Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I am so sad for Kayte

I read a devastating post tonight that has me physically hurting for a wonderful woman and her family. Kayte, over at A Journey In Your Dreams, has been growing her dairy goat farm for almost a year. Her writing is wonderful: entertaining, educational, sometimes shocking, full of life and dreams and laughter. Her farm was devastated by a pack of dogs 2 weeks ago, killing and maiming many of her animals and destroying, among so many other things, her dreams...she doesn't know if she even wants to continue her farm at this point. She is now in the process of finding new homes for her remaining - still living - beloved critters, as she doesn't feel able to keep them safe any longer.

Please - visit her blog, leave her some kind words, tell her she's in your thoughts. She, and her family, are certainly in mine.

I don't know what else to do.


  1. and her Mom said,
    How terrible! My heart goes out to her.

  2. I found your link through my friend, Robbyn at the Back Forty, Thank you for letting us know...My heart is breaking for Kayte. I hope she doesn't let this shatter her dreams forever.


  3. I feel the same. I am sick about her loss, of her animals and her dreams. I hope that time will help her heal and she can move on from here.
    I have enjoyed reading about her animals and it is a loss for all of us.
    Thanks for writing about it Danni.

  4. I just came over from Canine kids blog. This is a terrible story. I will go visit Kayte and send some purrs.

  5. I feel for her also. When I read The Canine's post about this, it brought back the attack here on our farm a few weeks ago. I didn't write about it then because it was sooo upsetting.
    A wild dog pack killed Beard, our male Boer goat. He was missing and I went to look for him. Instead I found a big red dog at the creek that ran at me. Then a big rottweiler dog came from behind him and more dogs. BoDog came flying around me and jumped the red dog then the rottweiler. Big, gentle BoDog became a fighter. He is a hero. Those dogs meant to jump me too. Beard was dead and Bo chased all the dogs under the hole in the fence they had dug to get in the pasture.
    Sorry for the long comment,like I told Emma's mom, that just brought back all of that scary day.
    I will visit Kayte now.

  6. Thanks for letting us know. We all need to support each other. I visited her blog and left a note. I know that I would be extremely heartbroken and devastated if something of that magnitude happened to me. I get upset and cry and mourn every time I lose any living creature. It hurts my heart.

  7. Thanks for the head's up. I have a friend that raised Boers and she had dogs attack her herd several years back. Once the dogs knew where to come for fun, they were back. This time the man that works for her was able to kill them all.
    In Texas it's perfectly legal to kill dogs if they are on your property and threatening your livestock. One person's perfectly lovable dog becomes a different animal when it runs with a pack.

  8. You and I must have been reading Kayte's blog at the same moment. I'm glad that you posted about what happened on your blog, though. She truly needs the support of other farm folks so she doesn't feel so isolated and feels like giving up.

    Ironically, the morning after I read her blog, I happened to look out my window up to our barn and saw a strange dog standing there!
    I wrote more about it on my Blog today.....


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