Sunday, June 1, 2008

Family Saturday on the farm

My sister and her three kids came to visit yesterday to meet the donkeys. I was anxious to see how the donkeys would react to new people, especially children.

After an initial assessment period by the donkeys, they decided the newcomers were safe and came over in force. My sister, Stephanie, and her oldest son, Andrew, were a bit taken aback by the sudden show of attention:

But my niece, Julia, was completely in her element:

We decided to take a walk in the woods. Nobody realized at first that we were being followed. Donkeys are very stealth when they want to be. Suddenly Julia felt something behind her:

Ian, one of my young donkeys, decided he really liked my sister:

Pretty soon, all the donks were gathered and keeping an eye on us:

Everywhere Steph went, Ian, the donk, would follow. Here's Steph posing with her new friend:

All the donkeys were fascinated with the kids and would watch them intently:

A bit later, my chickens caught their first donkey glimpse:

And the donkeys saw the chickens:

Neither group was at all impressed and they soon went back to doing what they all do best...eating:

Look at this sweet nose, don't you just want to give it a big kiss?:

Donkeys love kisses:


  1. That is so wonderful. We haven't been by for awhile so we didn't realize that the donkeys had arrived. It is great that they love the kids so much. Have a great day..

  2. Loved the photos Danni! I especially loved that first photo with all of the donkey noses sticking through the green gate. So cute! Made me giggle.

    Donkey Ian has a crush on your sister, huh? So funny. Niece Julia has that "Critter Farmgirl" passion in her eyes.

    Great post.

  3. It looked like you had a great visit with your sister, niece and nephew. The donkeys are darling. Not only are their nose so kissable but their eyes are so soulful too. They look VERY happy in their new home. I can't believe how big the chickens are. We get our babies next Sunday. Seems like a long road ahead for them to get to where your "girls" are. You had asked previously about updates on our adventures. My mom tells our story best on her blog. I haven't had time to update mine. (Although they leave for Oregon for 5 months so I better get back into the habit of posting). Her blog is Thank you so much for your previous advice regarding books. I checked out about five from the library and that definitely was the way to go. Thanks again.

  4. I love the pictures. You know Jack loves to watch children too. He is fascinated by them and baby goats. He always is trying to babysit the baby goats.
    Oh and those were t-posts. But now the chickens are in there new big pen, critter proof. (we have a lot of critters here that love chicken)
    The donkeys all look very happy.

  5. I think Julia could use a summer vacation with the donkeys... She seems absolutely delighted!

  6. Everything looks so great Danni and the Donks and Chickybabes look very happy! You're a good critter mom! Well...what's next!! Ha Ha!!!
    I'm trying to get into the mode for building a Guinea Coop! Just need to get some better weather (as I sit here in two sweatshirts STILL!!!) Get me motivated will ya!!!

  7. Ponies love kisses, too....;D

  8. Wish I could have been there to see the kids' faces. Julia's reaction doesn't surprise me in the least, nor does Andrew's. But what is baby Gabriel thinking? Steff has a friend forever! Let's watch this friendship blossom.

  9. Those donkeys are SO happy! They look like they've just arrived in Donkey Club Med, and are soaking it up :) Wow, how do you ever get anything done now? I'd be kissing donkey noses nonstop and sitting there with Ian in chicken-watching, donkey-loving paradise :)

  10. Danni, question time----these donks were rescues, but they are so friendly. I'm going ot assume they weren't abused, just maybe neglected or had to be given up???
    I do love equine noses of all sorts. So, so very soft. Big XXXXXs from Texas. Congratulations, looks like everyone is doing very well.

  11. I love your donkeys! They are so cute, especially like the nose photo that looks so kissable! ~Kim

  12. Looks like you had a fabulous time and those donkey's are so darn cute!!

  13. Hi Danni,
    My daughter "Jennavar" told me about your site, and I've enjoyed watching your blog, especially how fast your chickens have grown. But your new four-legged-critters are adorable too! I also "clicked" on one of your readers, Farmer Jen, and found out that she lives very close by to where our home base is. So now I have another blog to befriend. Are you in Portland or in a nearby community. We go to Cascadia, outside Sweet Home, to spend five months a year - when it get way too hot here. Maybe we can connect this summer . . . I'd love to give those little donkeys a kiss on those soft soft noses!

