Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Critter Farm "firsts"

Our first radishes:

The first time watching our friend, Kelly, from our local farm & feed store try to "hypnotize" our chickens:

Our first time seeing Evening Grosbeaks:

and one of their babies:

My first time seeing bees mating (I must have led a sheltered life; finally the story of the "birds and the bees" makes sense to me!)

My first time brushing a donkey:

...and being watched intently while doing it:

A scary first step out of the stall:

The first run in a new pasture:

The first drink out of a new stock tank:

Roxy's first time seeing the donkeys...:

...And the donkeys' first time seeing Roxy:


  1. Congrats on all your firsts! I hope the donkeys bring you as much joy as the chickens! I;ll be eagerly watching foe donkey developments.

    Ali in Maine

  2. OH MY Gosh Danni! How exciting...Roxy made me laugh!!!
    I'm gonna come back tomorrow and look at these again! It's bedtime here on the other side of the planet...well almost....and it's freezing cold, literally!!!
    See you tomorrow.

  3. Oh, those radishes look lovely. If you have special recipes for them send them on to frugalmom. She just got some in her CSA share. Your new furry friends are adorable.

  4. Wow! Lots of firsts. Roxy was funny. The donkeys like you Danni. I can tell. Thanks for more photos. You make my day.

  5. I forgot to tell you that your radishes are lovely.

  6. That dog is one ball of fury! Those donkeys are so adorable. I don't know what conditions they lived in before, must have been a bad one to need rescue, but to have your farm, and your care, they sure are fortunate now.

  7. Did these donkeys get their first Peanuts? They have to have their first Peanuts to really experience what life is all about, if you ask me.

  8. Hi Ali - thanks for the good wishes - I'm pretty excited about this whole thing! :-)

    Hi Eve, Jim (my husband) got a tremendous laugh out of Roxy, too. Those two pictures are just "so Roxy"!! :-) (the lil stinker). Hope your day is warmer tomorrow!

    Hi mim - recipes with radishes, huh? I'll do my best. Mostly, we just eat them raw or chopped in a salad. lol :-)

    Aw, jen..thanks so much for saying that. I think you know how much I hope they do!! We had a really good night tonight. Jim and I walked the pasture and the donks kept trotting up to us for pats and was awesome.
    I'm in 7th heaven.
    Regarding the radishes...I posted those pictures for you, you know. They aren't as gorgeous as yours, though. :-)

    Hi sugarcreekstuff, I just love them all so much already. I don't know what kind of foster mama I'm going to make...I don't want any of them to leave!!!

    Oh, Marigold, I have to tell you...I think the donkeys would argue that baby carrots are, first and foremost, *the* very best treat in the world. But, for you, I will give peanuts a try. I'll let you know how it goes. :-)

  9. They are darling. They are a lot smaller than I was picturing but maybe I was picturing mules. I like your sweet little herd. Have they started braying when you come out the door yet?
    Sorry I didn't mean your lovely Sparrow was a bird brain:) My Americanas are just not very friendly at all. My Ramona is your Sparrow.

  10. Your farm looks beautiful, and the donkeys are quite stoic looking! How loud are they? We were thinking of getting one as a companion for our male Boer goat (who, of course, can't be trusted to keep company with the lady goats year-round), but we're afraid we're already putting our neighbors to the test with our loud roosters and occasional runaway pigs. I can't help but add--OH MY GOD HOW DID YOU GET YOUR BARN SO NEAT AND ORGANIZED??? I should post some pictures on my blog of our barn for comparison! : )

  11. Such awesome firsts! What is it about donkey ears that draws me irresistably?? You have some gorgeous donkeys...I'm SO happy for you!!

  12. Wonderful photos danni, I'm so excited for you and all your firsts!! :)

  13. Beautiful radishes! Great shots of the great outdoors and all its buggies and birdies, too.
    The donks seem to be done the worse for wear after two days in the trailer. Anybody stand out as a favorite or naughty, yet? Roxy seems not to know which one to look at first. Goodness her little life has changed. She's a country dog now!

  14. How wonderful Danni! It is such an exciting time for you. Aren't you so glad that you have this blog to share it with people!!! Love those radishes. Tell me what you do with a hypnotized chicken???

  15. Wonderful pictures! What does Roxy think of the donkeys? It sounds like they are starting to settle in.

  16. Wonderful firsts. I love the donkeys. Now, if we didn't live so far apart, I could use one of the girl donkeys for Jack.
    Oh, and my Grandmother used to hypnotize chickens too, She put their head under their wings so way or another. It was a good impressed me then.

  17. So exciting, Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more about the donkeys! Do they have names? Ages? How's it all going!?! :D

  18. I saw the donkeys just after they arrived. They were in their respective stalls - separated by temperament and individual history. I too thought they were small, but then, standing right next to them, petting them and feeling their wonderful warmth, I felt that they are magnificent, big animals. I swear my heart grew bigger knowing that they are going to be Daniella's kids and part of our family which seems to be getting bigger by the day!:-))

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  20. Your Mom is so sweet. And so are you for taking radish pictures for me. Your radishes are just as beautiful as mine are. They are two different kinds of radish, so they will look different. Yours are the classic red round kind. I really wish I could come and visit to see your garden, and pet your chickens, donkeys and Roxy too. Maybe someday...

  21. All of these new things look so fulfilling. I'm happy that things are turning out much like you had imagined!! CONGRATS!!


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