Monday, January 25, 2010

An evening with Herb Alpert

First of all, the comments that were left for me on my previous post, "Reliving a childhood crush", practically made me swoon. I never expected to have so many kindred spirits. WOW.

A few of you asked for an update on how the Herb Alpert/Lani Hall concert was, so here goes: It was AMAZING.

See this poor-quality picture? This is the back alley behind the Aladdin Theatre where Herb was playing. Can you just barely make out those two chairs in the road? They're holding a place for Herb's car. This made me laugh and feel kind of close to him at the same time:

Here's the stage, pre-show. The backdrop is an original piece by Herb himself. He's been painting for forty-some years, he said:


Lani Hall, whom I was not familiar with before this concert, has a gorgeous voice and is an incredible performer. Such a stage presence she has. She and Herb have been married for thirty-six (!!) years - and what chemistry they have together!

After the show, I walked down to the stage to get close to the trumpet. Herb's trumpet. So simple looking, but what a powerful instrument:

The trumpet on the right in the picture below is Herb's self-designed trumpet. See how it has two bells? One has a mute in it, the other does not. There's a small lever on the side that allows him to toggle back and forth, playing, when he desires, a few notes muted and then maybe a few sounds like there are TWO amazing trumpet players in the room!:

I came away that night realizing that Portland (it's not just me!) loves Herb Alpert. There was so much energy in the audience, it was palpable. I really believe that our enthusiasm fed him just a bit, because his version of "Besame Mucho" that evening was even more powerful than any other version I've heard (or seen on YouTube).

Here's just a short snippet from "Besame Mucho" played on Saturday night...I'm sorry the visual quality is so poor. This is his version of the song that is up for a Grammy this coming Sunday, 1/31. (and yes, that's totally my husband, hooting like a wild man, at the very end...)

Of course my guy bought me a concert t-shirt. But lest you think he's just all sweetness and light, he totally stole it from me and wore it to work today.


  1. I too vividly remember that album, and others. It is so odd that just the other day we were playing the Herb Alpert station on Pandora radio with friends whilst playing cards. So glad you had fun, and thanks for the video!

  2. Oh Danni, the concert must have been amazing! Love the two chairs! Ha Ha His trumpet is so very cool, and unique. Sounds like two shirts should have been bought! Happy you had such a great time. Thanks for wording it so it was like we all could be there too.

  3. The hubs wore YOUR HERB ALPERT TEE SHIRT? To work..., before you wore it. OMG! There will be consequences for this.
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.So glad you finally got to see him.
    You don't remember his wife, Lani Hall, 'cause you're just a young'un. She is a singer in her own right. She's been around a long time.I remember her way back in the 60's. She was very good then. Here is a link you might want to take a look at:

    She and Herb must be about my age and that's OLD.
    I'm amazed that you got those photos. Nice job!

  4. Oh how funny! I've had Besame Mucho stuck in my head all day! I even had to hum/sing it for my husband on our walk today because he didn't know what I was talking about when I said I had Besame Mucho stuck in my head.

    I'm glad you had fun make sure you get your shirt back, or you can buy 'him something' sometime :^)

  5. Yay!!! It sounds like you guys had an amazing time. The chairs holding his spot made me laugh.
    And getting to see his trumpets up close? Too cool.
    I can only imagine how much everyone was enjoying the concert....
    Ha! I was gonna say...that hooting sounds vaguely familiar....hooty hooter. :-)
    And hes a shirt stealer.

  6. What a great memory to have shared! I love that he went with you. I love that he stole your shirt.

    Thanks for sharing such a fun night.

  7. I'm sure your very nice husband just borrowed the shirt... to show off the excellent time he had with his wonderful wife.

  8. So cool that you gave us a personal video snippet to enjoy. Made me feel a little like I was sitting in the audience with you! I am so glad you had a great time! Wear your shirt and take a photo for us please.

  9. This looks like a GREAT concert. Glad you got to see someone you admired for such a long time. But I too think you needed to get two shirts. ;-)

  10. thanks so much for part of your concert. he is amazing. i love tht they saved his parking spot with the chairs. how cool. it's ok that your husband wore the shirt as long as he gives it back!

  11. Isn't that just like a husband! I so enjoyed listening to the music you provided, what fun. DH asked "what are you listening to" he enjoyed as well, Thanks Danni those were the good old days!


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