Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Such a patient dog

"Ok, you guys, the dog's back. Pretend you don't notice":

"Na nie, na nie...see my butt!":

"Dum, de, dum, dum, dee...just walkin' behind the doggy...":

"Ooops, I dropped something. Oh, silly me, did I hit you with my tail feathers?":

"Ok, here's the plan. This time I'll walk in front and you walk behind. Let's see if we can't get a rise out of her":

Yawn. "You guys bore me...":

"Oh, yeah? Well what if I do....*THIS*":

"..Or if I do...*THIS*":

"Aw, man, who does she think she is, ignoring us like that? Stupid dog. Hey, let's go eat some leaves off the flowering rose":

"Stupid chickens.":


  1. And you called me weird on my blog yesterday! You, the chickens and Roxy all crack me up. Your blog posts have much more animation and excitement in them than my recent garden reports do. Keep it up Danni. I love it.


    She's the best and now I have hope that Daisy Lu and Ole will be sweet to the guineas when they are big enough to strut their stuff...do guineas strut???? Am I spelling strut right???

    Roxy you're the best!!! XXXOOOOO!!!

  3. Roxy was born to be a farm dog. What a good pup.

  4. Aawww! What a good girl to not chase the chickens. She is so sweet. The pictures and captions for them are a hoot!

    Thanks for making my day.


  5. What a SWEET dog. I love the little dialog you've posted for each photo.

    Thanx for the chuckle.

    Feel free to pop by and say hello.

  6. Roxy is so sweet to the chickens :) Is she a particular breed? These pics are a hoot!

  7. I love it!!!! Reminds me of my Sugar and our chickens!!! Great photos!

  8. Great photo series! Roxy is a good little doggie for ignoring those rude chickens and not having them for a snack.

  9. hehe, Cute blog post, Danni.
    Good girl, Roxy. :)

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  11. Hahahahahaha..ohhh, I needed a good laugh today. Thanks.

  12. What a cute dog! And the chickens are so nice, too. They all seem to get along well.

  13. Well, I posted yesterday, but it didn't show up.
    Roxy is becoming quite the farm dog! Good girl, Rox!

  14. Can we really trust Roxy if we aren't looking? She looks so trustworthy and sweet...
    I know, for example, that she is a bed hog. When Bill and I were 'babysitting' the farm, Roxy and Schnauzi (our dog) slept with us. Roxy grew and grew between us. Schnauzi eventually fell off the bed and I was clinging to my side for dear life. Roxy was the only one looking rested in the mornings!

  15. and her Mom said,
    What great photos of Roxy and the chickens.
    I loved your captions.

  16. So cute!! Roxy's a peach!! What a trooper.


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