Monday, May 19, 2008

On my mind today...


(Thanks for the cute pic, FrugalMom!)

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue called on Friday to tell me that they will be delivering the donkeys for our new Satellite Adoption Center next Sunday, May 25th. One week from today, I will have six donkeys living in my barn:

It's funny how different my life is now from just a year ago. A year ago, I was leading late night IT project calls with team members in India. My health was poor, I suffered a lot of anxiety, and I was not a happy person.

Today, I am thinking about...
salt blocks:

hoof protection:

thrush medicine:

stock panels:

grooming brushes:

and the different protein contents in the local grass hay in my area (donkeys need a very low protein diet and will get sick on rich grasses):

And I'm having a wonderful time.

My goal for today is to figure out how to get 12 bales of Orchard Grass hay delivered to the storage area of my barn.

I won't be doing it this way:

And since we don't have a trailer yet and I don't want to pay a $65 delivery fee, I will most likely be making multiple trips with my truck.

Unless I can figure out a way to stack it all on the roof rack and make it in just one trip.


  1. Stack it, Stack it!

    That is such great news. Are you totally excited and nervous all at once? This is such a dream of yours. I am so glad that you are able to live it. And that you are having such a great time doing it all.

  2. That middle brush looks rather uncomfortable. :D

  3. I'm so excited for you!! The photo is adorable. I've never seen a baby donkey. I don't think I even know what they're called.

  4. What a change from last year...I can't wait to see the donkeys! Are your chickens liking things better since you got the screening on the windows?

    What a beautiful like you're making for yourself :)

  5. Life is funny Danni!! Wish I could grow your hay and beam it to you!!! Can't wait to see the buggars!!

  6. I love your life now and wouldn't want you to be any different. Sad that sometimes we feel we have to!

    I can't wait to meet the donkeys!

  7. That baby donkey is so cute! Makes me want one. I can't wait to see your donkeys, you must be so excited.

  8. Stack it and strap it down REALLY well :)

  9. Rural Writer TishMay 19, 2008 at 10:43 PM

    Oh wow, that little baby donkey is sooooo cute! Yeah, I know all babies are, but that's just extra cute! You have certainly changed your life, and I would guess it's much richer and rewarding now!

  10. Love your photos. Multiple trips for the hay might be safest. It's exciting. Your donkeys are almost there!

  11. That's a good price on stock panels.

  12. YAY!! So happy for you! Donkies at last!!

  13. Wow, your life did change a lot....for the better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. and her Mom said,
    Isn't it wonderful how country life on a farm is so absorbing. Taking care of animals, growing vegetables and just getting back in touch with nature are the best things in life.
    I'm struggling with the same issues you are as to hay and protein content. I have lots to learn.
    Wish you were closer and I lend you a trailer :)
    I love reading about how happy you are.

  15. Yes, your life has changed so completely, and no one could be happier than I to see you so excited yet content! It makes my heart feel like it's going to burst with joy.


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