Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yowza! The heat is on...

It's going to be one hot weekend!

I'm all confused, though. Yesterday morning started out chilly with drizzle. Tonight, we've got an unfamiliar humidity that has me feeling like I'm in Mexico again.

And they say procrastination is a bad thing. I completely disagree! Since I haven't unpacked my suitcases yet, I've got all my tropical clothing within arm's reach. :-)


  1. Yikes Danni-those are some pretty extreme temps but at least the nights are still cool!

  2. Holly Crap! Well, so much for thinking I'd like to live in OR! We're in Hot, Humid, FLAT Kansas and they're calling for warmer temps, but nothing that hot! Keep it up there please! :-)
    Thanks for sharing about a Journey in your dreams. I cried when I read it and cried again when I went to bed. How terribly sad. I can't begin to imagine her pain.

  3. Yikes! And we just got snow the other day here in NM...and tons of rain, which was sorely needed.

    Stay cool!

  4. and her Mom said,
    Loved the part about having your warm weather clothes at hand :)


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