Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good-Bye

An Ode to Pip

You trusted me,
You made me laugh,
You've never had to have a bath.

Your cap of feathers, once long and flowing,
Due to the ladies is no longer growing.

Your scalp now like a monk's tonsure,
all round and shiny and bare,

Still acting like the stud o' the coop,
You crow and cluck without a care.

Frequent tussles in the barnyard,
Wounds to you now do appear,

The days I've had to clean you up
Caused me to feel great fear.

You think your dominance should prevail
Over the bigger, badder Roopert.
He gets mad, you won't back down,
Each time finds you in the dirt.

Cull is such an ugly word,
I push it from my mind,
Instead, a happy, safe, new world
For you I shall now find.

A friend from Blogland offers
These kind words to me:
"Give him to my mom!" she says,
So I decide to see.

Turns out a flock is roosterless
And needs a new guy - stat,
A chance for you has opened, Pip,
Now's your time, you're up to bat.

So down the freeway we travel,
Just you and me and Rox,

I never foresaw I'd be doing a roadtrip
With a rooster in a box.

With 14 hens to call your own,
Protect them with great care,
Never need you worry again
What Roo might be offended by your hair.

So, Mr. Pip, go forth, be happy,
You've been a good boy for me,
It won't be the same without you here
Although Jim will surely disagree.

Pip and Danni:

Pip's wonderful new mom, Verna:

Pip, this afternoon, at his new home, being introduced to his flock of fourteen:


  1. I don't get emotional about chickens. I have too many. But...

    That was wonderful!

    Good on you for finding such an eloquent solution to your problem (and for expressing it so well.)

    You earned a tear from a grumpy farmer who doesn't get sentimental about chickens.

  2. Aww. I think it's great he's gone somewhere he can be happy. And what guy wouldn't want 14 ladies??? :D

  3. Bravo Danni! May you be happy in your new home Pip!

  4. Wonderful Danni, the queen of animaldom!! I'm so happy for Pip! You did good! Keep us posted, looks like he's gonna be one happy head of hair!!
    Go PiP!

  5. Danni, that is the best poem I've read in a long time. I'm sure Pip would think it's a fitting tribute!

    I'm sure Verna will be lovely with him. And maybe his sad little bald spot will fill in again.

  6. Good Luck Pip! I know now you will be able to shine like the ladies man you really are. Danni, how great to find someone who could take him. Blogland has it's benefits, huh?

  7. Oh, Danni. Sigh. That was a great poem and tribute to Pip. You about had me in tears, dammit.

    You were great to Pip. Im sorry that things didnt work out for him at your place. But you were able to find a great solution. I bet youll even get updates and pics!

    I LOVE the shadow pic. Too cute.

  8. Hip Hip Hooray for Pip! You'll be the "man" ol' Pip . . . and with fourteen ladies . . . oh my!

    Great Ode to Pip, Danni ... well done. A great solution, now your flock will be all the happier, as will Pip!

  9. Good luck Pip, we'll miss you! I'm sure the girls will take good care of you.

  10. I just spoke to my mom and he is doing well. He is re-establishing the pecking order and he is at the top! Yah, Pip!

  11. I love a happy ending!

  12. Oh funky haired Pip,
    sad to see you go,
    but in your new harem,
    you'll be king of the show.
    Maybe someday when you get to the top,
    instead of calling you Pip,
    the chicks will call you Pop.

  13. Hooray for you and Pip! So glad it's worked out so wonderfully.

  14. Awesome road trip! Good for you finding him a new home!

  15. OH Danni, I'm so glad things worked out well for Pip! He'll be so happy.

  16. A happy ending!

    I'm happy for Pip, and I thought your ode to Pip was great too.

  17. Good for you Danni! You're such a good chicky-mamma. I'm glad he's doing well with his new flock and gets to be the man in the coop.xoxo

  18. Pip! Pip! Hurray! He's got his own flock! Great for you to care enough to find a good home for him. Really a sweet story. Thank you so much for sharing.

  19. When I read the title for this post, I thought...uh oh....

    Then I read further, with much trepidation, and was very happy to find that Pip did not go to the great chicken coop in the sky, but rather to a rather perky looking harem all of his own.

    Great poem! And, the same to Sugarcreekstuff!

    Maybe you'll be able to visit.

  20. I thought he was a goner when I read that headline. Somehow, I couldn't picture you standing by a stump with the rusty axe in one hand and Pip by his feet in the other.

  21. Too good. I love the poem and farewell to Pip. However, that last photo seems like a picture from a book. He should be happy.

  22. Danni, I just love the way you care for your animals. I think you are so awesome for taking responsibility for Pip and finding him a good home. He will be in Rooster Heaven with those 14 girls (just ask my Silver). Please DO post any updates as he makes the transition from bullied underling to Leader of The Flock! Hurray for Pip!


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