  14. It must be so great for your family to have a farm gal in the family to get their farm fix.
    How much land do you have for those donkeys? The fenced area looks huge! They must love the trees and hills.

  15. Hi gus and louie - Yup, they're here and my life hasn't been the same since their arrival! lol. thanks for checking in! :-)

    Hi farmer jen - I know that picture is the cutest. I giggle ever time I see it, too.

    Hi jennavar - How exciting that your baby chicks arrive next week. So you have a blog? I just checked out your profile and there isn't a blog attached to it, so I haven't been to your site yet. I hear you, though, on the not having time to update. It's getting to be more of a challenge for me! I saw your beautiful future hen house on your mom's blog, though - it's gorgeous. You are one, lucky daughter. But, then, I am, too. My parents babysat the farm a few weeks ago and, for an entire week, lovingly and obsessivly cared for *my* babies!

    Hi ga.farmwoman - yup, your Jack would fit in well around here right now. Although, the jennets are seriously outnumbered at this point. 4 geldings to 2 jennets - Jack might be in he gelded? :-)

    Hi iwanttocomeback asmy cat - your profile name just *cracks* me up. Julia probably will come and spend more time out here this summer. Next weekend, though, I've got Gabriel, the 3-year-old, who was neither impressed nor unimpressed with the whole donkey-thing :-).

    Hi, thanks for saying I'm a good critter mom. I'm trying. Hey, guess what the cover story is in the June/July issue of Backyard Poultry? That's right: "Gardening with Guineas"!!! Can't wait until you get yours!

    Hi mellimaus - You are so right, and I've wanted to kiss sweet Daisy Mae's adorable nose for some time now! :-)

    Hi zitrone - I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I've got some new gardening shoes for you... :-)

    Hi robbyn - Donkey Club Med, what an awesome idea. They're already getting brushed and massaged and served meals...I just need to create a donkey whirlpool and they'd have it all! :-) Oh, and it *is* really hard to get anything done these days. I tend to wander between the donkeys and the chickens...back and forth...back and forth... :-)

    Hi ceecee! So, here's the scoop...three of my donkeys are "owner surrenders", meaning for some reason the owners gave them to PVDR because they couldn't or wouldn't take care of them any longer. I'm not sure about the abuse part. Unlikely since, as you noticed, they are all quite tame. The other three donks I call my "burro boys", as just 6 months ago they were feral donkeys... domesticated a hundred years ago but let run free and they returned to a wild state. PVDR is constantly rescuing these burros from various parks and lands because the Bureau of Land Mgmt (BLM) is going in and shooting hundreds of them since they are not a native species and are eating the food of the native animals. My burro boys have a really sweet spot in my heart because they were so wild and they are so cuddly and sweet now... everybody is able to be haltered, have their feet handled and trimmed, they *love* to be brushed, etc. We need serious work, though, on the walking on a lead. :-) thanks for the question! :-)

    Hi country girl...tell me about it. They are supremely kissable!

    Hi ranchmommy! I really am having a wonderful time :-)

    Hi california grammy - I left you a comment on your blog this morning. I'll try to order some sunshine for your return to Oregon. :-)

    Hi sugarcreekstuff - some of my family likes me being the farmgirl more than others. :-) You know how complicated families can get, I know you do....
    We have 7 1/2 acres, with a portion very heavily treed. It's hard to imagine, but I can actually lose six donkeys on my property ...meaning they can be completely out of sight and I won't know where they are...until they come trotting or galloping back! :-)

  16. Great pictures. The donkeys are so cute. I wonder how long it would take me to talk Rob into getting a few. :o)

  17. It looks so wonderful! The donkeys are just cuties. I'm glad they are friendly and sweet too. My friend has a donkey and he is really sweet. Her mule on the other hand...not so much.

  18. Love your site...what fun!

    Just a note; I'm a new birder and could be wrong, but I'd say your 'baby' grosbeak is a female Black-headed Grosbeak or female Rose-breasted Grosbeak (those two look quite similar (and nothing like female Evening Gbs)).

  19. and her Mom said,
    Those were the most wonderful heartwarming pictures. I loved seeing your family having such a great time with the donkeys and the donkeys enjoying themselves too.
    What a great home you are giving them.


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