Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

I have to say, there's nothing like a week in Puerto Vallarta at a place called the Velas Vallarta Resort to completely take your mind off of the rainy, cold Pacific Northwest.

It was an eight day trip, but it felt like I was gone for a month!

Below, a short synopsis of the trip.

Day 1: Met the Iguanas roaming the hotel grounds:

Of course, I was already missing my 12 chicken girls. I had to laugh when I saw the one and only piece of art in our hotel room:

Day 2: Lounged by the big pool:

Day 3: Lounged by the small pool:

Day 4: Thinking I needed to do something more than just lounge by the various pristine pools, I pulled out a book and held it on my lap for a bit:

Day 5: Despite my tremendous fear of heights, I crumbled under group pressure and allowed myself to be convinced that I really needed to go parasailing:

This is me, clutching the ropes so tight I had cramps in my hands when I got back down:

Day 6: We took a trip into the city. (Please note my very cute chicken bag, courtesy of the talented Michelle at Sugarcreekstuff):

That evening, we watched an incredible fireworks display from outside our room:

My friend, the gecko:

Day 7: Lounged on the beach:

Day 8: Late Sunday night we returned home.
My oldest son and his girlfriend were waiting for us:

They had all sorts of Mother's Day treats waiting for me, including this magnificent hand-made cherry pie (my fave):

My pup, Roxy, and I were very happy to see each other:

It was a good time away, but it's really nice to be home!


  1. So glad to have you back home. I have missed you! Your trip looked exciting and fun. You were very brave to go parasailing. Not sure I would have. I don't like heights much either. I do love homemade cherry pie! Thank you for a beautiful and interesting post. And thanks for your comments at my blog, which I have been neglecting this week. Must get back to that soon. Welcome home Danni!

  2. Good to have ya back! So brave of you to go parasailing. There is no way that I would have done that. I do not like it Sam I am. Now the pie on the other hand....

  3. Buenos dias Senora! I love the pics. So Iguanas eat flowers and not mashed potatoes and noodles, who knew? Your art in the room was perfect to remind you of home. That pool looks heavenly, I actually read that book quite awhile ago but your way is good too.
    I hate heights also, but how proud you must be for parasailing.
    I'm so glad to see this bag made it to another country like the old one! Thanks for the props.
    What a great fireworks display. Were they for cinco de mayo?
    Your friend the gecko looks a bit like Roxy around the eyes.
    And what great kids, making you a pie!
    Welcome home.

  4. Welcome back! No way would I have done the parasailing, I did the big shot in Las Vegas once, never again!

  5. Welcome home! I bet the hens were as happy as Roxy was to see you.

  6. Ha Ha I love the toe nails!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Well, we all missed you Danni, so glad your back! I know I would have gotten lost in the relaxation as well...and I would have been up there on the parachute as well...(I'm terrified of heights too)! Well all is right with the world now that you’re back….How are those girls???? Do they remember you!
    I’ve ordered “Gardening with Guineas”! I’m tired of the ticks and I have a battle plan!!!
    Also I have 4 baby bluebirds in the nest box…..you’ve been gone way too long!!!
    Hugs to Roxy!!

  7. Welcome back! Parasailing, woohoo! Nothing like chickens, pup, and cherry pie for a homecoming :)

  8. and her Mom said,
    Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It looks as though you had a wonderful time and an even better welcome home.
    I went parasailing one time and it was absolutely fantastic but once was enough.
    We missed you and we are glad you are safely back on the farm.

  9. Looks like a fantastic trip, and you returned just in time for some nice weather. YAY!!!

  10. Sounds like a great vacation to me!!
    What fun.
    But nice to be home, too, right?

  11. Great pics of a great vacation. Glad you had a good time!


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