just sayin.

  24. I cant remember how I stumbled into your blob, but I know with a huge mug of tea and a pile of biscuits last night, I sat and scrolled back and read for what seemed like hours LOL

    Im hooked on your blob :) just wanted to let ya know lol


  25. Oh it did turn out to be a wonderful day. We love the beach..

    Big Sloppy Kisses
    Gus, Louie and Callie

  26. What a great day!!! I love days where we get to play hooky! Sadly it happens less and less now but they are still treasured!

  27. That looks like a wonderful day to me! I've been down the Oregon coast from Portland (drove down a couple hours). It's so beautiful!
    I have a large collection of heart rocks myself. Don't they just turn up everywhere?

  28. Eeegads! That open-beak photo of the gull is like something out of Hitchcock!

    Thanks for sharing your perfect day with us. The pictures (sans crazy bird) are just so beautiful.

  29. Great photos, what do you have for a camera Danni. I will now keep an eye out for heart shape rocks.

  30. What a lovely day you two had. Roxy seems to be loving it every bit as much. Oh the Oregon coast. My very favorite place to be.


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