Sunday, November 20, 2011


 It's that time again. Time when boots are a necessity and coats are required-wear for trips to the barn:
This means for everyone:
My farm pup, Roxy, is once again insisting on going out with me for morning and evening feedings. To me, this is a happy indication that her leg is (finally) recovering. Clearly, this is a girl who thrives on strategically placing herself in the center of things:
It's as if she understands how important our daily barn time is:
For me, this is the time that soothes and grounds me - and helps me to work out things in my head. Yes, even the poop-picking-up part is beneficial:
Clyde, who continues to maintain at least an arm's distance from all humans, enjoys the morning barn time, too, and will frequently observe the activities from his perch between the stalls:
With the weather turning colder, everyone is hungrier...
George and Clyde now look forward to a morning tuna treat on the front porch:
If I happen to leave Kai llama's grain bin open and unattended for the shortest of moments...:
she doesn't hesitate to help herself:
I had to break ice on the stock tank this morning. It got down to 25 degrees last night:
This gave me a bit of a jolt beause I realized -suddenly- that it's actually late fall already. See this spot of earth? This is where my garlic should be planted in the ground by now:

Want to know where my garlic is instead? Why, it's right here, of course...:
Hanging in my pantry:
Go ahead, guess what I'll be doing this week.

With the shift in seasons, I feel my urge growing to be in the kitchen again. I've baked 3 different types of bread and my first chocolate pecan pie in the last week:
The pie was magnificent but the best part of this recipe is that I've been introduced to the most perfect pie crust. It may sound silly but, for me, this is an incredibly empowering feeling. Personally, I feel that everyone should know how to make a perfect pie crust.

Given how inclement our weather has been so far, I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of time this winter to practice it.


  1. ...and you make the perfect pie crust how??? C'mon woman don't you be teasin' us now! ;-D

  2. Pecan pie is not my friend for some reason...I've tried and tried to make it and it just falls apart :( I wish you would share your recipe :) pretty please ;)

  3. Lovely fall photos. Glad Roxy is feeling better! Recipes for the pie and crust pretty pretty please?

  4. Wow! Changes is right! Your whole blog changed! Everything is so different it may take me a few visits to get used to it. Such big pictures you have! Looks good Danni. Love your posts. And thank you for reminding me to plant my garlic. Mine is usually in the ground by now too, but isn't yet this year. Guess I'd better work that into my schedule.

  5. Danni was that pecan pie as good as it looked? Certainly looks perfect. Stay rugged up for the cold weather ahead.

    Rory looks good in her pink cardigan, go Kai, open bags are fair game :@
    LiBBiE in Oz

  6. I enjoy spending time with the animals. Course now, this wintertime mess could stay away and I'd be happy. (not that it's been bad, yet.)

    That crust does look good and flaky. The only time 'flaky' is a good thing. :O

  7. I LOVE your banner/header picture!!! Watch your fingers :)

  8. You have such a beautiful barn! Ours needs some cleaning up, but I love spending time in there.

    The pie looks delicious, and what a great crust.

    And I have planted garlic in a snowstorm more than once... :)

  9. Danni, this is the perfect post for the season. Love your barn and the new header and new look, too!

  10. the pie looks wonderful! i love how kai is perfectly lined up with her feed! still warm here with not a trace of snow!

  11. All that activity plus a new blog look with big pictures! Whoo-hoo! And look at that "about me" picture over there on the sidebar. Love it all.

  12. Really love the new look. I actually feel the same way about picking stalls...starting the day with a little fresh air and physical labor does clears the head. Does your choc/pecan pie have bourbon in it?

  13. So glad Rox is much improved! Your barn looks like such a cozy spot in the cold weather.

    Can you share your perfect pie crust recipe?

  14. I read your opening sentence as "... and cats are required for trips to the barn."


  15. I like your blog remodel ;) The pictures of Kai in her grain bag made me laugh.

  16. I don't know how you find the time to do all that you do, Danni! I know farm life takes time, and I also know baking takes time... I'm glad Roxy is doing better! Take care, my friend!

  17. I love the new look to your blog. Also I am envious of your "barn life" . Living in the city just isn't for me anymore. Fall has left here and Winter is slowly creeping in - very windy, cold and rainy outside. Have seen some snowflakes but no accumulation yet :) Have a Happy thanksgiving!

  18. I see you're totally keeping yourself busy! Great photos and post... Kai in the barn with the feed is too funny. Pecan pie; yum. So, so glad that Roxie is feeling better!

    And, I'm glad to hear someone else say they feel poop-picking-up time is therapeutic. Me too!

    LOVE your new blog design!!!! xoxo

  19. What, you aren't going to tell us the pie crust recipe :-)

    The animals look so beautiful and healthy.

