Thursday, September 4, 2008

Loving and Being Loved

Today I am feeling thankful. I am thankful for all the really nice people I've "met" since I started blogging last October, but I'm also thankful for having been granted access to some wonderful writing, different ways of thinking, and very diverse experiences.

First of all, thank you, Angie (Children of the Corn ) and Carolynn (A Glowing Ember), for thinking of me when you wanted to share your "love your blog" award. It just feels really nice to be mentioned and thought of in this way.

I kinda also hated getting this, too, though. Not because it didn't make me feel good. Not because I have to pass it on. No, I hated it for a minute because it forces me to single out individuals to give it to. This always leaves someone without an award and I believe that everyone who puts their thoughts, feelings, and dreams to the page on a regular basis should be applauded in some way.

But, as per the rules, I must now specifically name a few blogs special to me. I would very simply like to say
to the following people:

Solomon over at Things I'm Grateful for.
Solomon pops on to my blog only every now and then, but I love it when he does. He is also the clearest example, for me, of a person who remembers to be thankful for every single day he is allowed to breathe. He also spends a great deal of time thinking of others and doing what he can to make less fortunate folk a bit more fortunate.

Marigold at Goat Philosophy 101. Marigold is, without a doubt, the smartest, most well-read goat I've ever had the privilege of knowing. She has an incredible way with words and a flair for spinning yarns that is unparalleled (not that I don't believe every word you say, Miss M.!) It also fascinates me that she's obsessed with peanuts.

Sarah over at It Blows Here. Sarah's blog just touches me. I love her stories, her writing and her photos. Her kids are adorable. I learn something new every time I'm on her blog. Reading about her life, although it is extremely busy (this woman does *everything*), always puts a smile on my face. She manages her crazy life with such grace that I am always impressed. And, darnit, I'm totally going to make that bean tee pee next year. That thing is SO cool!
Oh yea, Sarah also makes me giggle with her writing. Anybody who knows me knows I *love* to giggle.

Mellimaus at Riding Miss Daisy. Ok, please don't think I'm weird for reading a teenager's (who isn't related to me) blog, but this gal is something special. She is funny, interesting, has a beautiful horse named Daisy, posts the *cutest* videos, und sie spricht deutsch! Did I mention she also plays the violin? She is an incredibly talented young woman who interacts regularly with people much older than she and does it with amazing intelligence, humor, and style. Oh, and she's also a cutie pie.

And, finally, but never at the bottom of my list, Farmer Jen at Mountain Harvest Basket. I consider Jen to be a friend of mine, even though we have never personally met. How odd is this blog world that things like this can happen? She and I have wonderful, if short, sweet and to-the-point, conversations. Someday I hope to get to North Fork and meet everyone she writes about, human and animal. She loves deeply and well and is dearly loved in return. She also throws the world's best half-birthday parties where elaborately wrapped gifts of sausage and zucchini are bestowed upon the very thankful half-birthday person. (Um, Jen? Tomorrow's my half-birthday....)

Thank you all for the good reading!


  1. Well now I have tears in my eyes! What sweet things you said about me and my blog. Thank you so much for writing about me and for saying that "You ♥ My Blog".

    I do consider us to be friends Danni. Really I do. Physical distance is not that important these days. Our spirits and hearts are close together. Yes, please come and visit us down here in the foothills of CA near Yosemite. I would also love to visit Oregon and see your beautiful home and farm.

    Happy Half Birthday, one day early! I am not sure how to send you your 1/2 cake though. I tried, but it won't fit in the CD slot on my computer tower. The little drawer keeps getting stuck with all the frosting...

  2. Just wanted you to that if I was passing on an (I don't even know how to make the little heart symbol with my keyboard) award for heartfelt blogging, you would be top of my list. It would never happen, cuz I'm kind of prickly and philosophical, but... I enjoy your writing and love what you are doing with the donks.


  3. Oooo, thank you SOOO much for the award! I will be sure to pass it on soon...probably won't get to it until Saturday, though. Oh, and btw, you totally deserve the award, I love your blog. :)

  4. Congratulations! What an honor you so deserve. I'm a big fan of yours, and thanks to my daughter who is raising a flock of hens . . . soon to be egg-laying-hens, that I even know about you! Way to go, Danni.

  5. Awwwwww. What can I say!? That is so very sweet. However, I can understand how you would be fascinated with Peanuts. I am too, you know. :) Anyway, thank you very much for reading my humble musings and for 'Loving my blog'!

  6. Congratulations on your deserve it!

  7. Hey, twice blessed. That's awesome. I'm looking forward to checking out these new blogging sites!

  8. You made me cry, by writing so nice about my daughter. She is the best!
    Of course, I have to say that....but you didn't .... thank you, thank you, danke schoen!!

  9. A well deserved award for you Danni! You are such an inspiration to so many. I know people who are inspired by you that do not comment. My and their week would not be complete without seeing what's happening on Critter Farm!
    We all love you!

  10. Congratulations on a well deserved award! You make us all smile every day.

  11. Wow. You even hand out blog awards better than I do!! ;) See that. Now I love your blog even more!

  12. So nice of farm mom to pass on the love award. Congrats to you. I have found so many great blogs through yours.

  13. Thank you very much for the award! :) You're very sweet.

  14. Congrats Danni, you definitely deserve it! I have to say I scoffed at the idea of blogging....before I got involved in it. Now it is a passion of mine to read everyones blogs each day, I love it, even better than reading books,which has always been one of my main pleasures in life. Glad you're on my blog list!

  15. I had never heard of 'blogging' until you invited me to look at yours. The incredibly wonderful things I find out about my daughter! It has been a joy to read your blogs daily and the comments that follow each entry. I feel like I'm getting to know all your blogging friends as well. Would someone show me how to set up a blog? I won't go as far as to ask how to include photos... That would be a challenge. Thanks, sweetie, for sharing this marvelous way of communicating with like-minded women and men. Und auch ich gratuliere Dir zu Deinem Blog. (der, die, das?) Blog ist einfach super!

  16. Oh, Danni, you made me tear up, thank you! I needed to smile - it's been a rough week here.

    It's a well-deserved award - your blog is funny and I, too, "love your blog".



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