Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Oregon farm girl returns home

Vacation is over and I'm back home. Back to the state of green grass, big trees and...overcast skies:

My man managed the farm perfectly in my absence; everyone was happy, healthy and wanting to tell me all about it this morning when I returned to my morning feeding routine:

Now, before I jump with both feet back into story-telling about life at Critter Farm, if you don't mind - and before I lose my opportunity - I'd like to share a few final 7MSN Ranch pictures - some of my favorites, actually. These are some that didn't make it into my earlier blog posts for one reason or another.

Just a small warning, though, so that you will really appreciate the blue skies in the photos below: after this set of pictures, I'll be talking a lot about raising animals in rain and mud again. Such is my life during the fall and winter (...and spring) in NW Oregon!

And so... here are a few of my favorite things at 7MSN:

Mornings...and Lucy looking in my bedroom window:


Coffee by the fire:

Watching Smooch fly:

Watching Carson introduce Eugenia the hen to the "big critters":

Witnessing first-hand that Eugenia the hen has no fear:

Snapper, endlessly posing for me:

Seeing Smooch finally worn out from her day's ranch work:

Peaceful moments (see Eugenia in the background?):

Oh, and remember those cow bones Carson and Lucy dragged home?:

Wynonna loves napping with them:

And with that, I turn the show back over to the wonderful animals of Critter Farm. Beau says he'd really like to have the attention back on him again, where it should be:


  1. Great pics of 7MSN, but it's really Beau who melts my heart. What a Face!

  2. I love that photo of the airborne Smooch!

  3. So fun to see my world through another's eyes.

    Smooch doesn't fly for just anyone, you know – only her favorite people.

  4. Welcome home. I love the shot of snapper. The lighting is perfect.

  5. Welcome home & Love all the great photos

  6. Welcome home! Quite a contrast, one place to the other! Isn't our world amazing with all that it has?!

  7. Just what I needed this morning. These photos made me smile, especially Wynona. What a pig!

  8. how wonderful to be able to travel to such a wonderful place and hang with wonderful kindred spirits.... but how even more wonderful to have a wonderful place to call home (and isn't it wonderful how many times I can use wonderful :) )

  9. It looks like you had a wonderful time. When it is 110 in NM Oregon looks really good. Home. The best place in the world.

  10. Welcome home. The 7MSN is a hard place to leave, isn't it?

  11. welcome home and thanks for taking us on your trip!

  12. What a bunch of characters...I feel like I just got off the NYC Subway !! Ha ! :-) Great post Danni ;)

  13. Thanks for sending good thoughts for Soldier. He got up on his own this afternoon, wobbly, but still. He has been outside for a while now. Time to bring him in and give him his meds.
    Looks like you had a wonderful trip and that is such a great ranch. I know all the critters were happy to see you home. And your man, of course.

  14. Have so enjoyed your visit to 7MSN but I know your critters are happy you are home safe and sound. I think Eugenia and Honey need to become buds!

  15. We can have fun wherever we go to be with friends and their critters, but there's no place like home! So glad you had a great time and time in the sun, which you won't be seeing now for a few months, most likely.

  16. Wonderful photos. Looks like you had a lovely vacation. And I know all your critters are happy to have you back!


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