Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hay Day!!

I am now the proud owner of one ton of grass hay.
I was pleased to find a small dairy farm about three miles from me who was selling it for half the price of our local farm and feed store.

This is Dale, the owner of Whitewater Dairy Farm, standing on top of the hay bales. Not only did these two nice men load up the hay for me, Dale loaned me his truck - for free - so I wouldn't have to make multiple trips in my smaller truck. Now, that's right neighborly of him!

I got such a thrill driving my first load of hay home:

Here's Teagan in my side view mirror, helping me back down the barn driveway:

Big truck with lots of hay + my barn driveway = food for the new donkeys arriving on Sunday. Now comes the hard part...unloading it:

Hay storage area before unloading:

Hay storage area after unloading:

Sweeping out the back of the truck before returning it:

When we returned the truck, we took a few minutes to check out the dairy farm. Dale has 400 acres and about 400 cows:

Plus a few new baby ducks that had just hatched that morning:

This little guy is about 5 weeks old:

What a sweetie pie:

This baby had quite an active tongue:

Thanks for all your help, Teag. It would have SUCKED without you. Boy, are we going to be sore!


  1. Yay for your hay! Nice that you could borrow that big truck too.

  2. What an operation! I just love the smell of hay--it's the one thing I don't mind schlepping around, so long as I can sniff it when I do.

    We can't wait to see the donkeys!

  3. The family that owns the dairy farm we get our raw milk from is awesome. Since the buy glass ball jars in bulk they get a great discount and they are happy to add any of the customers orders to theirs and share the discount. The also give away free compost and manure for their customers gardens.

  4. you can get raw milk! You are too lucky. Yep you sure are going to be sore. Get yourself some Tiger Balm. It's saved me more times than enough!!!

  5. Hauling hay is lots of work! We will be haying our fields in a couple years. I look forward to having the hay but not the work involved. Right now we let the previous owners hay, it was part of the selling agreement.

  6. You'll be sore in places you didnt know you could be!!!! Well, day after tomorrow for the new kids!!! I can't wait to see them!

  7. That's good, that you got it half price! You're also very fortunate to have good hay storage-we don't have the greatest storage area. We have a deal with a farmer friend of ours that us and a few other families help him bring in the hay off the fields, and we can have as much as we want, free! "Farming" people are always so nice. Can't wait to see pictures of the donkeys!

  8. Oh, it just keeps getting more exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of your donkeys.

  9. Oh Danni! You are going to love the donkeys. I can't imagine not having Jack here on the farm. He has so much personality too.
    I wish you and the donkeys luck in your new adventure. They will be so happy to have a good home. The hay looks wonderful stacked up and waiting.

  10. Awesome, Danni! I'm so excited the donkeys will be there Sunday!!!

  11. and her Mom said,
    That's wonderful you found a nearby supply of hay and for less money too! I enjoyed the pictures of the dairy farm and the hay going into your barn.
    Can't wait for D-Day!

  12. Sounds like Advil will be your new best friend. Can't wait for the donks!
    Did you stick your finger in any of those calves' mouths---they'll suck like nobody's business and then sneeze on you because you don't have any milk. ;)

  13. There is just something so thrilling about bringing home that first load of hay. You look so excited!


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