  20. I love this time of year when "nesting" is not just fun but required. The sharing of your barn time is a treat for me to see. I love how you love your animals. There is such a gentleness in the telling of your shared life with them and your surroundings.
    I also like your new header on the blog. Happy Holidays, Oma Linda

  21. Glad to hear Roxy's leg is doing better. As always I very much enjoy your posts, but not half as much as I would a piece of that wonderful looking pie. It's time to share the recipe for the pie and crust.

  22. Nice new header! Looks like the rain season has hit up here too. Danni-how about sharing that pie crust recipe, please.

  23. Don't feel bad. The Goatmother doesn't have her garlic in yet either. And, it is supposed to rain all week, so it may have to wait a little longer.

  24. I think it is funny that Kai didn't even get up to sneak a treat! Smart girl! Love the new banner that showcases her sweet lips.

  25. It's a great time of the year, isn't it? I have never even made a pie in my life! Come to think of it, maybe I should try this winter. Love the photos of your crew, both two and four-footed.

  26. Dear sweet Roxy we here at Dog Trot Farm are so very happy to learn your leg has healed and you are beginning to feel like your old self. Winslow Homer sends kisses. Danni, I have to say that is one pretty pie! To me your wonderful farm is a bit of heaven on earth. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, sending greetings from Maine, Julie.

  27. Love the new blog layout!

    Kai llama cracked me up. She appeared to be looking over her shoulder, ever so slightly, to see if anyone was watching her and the open feed bin!

    Care to share your perfect pie crust recipe? I could use a good one...

  28. Yup, ditto ditto ditto!! Send us all that pie crust looks beautiful! After all of us bake one, we should send the pics in to you to see how they compare! :)

  29. Love the self portrait at the top! Doesn't the gold fish need more water in the tank if it is going to freeze?

  30. Love your new banner photo, too. Kai has become so self-assured and trusting. Wonderful!
    What do you mean EVERYONE should know how to bake a perfect pie? I recently tried again and the result was indescribable. Unless you want to teach me, this last attempt will have been my last.

  31. ....and I just noticed your new tag photo with the mule(?), the goat boys and Kai are going to be sooo jealous!

  32. Ok! Those of you who so kindly got it! I will be posting the pie and pie crust recipe in the next day or two.

    And thank you for all your comments - on both the pie and my blog format changes (I was stressing over both!) (***Thank you for all your blog help, Carson at 7MSN...***)
    :-) :-)

    Farmer Jen - I think you may be the reader I've had the longest. Let me know (please) if my new format is hard to decipher/read. I was really focused on enhancing my photos and making them bigger, but I may have lost readability in the process. Not sure.
    Yup, garlic. It's comforting to me to know you'll be out there planting with me. :-)

    Libbie - the pie was delicious!

    Karen Anne - Doesn't everyone look amazing?! I am so pleased with how healthy everyone is (knock on wood!). :-)

    Mike - I totally hear you on the winter weather - it's raining so hard outside right now, the gutters are overflowing. Should make for some awesome mud tomorrow. :-)
    (your comment about flaky made me laugh) :-)

    Chai Chai - Mr. Goldy (the goldfish) is the heartiest little bugger imaginable! The stock tank is plenty full to get him through the winter and, last winter, the ice froze about 6" deep with him underneath it all. He was completely fine when everything thawed. Amazing, no?

    Zitrone - no worries. I will share my perfect pie crust with you PERSONALLY. :-) That's how much you mean to me. xo

    Chai Chai - The profile photo on my sidebar is wonderful Lucy, a mammoth donkey, who lives in New Mexico at the 7MSN Ranch. I recently got to go for a visit there where I had incredible, wonderful, quality time with Lucy and the rest of her herd. She won't be coming here, so I don't think I'll have any jealousy issues with my guys here. :-)

  33. Oh yes, the perfect pie crust is a must!! Flaky, buttery and yummy. :)

  34. Everyone looks so happy and warm and content. George sure is a handsome boy.

    Is there anything better than heat from a fire..? I'm loving ours and the cats are in 7th Heaven.

  35. I know what you mean about cleaning the barn and picking up the poop and feeding. I would rather do that than clean house. And my dogs know the routene and fuss at me if they think I am going to be even 1 minute late feeding the horses. And my dogs love to sit in the hay, too. I think all dogs would if they had a chance. Even little lap dogs make great farm dogs.

  36. catchin up on posts and I too want that recipe for PERFECT pie crust. Occasionally I get lucky but if you could post both...pie crust and that pecan chocolate pie?? I too think a perfectly crispy crust can be the base of every meal...savory or sweet! Its cold here too and the picture of your fire roaring just makes it all better! Thank YOU!


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