Friday, August 29, 2008

And then there were three....

My special girls, Sarah and Holly:

went to a new home today.

A very big part of being a Satellite Adoption Center for the Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is to promote the adoption of the beautiful donkeys in my care. So, when Andy and Carrie from Tillamook called wanting to visit a few weeks back, hoping to find two donkeys to have as pets, I was very pleased. Carrie told me she had always wanted donkeys and both she and Andy were delighted to find that Sarah and Holly came as a package deal, already bonded to each other and special friends. Almost immediately after meeting them, Andy and Carrie decided to adopt Sarah and Holly, and went back to their home and built the girls a barn. just five days, they put together an admirable and substantial shelter for the girls that the donks will be very happy to call home.

As I mentioned before, Holly and Sarah came to me as a bonded pair:

Rarely, are they ever more than a few feet from each other:

Getting them into Andy and Carrie's trailer this afternoon wasn't as bad as I'd feared - we had them go in together and, although a bit uncertain, they did really well:

Holly was presented with a pretty, new, green halter:

and Sarah received a lovely, red one:

Their anxiety grew as I climbed out of the trailer and we shut the big door:

But this was nothing a bit of tossed-in hay couldn't remedy:

Here are the proud:

-and protective- new parents, Andy and Carrie:

Bye, sweet Sarah and Holly:

...And then there were just three:

I wonder how the boys - Ian, Pistol and Brownie - will do without the girls:

I guess this means I'm being successful at being a donkey foster mama, sending these sweet creatures off to new, happy and loving homes, but it sure does hurt when they leave.


  1. I am sad for you, but happy for the donkeys getting a new permanent home. They look like nice people. I am sad for me too, as the girls were my favorites. Please give us updates on them when you get any news. Yes, you are successful in your mission, but it must be hard to see them go.

  2. I understand why people are so interested in the donks you foster. I think it's safe to say you've helped many of us fall in love with them through your stories here.

  3. Glad Sarah and Holly went to a good home!

  4. Congratulations on being such a successful foster mom! Did you tell Andy and Carrie that part of the adoption deal is that they are required to start a blog?

    And does this mean Peaceful Valley will be sending you a new batch of burros?

  5. Sheesh, there are more critters goin' than comin' these days for you.

    You did well by those girls and finding them a loving home to go to is no small thing.

    I'm currently 'fostering' a bunny...have been for about 2 years now. I think it's a permanent arrangement. I bond to everything.

  6. I got teary reading that one. I bet that is hard letting them go. Will you get more to replace them?

  7. *Sigh* This sads me, yet makes me happy all at the same time. It is a great thing you are doing for those donks, Danni. You are a great foster mama. You love em and take care of em....keep em close, but not too close....It looks like the girls are gonna have a great new forever home.

    You know your heart is full when it makes you sad to see them go.

    Now the boys???? How will they ever know what to do now?!

  8. As sad as I am about the girls finding a home (I had always hoped they would end up with me):) it looks like they are going to a perfect home. You have done a fine job finding loving people and turning them into true donkey loving people. Those donkeys have learned, living with you, what it is like to live with good people and set them up to enjoy their next home. Good job and congratulations!

  9. How come I'm sad? I've never even nuzzled a donkey nose. Hopefully Peaceful Valley makes potential adopters jump through hoops to make sure it's a good fit.
    I'm so proud of you. You have a hard job, but do it with grace and style.
    Any new donks coming your way?

  10. Wow, this caught me by surprise. I'm sitting here with some tears. Bittersweet it is for them to go. But now the boys don't have anyone to show off for. Once all your donks are placed will you get new ones?

  11. You are doing wonderful as a donkey foster mom! It is hard when they leave but you can be proud knowing they found great homes.

  12. A bittersweet story! I'm glad to know that the girls have found a good home with loving owners. Isn't it grand!

  13. Wow Danni, that brought tears to my eyes, sweet and sad in one post. You are doing such a wonderful job for those sweet critters.
    That second to the last pic has the boys ears are showing their true feelings.
    How are you doing?

  14. I imagine it really tugs at your heart, Danni, to see them leave. Yet at the same time you need to give yourself a big pat on the back for being such a great Donk-Mom! You've done great in finding homes for them. That's your mission and you are carrying it out quite well!

  15. In advance, I apologize for the length of my responses to many of you...if only I had all your phone numbers, I would call you up and "talk donkey" for hours! :-)

    Hey, farmer jen - the folks who adopted "the girls" are, indeed, very nice people. I got word last night and again this morning that Sarah and Holly are doing fine and seem to be enjoying their new home. You're right, it is *very* hard to see them go.

    Hi seasonseatingsfarm - wow, that's the nicest thing you could have said to me. I love these creatures so much, I wish that everyone could spend time with these beautiful guys!

    Hi pine pod farm - thanks for your nice comments!

    Hey 7msn, I did not tell Andy and Carrie that they have to become donkey bloggers now, as I think they're going to have their hands full for a while! I figure we can break them in slowly. :-) I will be getting another batch o'burros, I'm just not entirely sure when. It's up for negotiation currently whether I am "restocked" this year or if I will be able to wait until the worst of the winter weather is past and get a new group in '09.

    Hi carolynn, I hear you on the bonding thing. There are days (like yesterday) where I question my ability to foster. Letting go is not an easy thing, let me tell you.

    Hi nwnature nut - it really is hard to see them leave. We've become quite a family around here and today has not been easy without "the girls". The boys are all confused about what's going on. Pistol was braying in the dark last night, looking for his ladies. Very sad.

    Hey frugalmom, thanks for thinking me a great foster mama - I have my doubts every time someone submits an application ... If I had unlimited funds, they would've all been mine along time ago...but....look at me sharing all the donkey love...there's plenty of it to go around!!

    Hi wrensong farm - I knew that S&H had a special place in your heart. :-) Thanks for the congrats - I feel really, really good about the couple that adopted "our" girls. They will be very loved donkeys.

    Hi ceecee - well, if you consider me a big hoop to jump through, then yes, PVDR does insist on those prior to adoption :-). PVDR is clever enough to place their donkeys with people who they know have a pretty intense love for these critters. From that love, then, (at least for me) comes a fierce protectiveness/ I worry sometimes about possibly turning people off with all my questions and requirements. And if I have a bad, funny, or otherwise questionable feeling about a potential adopter, the application pretty much stops with me and doesn't make it to the main ranch for final approval. So far, this has only happened once. We can talk more about this off-comments, if you are interested in the process.

    Hi mim!! Bittersweet, indeed...sigh. The goal is for me to get more donkeys when the time is right, I'm still determining when that time will be. A lot of that timing has to do with the upcoming winter and my ability to keep the donks out of the mud that is sure to come.

    Hi Christy - Thanks for your big vote of confidence. It means a lot to me, especially when I'm feeling like I've lost two buddies.

    Hi Amy - it does feel good to know that the gals are with people who are going to love them a lot. People are catching on to the special draw of donkeys! :-)

    Hey sugar (sugarcreekstuff)! I had to laugh at your comment - you are SO right about the boys' ears! Dead on, in fact. They've been in a state since the girls left and it's going to take a bit for them to feel "normal" again, I think. The dynamic of the herd shifts and changes each time somebody leaves, but this change was very significant. These boys followed the girls everywhere and took their lead on everything....even Pistol, although he tried not to show it. It was so sad, last night he was braying in the dark, looking for his ladies.

    Hi californiagrammy - your words are so kind...thanks for the pats on the back, it really does tug at the heart when they find a new home, even though it's such a wonderful thing when it happens. Some how I need to learn NOT to become so darn attached! Wish me luck with that, each one is so special! :-)

  16. What a wonderful thing you are doing for these babies. I know it was hard to see them go, but made your heart warm knowing they went to a great home. Your site is much so I have given it an award you can view at my site:

  17. Crap Danni,
    Now I have to blow my nose and wipe my eyes before going to bed! I'm so happy and sad for you at the same time. You are a sucessful rescue mom! You should be so proud! I hope the boys do well without the girls! Keep up the good work girly!! Hugs to all!

  18. I agree with so many of the other folks who have left comments already: how bittersweet to see these beautiful donkeys leave! I haven't even met them in person, and I'm already attached. You must be smitten!

    Our two rescue cats came from a foster home, and their foster mother told us to send her lots of pictures of the kitties. Hopefully these new donkey guardians will do the same!

  19. It must have been hard to see them leave! But thank goodness you found a good home for the sweet girls! Do you have any pictures of their new "dig"?

  20. Danni,

    I so admire what you are doing and am so glad that these two found a good home. Thank you for letting us see the whole process and for allowing us to fall in love with you dokeys.

  21. If I would pay attention to my flying dimwitted fingers I could maybe spell. I meant "your donkeys". Hope you can decipher what I mean.


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